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Life can always get worse be grateful for what you have.
They feel life is going nowhere.
It feels there is no one to pass them care.
The only way out is to kill themselves.
Only dreaming to be someone else.
Nothing seems to make sense anymore.
They begin to open the basement door.
Walking down the cold cement steps.
Realizing there is no chance left.
Inside they are crying for help,but they have no one they trust to tell.
Walking over to where a long rope hangs.
They don't want to shoot themselves because the neighbours would hear the bangs.
They grab a chair of 60 years old.
Stepping upon it hoping it it wont break from age and mold.
As they place the rope around their throat they see so many images.
Like a book with every turning page they let go to slowly kick the chair away.
They have their whole life flashing before them.
There must have been someone that would not ignore them.
As they go to get off the chair and go back upstairs.
The chair falls the rope tightens.
No they don't want to die.
See they should not have tried.
Them choking gasping for their last breath of air.
You tell me life is fair.
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