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dragon child alternative chapter
The Dragon child

Chapter one I dream of janitors

Our story begins in an average classroom, on an average spring day at St. Peters burg high where far away from notice sat an average 17 year old boy
He had shaggy mildly long hair that sometimes pricked his eyes. the chair he was sitting on was with an angle, balanced on its hind legs as Alex had gently swung back in it, feet still touching the ground but eyes fixed on the ceiling as if fixated by an unnoticeable detail. It was history class again and Mr. Clowten had started robotic-ally reading from the text book, his voice only slightly changing to stress dates. It was a snooze fest. Most of the students were secretly texting, others had started idly chatting.
Alex however was far away, in his head, the melody of teacher’s voice pushing him further and further away .As it disappeared, Alex found himself floating in a corridor, it felt familiar but it was too dark to look around. He could hear a Janitor sweeping, And as he continued moving about, the air around him filled the corridor entering and exiting through its cracks the contours of the hallway and its occupants suddenly became clear. Alex could see that he was inside his school, right next to the main gate.
He saw the old Janitor sweep as he hummed a tune from his days then heard the banter of two teachers as they walked into one of the offices, He noticed that a few figures gathered by a billboard, they were conversing energetically, from their heights Alex deduced they were students, the talent show was in a week he remembered. It was dark still he capably identified where people stood, where walls lay, he even noticed some bugs crawl their way into one of the walls, Seeing it all as if it was being etched on his brain. Everything was visible to him; it seemed through Sound! .
Still suspended in midair ,Alex thought he might be dreaming to be a ghost with bat like abilities, it wouldn’t be the first strange dream he'd had. The thought made him think of the recurring vision that had been haunting him for years.every birthday he would see its parts flash in his head and every time it would leave him completely overcome by terror. Shaking himself back to life Alex tried to interact with the occupants of his dream; they didn’t seem to notice him, “Hmm...a Dream” he spoke, though no words came out. It didn’t feel like a dream he defiantly felt detached but it was as if he’d just traveled into another’s body. The thought entertained him for a few seconds till he heard the main gate doors come open.
Alex heard two different sets of footsteps proceed inside. One seemed to be a little crooked walking and accompanied by the loud tapping of a walking stick, from the second Alex heard a fluttery noise which he recognized to be a long overcoat, a rather peculiar choice for a summer day. The picture then formed, two figures were walking down the corridor, and without knowing how he was doing it Alex followed; floating above them as they entered the main hallway.
“The day of his revival draws near and we’re nowhere closer to finding the child”, “Why have you brought me here Mortimer?” demanded an old voice “The man we’re visiting Tedd Clowton supports the cause” the younger figure explained “he will surely share it with us”
"Those two knew Mr.Clowton?" Alex thought, He had always been such a straight shooter,how did he get involved with these people ?" what is it they wanted him to share….." Alex watched them walk off, they looked shifty and not to be trusted .they kept walking away having taken his measure of the pair Alex decided to follow closer ,
Passing the cafeteria, and into Block B ,they were in the vicinity, two buildings away, of where Mr.Clowton, and not to mention Alex were. The two men came to a sudden halt, they stood there quietly, the coated man seemed puzzled, Alex looked at the old geaser to try and see what he was thinking, but no matter how hard he tried he could only see them as faceless figure ."he's using his powers" the old man muttered turning around to face where Alex floated , "he can see me?" …."he knows we're here" the old man continued "we must hurry" recognizing the seriousness in his tone Mortimer followed quietly
The two dashed down the hallway at an alarming speed "old people shouldn’t be this fast!" a shocked Alex yelled as he flew after them at full speed this time only barely keep up, five minutes later the old man stopped and with hand pointing out "in there" he announced their arrival ,Alex who was glad the chase was over noticed where they were ……"Mr. Clowton's class" he realized

“He is in there...” pointed the elder with a distraught voice,
“Oh Do you mean Tedd? Yes I do believe you’re right” Mortimer replied
“NO NOT HIM” snapped the old man “the boy!”
“Alexander? What makes you say that sir?!” Exclaimed Mortimer
“I can feel his presence Mortimer ….the boy is in there” repeated the old man “We must get him to come with us ….at all costs”
Alex was suddenly brought back to his surroundings, those last few words still lingering in his head, he felt a sharp sensation prick through his brain, Why would those two know his name?, he thought ,Was he in danger?! In an attempt to calm himself down He looked around the room; everything was in the same place ….
“And that’s why they were finally defeated in 1875” Mr. Clowtons voice reappeared “that’s 18 75” he repeated, everything seemed quite typical, Alex’s eyes were now staring at the door, he tried to maintain an unphased expression despite his racing heart. He knew that something was about to happen and good or bad his life would never be the same.
”OK, now I want you to turn to….” Mr. Clowton was interrupted by a knock on the door ”Who is it?”he inquired but no one answered, following a second knock the door knob slowly turned and the door was swung open to reveal the intruders.

Chapter 2 history class

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