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Rated: 13+ · Novel · Dark · #1788322
a girl whose best friend is possesed by an evil creature after the death of her parents
         I supose the  day my life changed,and became the hell that it is now, was the day my best friend Karina Lou and I got back from our camping trip. Her parents died during that week, the police say it was a bear that had mauled them,- and tore them apart peice by peice- but we know that it was done in a ritual that summoned something evil beyond the veil of death, something that may have taken residence inside Karina. My name was at one point Annabelle Reetz, but names are no longer allowed in this firey pitt where we are doomed to spend all eternity but I guess we have to go back awhile it hurts to remember but I am willing to try, in hopes that someone can free Karina and all of man kind.


(The Day Of Departure)

         I sat on the black and red comforter as my best friend Karina Lou was frantically packing for an unwanted camping trip to the middle of nowhere with her parents. Her long red hair was pulled  back out of the way so she could see what she was tossing in her bag. Being emo in a family of pastel coloured preps was hard on her. The dark purple of the walls had set he mothers teeth on edge when she saw it. I was emo too, but not those suicidle losers who cut themselves for the clarity that came from the pain, just cryptic- but not in a satanic way.  I had painted my room the same as hers as an act of solidarity.

         I sighed out loud because the thought of being in the woods called to me but my Dad wouldn't take me anymore becasue of all the murder rumours surrounding the heavily treed areas. Karina looked up at my and cried out, "I just thought of something. Why don't you come with us? My parents would totally let you... lets go ask now." With each word her voice gained a decible level, and her mother whirled in and slowly said in her southern drawl, "Ask what?" She tossed her blonde hair over her tanned shoulder as Karina explained to her, "Mom can Annabelle come camping with us? Please look at her face you can tell she wants to go because of that dreamy expression on her face."

                Her mother looked at me and drawled, "All right,"then sighed, "but first make sure it's all right with your parents." Quickly Karina finished packing and we rushed back to my house. We thundered up the stairs and threw open the door to my mothers room and in unison screamed, "Mom can I go camping with Karina and her family?" As Karina cried, "Please let her come Mrs. Reetz my mom said it was alright with her." She pondered our words for a moment and sighed saying, "I supose if Catherine is all right with it you may go." We both grabbed her in a hug and cried, "Thank you, Thank you, Thank you." We raced to my room and threw everything in a bag that I would need for the weekend.

                  Then we raced back down the street towards Karina's house. It was dark out in the street and the only the dim light from the the overhead lights kept it from being pitch black. The night was so quiet that our footsteps on the ground thundered like elephants making me flinch at each step. From behind us came a growl, and the light overhead flickered out. It went dark and two glowing red eyes appeared from the bush behind us. We twisted to look and the light flicked back on and a black cold cloud whizzed between Karina and me. We grabbed each other and ran, as fast as we could freaked out by the incident.

                  We raced to Karina's family Jeep an climbed in, the engine roared to life as we zoomed out of the driveway. I dozed off with my breath fogging up the ice cold glass. I dreamed vividly in colour.
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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/1788322