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Why doesn't life have a manual? There has to be easier ways.
You might think it odd that something about Adobe Photoshop can have applications in the personal development area.  No, they haven’t written a program for it.  I don’t think even Bill Gates will even be that clever. 

It does require a certain amount of reprogramming.  Let me explain.  I take pictures for the zoo and to take photos of the animals there can be annoying cage bars that can get in the way.  With Photoshop, it is not too much a problem.  Say you are taking a picture of a monkey.  You can match the color of the fur in the area right beside the bar and magically make the bar turn into nice fur of any color the monkey has.  You could probably turn it into lion or tiger fur but that’s another lesson.

How many times do we look out at our world and see only bars of captivity.  They are real, you say.  Maybe they don’t hold you back as much as you think they do.  Even a debilitating illness can have some benefits.  You might get disability insurance while you figure out what’s next.

If we look at what we strive for and color over our confinements, after a while they won’t be there.  Really?” you ask.  “Isn’t that a photographic trick?" Whether you do something or just visualize yourself doing something, the effect on the brain is the same effect—the same neurons, brain cells, our firing.  Your brain cannot tell the difference.

There is also a matter of focus.  If you focus on the bars, what do you suppose you will see?  It is easy.  The answer is confinement.  If you focus on something beyond the bars and narrow your focus to that object, the bars will become very blurry.  They are a lot easier to cover up.

How do you cover up confining things?  Just like Photoshop, it takes practice and patience.  I wish I could give you the program and you could go out and do it for
yourself.  Just like any work of art, your life takes time and dedication.  You will see what you decide to look at.
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