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Homage to Summer Iitrature
The fairy dance is called at last

the winds are all in place

The zephyr's thrill is to the bone

he's set to lead the chase

Sweet fairy girl, she winks and laughs

she hides behind her hands

Her wings are shedding pixy dust

on every spot she lands

Around the lea she's on patrol

lighting lightening bugs

With festive festooned field alight

she fills up acorn mugs

The patterned dance of fairy folk

is fueled by mugs of mead

Made of moon drift honey

and dew from thistle seed

The gentle breeze moans through the reeds

the cattail woodwinds blow

Peepers, crickets and meadow larks

will make the music flow

Mariah came from way out west

to lift the dancers high

In star burst reels and basadons

she helps the patterns fly

The lord and lady of the Faire

preside from thrones above

Titania and Oberon

accept their subjects love

The dancers flair in stardust skies

for this celebration

Rejoicing life beyond reserve

in wild exhilaration

How bright the light this dawning day

in this dew misted green

I stretch and yawn and look around

at this July scene

It's not the same in light of day

as in the land of nod

Still hazy thoughts come dancing back

while laying on the sod

Remembered lights of fireflies

seem to twirl and spin

Surrounding ring of fairy stones

that I awake within

It can't be real 'twas but a dream

to think ought else insane

So how do I explain to me

here tiny cups remain

Richard Higley © June 2011
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