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This is a sample of a book i'm currently writing.I want to see if it's interesting.
         I sit in the middle of the field looking down at my body surrounded by blood and tears; finally at peace.  Finally able to feel.

Ch. 1

         I lay on my cot, crunched into a ball.  An attack is coming.  Why do I always thinking about attacks.  An attack is eminent.  It one hand I hold a gun, hidden underneath my wool blanket.  In the other hand, I hold a mallet, waiting for the attack.  The attack is coming.  All around me are screams and footsteps.  I lay here waiting for the attack.  The screams stop.  How much time has passed, I don’t know.  All I listen to, the only thing I need to listen to, is my heartbeat.  THUMP. THUMP.  THUMP.  I calm down.  The sun has risen from the east by now, its rays shining on the camp.  I walk out of my tent; destruction all around.  My tent and the generals, the only ones standing. 
         His voice scratches my ears.  I want him to stop talking.  I want him to not need me.  I walk towards the tent, my feet melting into the sand.  I want to walk away; wanting myself to not come into his den.  I open the tent, take off my shoes, felling the goat skin rug between my toes.  I walk forward; right hand on heart, right hand on mind, right hand on left hand.  He looks at me, his eyes glossy with power.
         “Fofx……..  Sorry for your loss.  Medric was one of our best.  I’m barely listening.  Not as good as you…  One of our best…  He will be best…  His body will get a proper burial…  Stupor…  Over him…  New task at hand…  Ready…?
         “What do you want me to do?”
         “Not me Fofx, the Uppers—“
         The Uppers.  The people who control up…  We always have to look up, they always have to look down.
         “… did you hear me?  The Uppers have given you a most prestigious

order…  Kill the Queen of the Chik.”
         Our enemies…  They started this feud we fight, at the council of Chesrough…  All the Uppers came to talk.  The land was suppose to stay at peace.  The Queen of Chik was supposed to marry our King- King Neer.  Her guards and their queen came into the conference; eyes full of anger; and pride.  The slaughter which followed; men screaming; blood dripping on the floor. All of us, watching from the big portal screens at each town plaza, just saw  oceans of red.  That’s why I’m here, to fight a war to which I feel no more pride in fighting. 
         “There wish is my command..”
         “Good!  Good!  This will be your greatest accomplishment yet!  Congratulations on this honor!”
         Like I could refuse…
         “Now; training starts immediately.  You will study the art of seduction, the acting of false cries.  We will make you seem fragile and impressionable.  No one suspects an assassin to where white.”
         White..  I haven’t been white for so long.  Ever since I can remember my flesh has been stained with my victims blood and sorrows.  Never have I had the time to relax; except with him.  Medrick.  Medrick and I; we would relax under the stars, thinking of a life where there were no longer plagued our minds and made us red.  I wonder when I shall relax again. 
         “You’re really not listening today…  Maybe this is too soon.  I mean Medrick died yesterday morning.  Here Fofx-“
         DON’T TOUCH ME!!!
         “I’ll let you have the day off.  Go rest go sleep, and take some time for yourself.  For when the sun rises tomorrow, you are again a soldier.”
         I put my right hand on my heart.  Right hand on mind.  Right hand laying on left hand.  I’m so glad to leave.  My feet don’t want to stop.  They want to run far, far away.  But, someone will find me.  They always find me.  Everyone I past looks so mournly into my eyes.  They’re mouths move, but no sound, only silent words come out. 
         “I warned you.  Love is never good on the battle field.”
         I walk, for if I stop they’ll all see their own blood dripping from their tongues.  They all heard the shot.  They all saw him fall.  They all saw the blood escaping out of his chest. 
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