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a product disclaimer for myself
watch that barstool

i refuse to slip on the mask most likely
to meet with approval in a woman's eye-

i'm not talkin' about bell bottoms, cowboy hats,
or co-ed naked t-shirts, here; i mean i will not

spend one instant trying to prove my value, or hide
my stripes; my package definitely does not fit into normal-sized containers.

yeah, and i refuse to hang out in the shallows,
it's straight to the deep end for me;

so...it's a rare female who stays on the bar
stool next to me for more than a sentence,

but occasionally some poor spinning butterfly
perches close to my flame, and all hell breaks loose.

because i refuse to lie about the lives i've been through;
i have seen the sun rise, and the sun set, at the same time

and i have a vision of the world, which
i can clearly describe, and a knack for mad laughter.

no, i may not be easy, but i will not put you to sleep;
and i have also learned, about respect, and how to give

and take; i refuse to let you snooze, and if i will
take you home with me, to see if you will melt

and if, together, we might  make an alloy of our desire,
might throw some karmic fuel on the fire, and watch

ourselves burn; then i will also advise against
repeating that mistake, so that next time you might learn to watch
out where you sit, and whose flame you seek.
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