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Rated: E · Preface · Fantasy · #1788142
No matter what, he would find a way to give her what she wanted. Even if it meant death.

I write what I know, not what I think. I say it the opposite. I say what I think and not what I know. Sometimes, at least. Get used to it, or you won’t be able to come with me and be a part of my group. If you don’t come, though, be prepared to get your feelings hurt. My people, the ones in the past, have called me the heartless one. I do not think that I am that cruel, but sometimes I do give kind of unusual punishment. So if you can’t handle that you shouldn’t come and be with me for the rest of your life.
I can’t die. That’s another thing you humans need to know about me. Sometimes, when I lay still in my home or anywhere else, I might appear dead. I’m not. And if a human were to try to kill me? What if I blew into smitherines when somebody of your race shoved a grenade down my throat? I would just put myself back together and kill the one who had been jealous enough to try to kill me.
When you see exactly who and whai I am, you might scream. Sometimes, I hear people’s hearts stop beating and then speed up. There are very few people who are not afraid, and those are the ones I lure into my trap. You humans have many needs, more so than I do. But if you are a part of my group, you have to understand this: I have needs as well. If I am capable of taking care of you, which a very much am, I can. You should take care of me in return, which means that you need to learn how to cope with pain.
For those of you who hear me, I am not a gentle creature. I enjoy other people’s pain, at least sometimes. Do don’t be surprised if you feel pain when you join me – if you ever do. This pain will be brief, and then you will feel nothing until you start falling. When you wake up - I promise you that you will – you will see darkness until I acknowledge that you are alive. When your eyes open, the world will be different. Your bones will be lighter, you will feel no pain, and you will be stronger and faster than the small span of a human mind could even begin to imagine. You’ll be rich; you’ll be happy and you’ll know who you are and what your purpose will be in the new world. You will not remember who you were, and all of your relationships of the past will be lost. But do not worry. Our world is perfect, compared to the place that you live in.  When you wake up, you will be one of my world.
What happens if you do not follow me, but you have heard my cry for help? You will die as well. Again, you will feel a bit of pain, but when you begin to fall, you will keep falling. You won’t wake up, and you will never live your life, or any life, again. So if you’re too scared, or if you want to stay here, in your own unhappy world, be prepared for the consequences.
It is time that I must fade away and let you find me, dearest humans. Just follow the ringing in your head. When the ringing stops, you know that you have found me.
Oh, and there are two things that I forgot to tell you.
First, my name is Hunter.
Second, I am a vampire.
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