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Roxie decides she wants to take a gamble and feed the Dolphins
Roxie and Dylan arrived at their destination and walked the couple of minutes to the aquarium.
The went in and paid child prices as they were only 12 after all.
The aquarium had a restaurant so they were alright for lunch, they opened up their map and decided where to go.

Dylan: There’s Scorpions, Fish, Lobsters, Sharks, Terrapins, Sea Turtles, Anenami Crocodiles, Duck, Alligators, Seahorses and there’s a chance to feed some of them.
Roxie: With my water allergy was this really the best place to go?
Dylan: We’ll take precautions, I won’t let you get wet.
Roxie: Thank-you, I know I’m a wreck that can’t seem to go anywhere with out getting in to trouble but there must be a solution to fix everything.
Dylan: The elixir helps, doesn’t it?
Roxie: It stops me from dying but it doesn’t stop my water allergy, there is no cure for that and I doubt there ever will be.
Dylan: What does happen when water touches your skin?
Roxie: Dylan, I don’t think you’ll understand, I said it was complicated and being under threat from pirates who want to kidnap you is just the icing on the cake.
Dylan: There are no pirates here, your crystal would have told you.
Roxie: Yes it would and the crystal’s never wrong.
Dylan: Shall we start?
Roxie: Yes and we’ll happily start at the beginning and work our way around.
Dylan: I think that sounds fine.
Roxie: Let’s press on then.

Dylan and Roxie started their tour of the aquarium but Dylan was being too overprotected towards Roxie, he didn’t know how to stop, she was a weak individual and she needed him.

Roxie: I like this, it’s better visiting these places in numbers, I have never been without my parents on a weekend before.
Dylan: Yes, my parents want me to develop my confidence quickly so I’ve been free since I was 10.
Roxie: Queensland was chaotic so no one goes alone or who know where you’ll end up.
Dylan: 1 thing I do not get is, if you left the pirate in Queensland, why would they com e to Canberra, how would they find out where you had gone?
Roxie: They have their ways and they don’t make sense, I don’t know that they left Queensland to find me but I have a feeling they’re on to something and I feel they will catch up with me.
Dylan: Well you should never ignore feelings, they turn out to be true most of the time.
Roxie: And still I’m not filled with ease, I’ll hold your hand to be on the same side.
Dylan: OK but at our age it may seem slightly strange.

Dylan and Roxie held hands but he didn’t want her jumping to conclusions, they approached a group of sea turtles swimming in a small pool of water.

Roxie: They’re sweet but rather them than me in that water.
Dylan: And still you’ll be condescending about your phobia.
Roxie: I know I’m difficult but it’s all for the best.
Dylan: I know I still don’t understand but with our health service, you can stay sheltered forever.
Roxie: I can and I will, I am a danger to myself and I don’t want to encourage myself.
Dylan: You won’t, I’m starving shall we head to the restaurant?
Roxie: Yes I am hungry but I’m not eating any sea creatures, fish or shark, it just wouldn’t be right thinking about where we are.

Dylan and Roxie head to the restaurant, grab a tray and both order the pasta and 2 orange juices and 2 slices of chocolate cake.
They pay and take the tray to their table.

Dylan: Look how alike we are.
Roxie: It’s slightly spooky, isn’t it.
Dylan: Potential best friend material in the making.
Roxie: And I thought friends should be opposites.
Dylan: Yes they should but best friends should really have a common interest.
Roxie: I like you when you say things like that.
Dylan: Will you be up to feeding the Dolphins?
Roxie: I suppose so but you’ll have to ride them, it’s too much of a risk to be that close to water.
Dylan: Wouldn’t the inflatable bubble prevent any connection to the water.
Roxie: Yes it does but with no idea of where we were going I did not bring it.
Dylan: Never mind maybe next time.
Roxie: I’ll feed them but I’ll regret if anything goes wrong.
Dylan: I’ll be here, everything will go according to plan.
Roxie: As long as I concentrate and the crystal doesn’t disapprove, everything will work as clockwork.

Dylan and Roxie head to the outside Dolphin enclosure after eating, just in time to be asked something that could cause fatal consequences if not done correctly.

Dolphin Volunteer: Would anyone be willing to feed Fish to those innocent Dolphins?
Roxie: I will.
Dylan: Are you sure?
Roxie: Yes don’t make me make changes in decisions that would be wrong.
Dolphin Volunteer: You take some Fish out of the bucket, then you throw the Fish to the Dolphins, it couldn’t be more simple.
Roxie: OK, here goes.

Roxie put her hand in the bucket and takes out some fish.

Dolphin Volunteer: I know you’re worried, everyone is, I’ve been doing it years and you get used to it.
Roxie: But if I get splashed it may be the end of me.
Dolphin Volunteer: They have no intention of doing such things.

Roxie threw the Fish and managed to stay dry, that was pretty cool, being reckless with your water allergy seemed to prove quite meaningful to her.

Dolphin Volunteer: You did very well at your 1st attempt, are we having another go?
Roxie: Yes I am, how could I say no.

Roxie threw more Fish to the Dolphins and when a drip of water came over the side Roxie backed off quicker than the eye could see,

Dolphin Volunteer: Is something the matter?
Roxie: I’m just allergic to water, that’s all.
Dolphin Volunteer: Then isn’t this a bit too dangerous to attempt.
Roxie: Yes but we all must make sacrifices if we want to enjoy a day out with our friends.
Dolphin Volunteer: I agree but little girl maybe now is the time to stop, you pushed yourself too far and nearly endangered yourself and I’m sure your friend is worried.
Roxie: OK then if you insist.
Dylan: Where shall we go next?
Roxie: The place where Sharks swim over our heads, there’s no risk of getting wet there.
Dylan: I think that sounds like an excellent idea.
Dolphin Volunteer: Aren’t you staying for the show; it starts in 15 minutes.
Roxie: I forgot all about it, we’ll take a seat and thanks for letting me help.
Dolphin Volunteer: Anytime.
Dylan: We’ll save the Sharks for afterwards.
Roxie: Good thinking, we don’t have to stick to a certain order as it’s not like we had a plan.

After 10 minutes the place was packed with people waiting to see the Dolphin show.
The Dolphin volunteer got everyone’s hopes up and got everyone excited before anything had happened
The show started 5 minutes later with everyone expecting something amazing and they weren’t disappointed.
The Dolphin volunteer started off the show.

Dolphin Volunteer: Hello and welcome to the Dolphin show, we will have many Dolphins showing tricks for you today.
Dolphin Volunteer 2: I hope you’ve all had a good day, now let’s get this show going.
Dolphin Volunteer: I have to thank a little ginger haired minor for her help feeding the Dolphins and would ask if she wants to get pulled along on a boat.

Roxie is in the seats talking to Dylan.

Roxie: That is pushing my water allergy too far, I heard you say that you’ll take my place.
Dylan: I gratefully accept your proposition.

Dylan came down and stood at the front.

Dylan: I apologise that she couldn’t brave it herself.
Dolphin Volunteer 2: Well friend of the ginger kid, we’ll happily let you have a go so let’s get started.
Dolphin Volunteer: We’ll put you in a lifejacket, then you can climb in the boat.

Dylan accepted the conditions and was ready to go, 2 Dolphins were attached to the front and they pulled him along.
Roxie had no regrets, she didn’t want her phobia exposed to random people.
Dylan got a round of applause then went back to his seat.

Dolphin Volunteer: We’ll now get our Dolphins to jump through those rings attached to poles.
As you see they’re at different heights, it’s like jumping over different hurdles in a track and field race, we’ll start at 1 metre in height.

The Dolphins went through random heights and jumped perfectly, they next got on podiums and balanced balls on their noses, they then played Basketball and showed off with a swimming display.

Dolphin Volunteer 2: I hope you’ve been impressed by our Dolphin  display but we’ve come to the now and I wish you all a good day, goodbye.

Everybody left the Dolphinarium  expect for Dylan and Roxie who stopped to take pictures and autographs, they were gratefully remember for their help, they then set off towards the sharks and arrived at the entrance of the tunnel.

Dylan: I’ll take the 1st steps through this tunnel, shall I?
Roxie: Yes, I wouldn’t mess with those great whites, I went in the seas when I was younger, unaware of my water phobia and ran into 1 but I quickly out swam it.
Dylan: They will not get you, they’re under a glass archway and swim over you, there is no physical contact so you don’t have to worry about what happened in the past.
Roxie: I have been swimming often, quite recently I went but I have to be careful not to go in when everyone else is there, the place has to be deserted and I choose the moment when there is only me and Mum have the beach to ourselves so I don’t get wet, swell up and have everyone know my secret.
Dylan: I think if people knew then they’d be able to plan on developing a cure, they can cure cancer so why not water allergy.
Roxie: It’s like Autism, no one will ever get rid of it.
Dylan: Don’t be so sincere, my Dad’s a scientist and he was 1 who learnt you had a water allergy in the 1st place so he’ll be happy to try as it is his job after all.
Roxie: If he thinks it’s for the best then let him carry on, I’ve lived with it for years so many more will not make a difference.
Dylan: Look at those fins, such powerful weapons that are bound to end up on Nature Shock.

Without realising Dylan and Roxie were walking through the tunnel without any problems.

Dylan: They are beautiful, so unique and much better over us than able to get us.
Roxie: We’re at the end, now what’s next.
Dylan: How do you cope when washing your hands, I’m just fascinated.
Roxie: I use a water free liquid gel instead.
Dylan: Cool, can we see the Fish section next?
Roxie: Yes, another thing that’s behind glass, this place is safer than I imagined.

Dylan and Roxie went to look at the most tropical Fish they’d ever seen and their eyes really opened when they arrived.

Dylan: I must take a picture for my social networking site, Roxie can you take a picture of me next to the 1 with the yellow fish with black spots.
Roxie I will because that would be interesting for your fellow friends, is Kayla on the website.
Dylan: Yes but since the start of the school year she hasn’t been on, she’s too busy since Brittany made her popular and her profile picture is now outdated.
Roxie: And still no one will notice, stand still and smile while I take the picture.

Roxie took Dylan’s picture stood next to the Fish, she showed him the image and he turned off his camera.

Dylan: See doesn’t that make things better.
Roxie: Yes it does.

Roxie notices something.

Roxie: Quick, come look over here, it’s a replica of the Fish from Finding Nemo.
Dylan: How did they do that or is it just an amazing coincidence.
Roxie: And still it seems to have worked.
Dylan: Yes and for the money we’ve paid, I’m surprised we don’t see the cast of many hit movies, I have only seen 1 so far.
Roxie: Look at the size of these, they’re really big and such delightful designs and use of colour.
Dylan: Reminding you of a dress maybe.
Roxie: Yes, the 2 could have the same description, anyway you still haven’t notice who I look like.
Dylan: I do not know so I’ll predict that it is someone from a soap.
Roxie: No way, I’d never be in checked dresses, I was thinking more of Annie.
Dylan: Of course, why didn’t I see that.
Roxie: Because you’re too busy worrying about me to notice that there’s more to life, then what we can not let touch us.
Dylan: And still we get along fine, there’s Goldfish in that tank and Coi Carp over there.
Roxie: I still can't pick a favourite.
Dylan: Just a minutes, you do look like Annie, only your hair is not frizzy and she wore pinafore dresses.
Roxie: I'm more like a modern version of her, if I lookedf like that I'd be an 80's stereotype.
Dylan: We wouldn't want that, us Aussie's already are full of stereotypes towards the English and they seem happy to insult us back.
Roxie: They mean no harm, pirates are much worse.
Dylan: Indeed they are, what with their continous repeat of the letter r.
Roxie: I do not know what they have angainst me, it's so long ago I have forgotten.
Dylan: Never mind, they still think you're in Queensland and we'll happily keep that secret from them, they need never know you are now in Canberra.
Roxie: Good riddance to them, they cause more trouble than they wil ever be good so I say we don't need their type arround here.
Dylan: We'd rather have Fish any day.
Roxie: In the seas of of course, they don't live on dry land like pirates.
Dylan: Let's forget about them, they cause no danger to you here so let's give it a rest.
Roxie: I think we're nealy done.
Dylan: It wouldn't be Australia without seeing Crocodiles or Alligators.
Roxie: I saw them in Queensland before but that was while back, lets see them I bet they don't half bite.
Dylan: You can't get that close to many things here but it is for the best.

Dylana dn Roxie went to the Crocodile and Alligator enclosure and notice some very small creatures.

Dylan: It's nice to be able to come back hre when the babies have just been born.
Roxie: It must be so enclosed being born in an egg, I'm glad I wasn't.
Dylan: I think that is what nature intended and don't to alter things after 1000's of years.
Roxie: No we don't, look at those scales so tiny and almost harmless.
Dylan: Almost harmless, I think they'll turn into cold blooded killers in no time.
Roxie: Not yet though.
Dylan: Maybe a few weeks, I couldn't say.
Roxie: Here's 1 that needs to be in salt water.
Dylan: It says here if he's not he may die.
Roxie: He's the opposite of me, isn't he.
Dylan: Yes.
Roxie: I have nothing against them, I am who I am and nothing's going to change so just avoid the raom and no one gets suspicous.
Dylan: What are we going to do at school to get you noticed?
Roxie: I'm have no idea, I am sure new after school activities will be introdcued soon.
Dylan: I heard from Brittany that she has some new ideas in the pipeline.
Roxie: I may stay quiet and unnoticed.
Dylan: As long as you avoid swimming, there should be no problems.
Roxie: OK, on Monday I will see what I can do.

Dylan and Roxie head towards the exit bit not without visiting the gift shop 1st.

Dylan: What are you going to buy?
Roxie: Maybe a Dolphin.
Dylan: I took a picture of you feeding the Dolphin, I could get it framed for you.
Roxie: We'll give it a go but don't blame my Mum if she gets annoyed, after all I shouldn't be taking risks like that.
Dylan: No but surely she'll let you grow up sometime.
Roxie: With this water allergy I doubt she'll ever surrender.
Dylan: I'm sure she means well.
Roxie: Anyway she's allergic to water also but she is dead secret about how she stops water touching her skin, she doesn't want me to try in case it has a different reaction towards me.
Dylan: OK, I won't ask.
Roxie: Anyway what will you be buying?
Dylan: It's not like I don't own half the shop already but I'll get a magnet or encyclopedia, something that really reminds me of this special day.
Roxie: So you'll be wanting a picture of me feeding a Dolphin?
Dylan: If we are officially friends I will, I don't just have pictures of anyone on the lounge mantlepiece.
Roxie: I don' t know, you went behind my back to try and get my secret from me and you only half achieved that, I maybe allergic to water but that's not all, if you ever got me wet you'd find out although I'd never even let you come close to doing that.
Dylan: I had no idea.
Roxie: Your Dad maybe a scientist but there's still a lot you haven't worked out.
Dylan: Why didn't I think about it harder, I see no reason why the pirates would want you when you make life so difficult for people only trying to help.
Roxie: I'm sorry but If I found if easy to tell you everything then I would but there are complications and you're better being left in the dark.
Dylan: That's not how I'd solve things.
Roxie: When the time is right I'll tell you, I don't want you to get hurt because I brought these problems on mysel.
Dylan: But if you are captured I won't hesitate to come and find you, I  may not trust you but a real friend helps no matter what.
Roxie: If we are all sorted then let's go the bus stop.
Dylan: Let's pay for our items 1st and then we can go.

After Dylan and Roxie have paid, they left the Aquarium and headed to the bus stop.

Roxie: I'll thank-you for a good day and hopefully this can happen again.
Dylan: We can make it every weekend if we want, the possibilities are endless.
Roxie: I'd like to go to the zoo 1 day.
Dylan: Ours isn't as good as the 1 in Queensland.
Roxie: I know but it's worth a shot.
Dylan: Don't you feel homesick?
Roxie: Yes, next school holidays, me and Mum will go back and visit, you'll be welcome to come back with me if you want to.
Dylan: Of course I would, now we're loaded with souveneirs I'm glad to go back home.
Roxie: I'm right behind you.

Dylan and Roxie arrived at the bus stop, waited arround 7 minutes then boarded the bus, the bus was about 75% full and they did have an averaged lengthed journey ahead of them.

Roxie: I may have met a Shark but I'm glad I never crossed paths with a Crocodile, they can take off people's legs.
Dylan: Are you saying that losing legs is easy.
Roxie: Not in that sense, we have to tread carefully in dangerous waters, Australia is full of deadly creatures who roam the seas ready to make that fatal attack.
Dylan: Oh yes, my Mum saw it on the news.
Roxie: So did mine, it was a tragedy waiting to happen, there was a lot less of a threat at the Aquarium.
Dylan: All the excitement has made me slightly tired, I'm going to take a nap.
Roxie: Good thinking, I'll join you.

Dylan and Roxie slept 'til the end of the 1st journey, switched buses and went back to sleep, they arrived safely back at each others houses.
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