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Hey, Stephy Laurens here! Last Friday, I was able to step into the world of voice over!
The World of Voice Over!

Hi everybody! This is Stephy Laurens and I am here to tell you about my first experience about doing voice overs (VO). Okay, ready? Here we go! So let me tell you all how I found out about this VO thing in the first place...

One day I was sitting at the computer and I was saying to myself, "I wonder how voice over artists start their jobs?" Then I looked up a few VO artists and found one that mentioned a specific studio. That studio was called Edge Studio. I decided to look up the studio and see what they were all about. I discovered that many VO artists were students of this studio company and many of them were sucessful alumni! I thought that was pretty cool (plus, I really wanted to VO work) so I looked further into Edge Studio. I kept on scanning through the website and saw that they were offering workshops/ classes for aspiring VO talent. I decided to sign up for "Investigate Voice Over" workshop.

My workshop consisted of a VO evaluation after the class and a phone call home to double check if I recieved the evaluation. The workshop was on June 25.

June 25....
Finally the day came and I brought my VO binder that I created (Yeah, I'm a HUGE voice over fan). In the binder was:
1) A pack of gum (used to help relieve dry mouth)
2) Writing Utensil (beneficial if notes are needed to be recorded)
3) Vocal care tips (very helpful when preparing for a recording session- I printed it from the Edge Studio website)
4) Lined paper (used to keep track of notes)

So I thought I came well prepared...especially with big water bottle!

(Still in Progress)
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