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Please, start reading aloud from the top. Rhythm between the Rhyme
A beautiful morning
indeed it is,
to wake up
in a world so bright
surrounded by lovely words

A dream
is a wonderful work of the mind,
no one could really tell
the amazing power it posses,
A dream
is an art,
In the mind who creates it

Let them say
Let them talk,
They will neva understand
the works in every mind,
Rarely 2 minds
share the same talk,

oh no, not,
just a unique difference
in all souls

As it is,
Its a dream
These words are waiting
to be found,
By musical notes
to be put together
a song will be form,
By the great minds
who wants these words to be known

Not for fame
Not for glory,
Just to unleash the passion
swirling inside,
Expressing the art of words
with a rhythm,
Revealing the colors
behind the rhymes,

With a voice so sweet
sinking in every soul,
With words so deep
singing in every mind,
With rhythm that beats
between the rhymes

A dream is an art
A fantasy that may become a reality .....
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