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Nature creates itself, and can be instrumental in helping to create us
Grandkids take up a frenetic activity doing all their puzzles twice while at the cabin in just a couple of hours.  It is a different place without television and videogames, so the challenge is welcome.

At sixty something, I have different challenges.  This place talks to me.  I don’t think I am psychotic.  The wind rustles through the canyons and the sound of the creek cascades across the rocks and the boulders.  Some might say that the sounds are largely the same, but the reality is that the sounds are those of a living organism, the earth telling its story.

What does it say?  In the city, we don’t hear the song of the earth.  It is a busier place and we just don’t listen.  We’ve forgotten how to do that.  Should you listen to the musings of an older man listening to the musings of wild lands around him?  I think wild lands have a tendency to tell us more about ourselves.  When we listen to the earth, eventually, we listen to everything.

Hummingbirds come by with a high-pitched buzz in search of nutrients from the bird feeder.  “Alive,” they say.  This is our one brief moment is our moment to feed, nurture and care for the earth; we are a part of the cycle of life that goes back through the millennia.  Rocks have been actively carved by forces that are outside our timeline and influence.  We think we are so powerful, but we have limits imposed on us by our humanity

How many thoughts will influence my world?  Most of our thoughts we pass on are unintentional.  Do I take time to listen and speak to my world like the night air is speaking to me?  No I can’t carve out a canyon and I don’t drink out of birdfeeders.  I can feed on the things of life that make me stronger.  I can impart that strength to my world.  The important things are not the frenetic activity of making a living.

Winds whisper through the canyons.  For now, they restructure me.  Listening to life is important.  There are many things that are not
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