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A poem about the simplicity of love at an old age...and the pain of losing a partner.
With a dash of snow white hair,
And faces with wrinkles of time..
That sweet old couple lived together,
Caring and sharing a love so sublime.

They would chirp ‘good morning!’
And whisper their hellos to me,
Then walk as fast as their tired feet could take them,
And sit peacefully under a shady tree.

Then one day, as I passed that way,
I saw the lady alone under the tree..
The old man was nowhere to be seen,
And she silently cried as she looked at me.

Although our lives are so far apart,
When I see her, I can feel the pain.
A kind of sorrow that I can only feel,
An emotion that words cannot explain.

She had lived her life to the fullest,
And with the soulmate she waited for the end to come;
Only now, the wait became longer,
Because, waiting, she was the only one…
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