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A poem to Child Soldiers in Africa
As I play among the apple trees
Surrounded by the orchard walls
I look up at the bright blue sky
And feel the warmth of happiness in my heart

But far beyond the orchard walls
Another looks up at the same sky
But through blurred soggy eyes
With the chill of loneliness in every part

As I run past the beds of flowers
Guarded by the orchard walls
I hear the buzz of a honeybee
And my spirit dances with the tune

But far beyond these orchard walls
Another hears a different noise
The sound of gunfire cuts through the air
As he huddles in the woods shivering with fear

As the sun starts to set
Behind the orchard walls
I shout with joy
Knowing tomorrow will be as good as today

But far beyond these orchard walls
Another shouts in pain
Knowing that he is all alone
And tomorrow will be the same
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