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Rated: ASR · Serial · Fanfiction · #1788471
Megan and Jane visit their friend Jane Austen and Jennifer gets deathly ill.
On the ride home in the carriage, Bradley cuddled Jennifer and Miles was cuddling Megan. Jennifer should be happy but she wasn't. She kept thinking of Calin. She wished she could have both Bradley and Calin. Megan loved Miles but and she wanted to be with him. She tried to forget about the present where she came from. She was in no hurry to return to the present. Life with Miles was good.

"Do you want to stay with me tonight?" whispered Bradley to Jennifer.

"I should stay with Vicki and Bill. How about next weekend?" Jennifer wasn't sure if she wanted to be with him next weekend or not but she would worry about that later.

"All I can say I wish it was next weekend." Bradley kissed Jennifer's cheek. Jennifer felt her heart sunk.

"I would love to live with you permanently." Miles whispered to Megan.

"I know. How about next weekend?"

"It will be a long week." Miles kissed Megan and tickled her. Megan laughed so hard. Jennifer was happy that Megan was happy.

The rest of the ride home was quiet. The moon was bright and big and Megan and Jennifer thought they heard a wolf howl. Megan jumped. Was Manolito's father close by?

Jennifer smiled. She hoped Calin was around. Bradley and Miles acted like they didn't hear it. They hadn't. Only Megan and Jennifer could hear the wolf.

The carriage arrived at Vicki and Bill's. Bradley and Miles helped Megan and Jennifer out of the carriage. Bradley kissed Jennifer.

"Can I visit you in a couple of days?" Bradley asked Jennifer.

"I would like that."

"I love you, my Darling."

"I love you, too." Jennifer meant it but she was torn between Bradley and Calin.

Miles kissed Megan. "Can I keep you forever?"

"I would like that. I love you. Can I see you in a couple of days?" Megan's eyes danced.

"Of course. Wild horses and wolves couldn't keep me from you." Miles eyes were shining with love.

They kissed and hugged. Jennifer went in the house first and Megan slowly broke out of Miles embrace. She wanted him to ask him to stay but she had more respect then that for Vicki and Bill. She liked being at Miles house and valued their privacy there.

Megan and Miles finally said good night. Miles was happy but Bradley didn't feel so secure. He felt like he was losing Jennifer but he hoped he was wrong.

Jennifer was outside smoking. "You still want to leave Bradley, to be with Calin, don't you?"

"Yes, I do. I love Bradley and I wish I could have both of them in my life. I can't believe you don't love your Manolioto. He is your Captain Jack Sparrow. You love Johnny Depp."

"I do. Manolito isn't Johnny Depp. I want to see him again but I love Miles. I really do."

"I hope you will always feel that way about him."

"I will. I am going to bed. I want to see Jane tomorrow."

"I will go with you. Right now, I am going to smoke so more and go to bed. See you in the morning."

"Sweet dreams." Megan smiled.

Megan went to bed and dreamed sweet dreams about Miles. Jennifer dreamed of Calin and making love with him. She had to see Calin. As the saying goes, be careful what you wish for.

The next morning, Megan and Jennifer had a good breakfast of bacon, eggs and pancakes.

"I see you ladies had a good time at the ball." Vicki put some cinnamon rolls on the table.

"I love being with Miles."

"Bradley danced with a girl for business. I am surprised that he didn't sleep with her as well."

"Jennifer, Bradley loves you and only you. I know you have mixed feelings about the gypsy and Bradley, so you shouldn't be so quick to judge. I love you and I want you to be happy." Vicki patted Jennifer's hand.

"I love you, too. You and Bill are so nice to us."

"Not a problem. We love having you and Megan with us."

Megan and Jennifer finished their breakfast and went out to the barn. Megan went to see Jasper. She gave the little goat some hay and cuddled him. The groomsmen had the horses saddled and Jennifer and Megan got on them to go to ride to Jane's. Vicki and Bill said they could have used the carriage but they wanted to ride the horses.

It was a nice sunny day and the women enjoyed the fresh air and sunny day. They got to Jane's fifteen minutes later.

Jane greeted them with hugs and a cup of tea. Mr. Austen was in town on business and Megan and Jennifer felt relieved.

Megan and Jennifer sat on the couch.

"Did you enjoy the ball?" Jane asked.

"Miles and I loved it." Megan smiled.

"I had a good time. I love balls." Jennifer drank some tea. At least drinking tea, she didn't get lower back pain like she did with Dr. Pepper. Dumb but true.

"I liked the soldiers and they were so nice. Father invited three of them to have dinner with us next week. They said they would be in town awhile longer. I could love and marry a military man." Jane had stars in her eyes.

"That would be so nice for you, Jane. The military men seemed to like you." Jennifer said.

"You noticed? This is the best ball I have ever been to except for that Mitchell guy and we all know about him and the little tart. I heard he married her but he has lovers. Mother says ladies don't repeat gossip."

"It is alright. Jennifer and I won't tell anyone."

"I know. I am glad you are here. Will you be returning to London someday?" Jane inquired.

Megan and Jennifer looked uncomfortable. "No. I want to stay in Bath. I would like to work at the library. I am done being a nurse." Megan really wanted to do something besides be a nurse. She wanted to write best sellers but it wouldn't happen in this century or her own.

"What about your husband?" Jane asked.

"He went to America. He never liked England." LET'S GET THE ELEPHANT OUT OF THE ROOM.

" I have a friend at the library. I will put in a good word for you." Jane was always one to help her friends.

"I would like that." Megan would need to make money of her own someday in this century if she was going to stay.

Jennifer was quiet. She had plans of running off with Calin but she coildn't tell Jane.

Just then it thundered. GREAT!

Megan and Jennifer decided they should leave. They wanted to beat the rain.

The ladies hugged Jane and asked her to visit them Thursday and said she would.

Megan and Jennifer got on their horses but the rain happened in five minutes. It was windy and they could barely see to make it home. Megan almost fell off her horse but the horse kept going. It seemed like forever but they made it back to Vicki and Bill's. They got off the horses but were soaked to the bone.

Vicki made the ladies change clothes and made them some fresh tea. Megan felt drier but Jennifer kept sneezing. Vicki made some tea with honey, broth and lemon. Megan ate some chicken soup and Jennifer just ate half. She was cold and sneezy all afternoon and into the night. Jennifer went to bed early. Megan tried to give Jennifer some more tea.

"Any more tea and I will stick it up your butt! I am going to sleep. I feel like crap, woman. Judas Priest! Find something to do!" Jennifer was sick.

"Good night. I will check on you later." Megan was concerned. Maybe Jennifer would feel better in the morning.

It was Ten-Thirty at night and Megan checked on Jennifer. Jennifer was asleep but she was burning up. She coughed. Megan took the blankets off Jennifer and she was sweating. She and Vicki put towels soaked in Whiskey and ice and tried to bring down her fever. As of Four AM, the fever wasn't going down. Jennifer was talking nonsense.

"Calin, watch out for that pirate! I will get my sword and run Davy Jones through. Captain Jack Sparrow. You drugged Megan and seduced her and now she is pregnant. She loves you. Stop laughing! Hey! Man over board! Bloody Hell! Those cannons are firing again!"

"Megan, she is getting worse. What we will do?" Vicki asked.

"I am going to summon Zalita." Megan didn't want to lose Jennifer. She loved her. She would get to see Manolito but she didn't have a choice. She went to her dresser drawer and pulled out the moonstone. She rubbed it. "Manolito, Jennifer is very sick. Bring Zalita. We needeyou."

Five minutes later, the gypsy caravan had arrived. Manolito, Calin and Zalita were at Vicki's door. Megan opened the door. Manolito hugged Megan and she started to cry. "Jennifer is so sick. She might die. I don't know." Megan cried in Manolito's arms.

"Is she upstairs?" Zalita asked.

Vicki took Zalita and Calin upstairs to Jennifer's room. Calin grabbed Jennifer's hand. "I am here, my Jennifer. I love you."

Zalita patted Calin's hand. "Let me look at her." Zalita felt Jennifer's head and examined her. Megan entered the room with Manolito.

"Can you help her?" Megan asked.

"I have to make a potion and I am going to get started." Zalita left and Megan stayed with Manolito and Calin.

"I love her, you know. Zalita will save her." Calin said to Megan.

Manolito held Megan and she didn't push him away. The three of them were quiet. Zalita came back with a potion and Calin and Manolito held Jennifer up while Zalita gave her the potion.

"Now, we wait." Zalita left but Megan, Calin and Manolito stayed with Jennifer. They were quiet and Calin kept holding Jennifer. It was Nine AM and Jennifer's fever had broke but she hadn't woke up. Megan was worried. Zalita came back.

"She will wake up at Noon and she will be weak but she will heal. Don't worry." Zalita knew what she was doing.

At Noon, Jennifer did wake up. Megan hugged her. "I am so glad you are alright. I was so worried."

"I feel like a semi truck hit me. Calin, what are you doing here?" Jennifer seemed better already.

"Megan summoned us. Did you miss me?" Calin's eyes and impish smile made Jennifer's heart melt.

"I will see you later." Megan hugged Jennifer and decided to go have some breakfast. Manolito told Jennifer he was glad she was feeling better. He went with Megan and Vicki offered him some breakfast.

"Did you miss me, my Princess? I love you, you know."

Manolito, I am glad you came but let's not get carried away. I care for you. You know that." Megan just smiled.

Jennifer went back to sleep and Vicki gave Manolito a plate of food and Zalita ate some breakfast and she told Vicki her future. Vicki was going to make quilts and bake cakes and make a lot of money. She and Bill would live to be 100. Vicki laughed.

Megan and Manolito went out to see Jasper. Bill was doing chores and Bradley decided to stop by to see Jennifer. He came in the house after he knocked. He went up to Jennifer's room. Big mistake.

Jennifer andf Calin didn't see him. He saw them and he wasn't happy.

"I love you, Calin. I love Bradley but you are the one I really want. I like adventure and you could make me happy. Do you still want me?"

"You know I do. We did make love that night. I wish you could remember."

"I do. After being sick and taking Zalita's potion, I remember. I can't wait for us to make love love again."

Calin kissed Jennifer and was ready to seduce her right there.

Bradley was stunned and heart broken. He was right. She never loved him like he did her. His world had just ended.

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