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An injured dogwood finds healing

The Wounds of a Dogwood

The terrain surrounding the dogwood tree was a beautiful place.
Gentle breezes sang soft songs, to which all the trees swayed in peaceful harmony.
Embracing rays of sunshine touched the trees with comforting warmth.
Loneliness was never a factor, as the dogwood enjoyed the companionship of nearby trees.

That changed.

The dark storm swooped down and attacked the dogwood without warning.
The closest tree, which had always been its ally, swiftly split in two.
As the ally rushed to the side of the storm, it cut deep gashes through the dogwood.
The intent wasn't to hurt, but it did hurt, leaving the dogwood deeply wounded.

That changed.

As light came again, the dogwood tried to move, but its injuries were too painful, so it gazed around instead.
The split tree was still by the dogwood's side, but half of it was gone.
The sweet scent of the other trees and their dancing leaves quickly began to heal the dogwood's crimson wounds.
It noticed that these gashes were now strong, tough scars, but it wondered if the inner wounds would ever heal.

That changed.

Time was merciful, and sent songbirds, fluttering butterflies, and fragrant honeysuckle to bring peace to the terrain.
A family of mockingbirds found a home in the split tree, while the other trees continued to thrive in all their glory.
The dogwood, now enlightened and stronger than before, smiled once again upon the deep forest.
The terrain surrounding the dogwood tree was a beautiful place.

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