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Crossing the line between reality and fantasy - An Open Expressions Entry

I laid upon the river bank
and watched a swirling cloud.
Into its whirling shapes I sank;
imagination's shroud.

There mighty Pegasus stood proud,
this horse of ancient lore,
his wings unfurled, his head unbowed
as he prepared to soar.

I sat astride his muscled back
as he launched into flight
between the earth and endless black
and yet, I felt no fright.

Across the dappled ocean blue
toward shores of emerald green
in joyful union on we flew
toward the horizon's sheen.

We journeyed through distance and time
until I saw, at last,
the hills begin their skyward climb
to Olympus and the past!

Within the mountain's heart of stone
free from earthly care
sat ancient Zeus upon his throne
as lightning split the air.

Forgotten in the lonely mists,
protected by earth's castle,
he waits to prove that he exists
as god and not a vassal.

The sound of thunder awoke me.
I sat up with a start
shattering my reverie
and yet, doubt filled my heart ...

Was this no more than fantasy;
a dream within my brain?
Within my clenched hand, I could see
a golden strand of mane.

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