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Life inside a tornado! Beauty, Destruction, Death.
I leave destruction wherever I go. No one is safe once I touch the ground. A whirlwind of beauty and nothing is left in my wake. People are displaced from the homes they once knew. Their family members disappear within my grasp. I am the calmest of calm and flawlessly beautiful when there is no rage within my breeze. Once those clouds go dark and my funnel begins to form, you better run and hide. Nowhere is truly safe, but the faster you get there the better chance you have of surviving my rage. With a force of over 200mph and a funnel so thick it never seems to end, you'll be shaking in your boots as I wreak destruction on your town. If I'm really hungry, I grow to be several miles wide, even camera lenses cannot capture my width. I'll take everything you love and turn it upside down in an instant.

In the aftermath of a tornado, clouds never seem as pretty as they once did.
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