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assignment 1 for rockin review class.
Marcia~I'm Home :) ! *Smile* Hello! after reading your short story. I have the following comments to offer.

My name is Marcia. I am a Student from the rockin review academy. I was on my way to class and noticed that you had written some new short stories and I thought you might like a review so I stopped in your port to have a look around. I hope you don't mind. *Smile*

*Flower1*First Impression:

I enjoy color! Purple is easy on the eyes thanks! I enjoyed your story. It was very easy to read. I liked Cooley.
I really liked the end of the story!

“Wow, Cooley, you came close this year, thanks for holding off so the kids can go trick-or-treating tonight.” Everyone howled laughter.

Cooley stuck his tongue out, shook his fist and laughed again. “You just wait ‘til next year!”


I would only suggest not using such a sad thing such as the end of the world,but that is only my opinion it is your story to do with what you like *Smile*
I mean with the way the story ends you could have the sign say "The sky is falling" again just an idea.


I must be honet I didn't see any spelling errors,but punctuation and grammar are not my strong areas. I need help in these areas myself. I am taking classes in the fall to improve those skills.

*Star*Things I Like:

I really liked that the people of Setonsville got into the "Tradition" of Cooley showing up every October. Even though his "message" was a little strange. It was nice that people got used to his routine and noticed when he had not come yet.

I love Tradition! We have a strange one in our famliy,but I like to pass it on. We are Italian ,so we make spagetti sauce from scratch. We put in 2 bay leafs. The pot is huge if when eating the spagetti and you get the whole bay leaf on your food. It is said that you will have good luck!!
May God Bless You! And Wite On!

Marcia~I'm Home :)

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