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I wrote this to show that “ love” is not always easy - even from a parent.
I was taught soo very early,

to keep my feelings deep inside,

My father was a hard man,

Full of knowledge, full of pride,

He never said “I love you”,

Or told me he was proud,

It seemed I never made him happy,

Like I was covered in a shroud,

“Happy” was not a word,

that my father used at all,

He toiled at working, day and night,

And never had a “ball”,

My mother died while having me,

It nearly killed my dad,

I was told this when I got older,

And in understanding, I was sad,

As a child, I just did not get it,

Could not fathom, why I was alone,

While other kids had mothers,

I had nothing but a drone,

I'm older now, I understand,

The pain he must have felt,

He tried to make a better life,

For me, and for himself,

And at the end of his life, he said one thing,

That I will never forget,

He pulled me close,

And said “ I love you son,

You always were the best”.

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