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Dr. Steller and James find the pedestal
  Part 2

After about thirty minutes it finally happened! But before James or Dr. Steller could speak, something started to take place. There was a voice that sounded like a dove’s coo that was heard in the wind that whispered “Follow the Sacred Relic,” the serene voice spoke.

The orb then hovered out of his hands as it started to glow with white light and then float off. Steller and James were mystified. It was like looking at a small white sun. The light was otherworldly and it had a holy, peaceful essence to it. The object no longer appeared to have a solid glass structure but instead a pure, intangible spirit-like manifestation. Its light reflected of the silver and gold of the buildings as the sphere went in the direction of a narrow, golden street that that curved up a grassy hill. Along the path were white marble arches that were adorned with sapphire, emerald and onyx jewels.

“Such architecture would cost a fortune to build on Earth,” said James.

“The two followed the orb as it slowly stayed on the path until they clearly saw a small wooden gate with a cobblestone path that led to a grove. As they passed through, beautiful vegetation was seen filled with golden leaves and they heard the wind serenade in their ears.

They scanned all around them and saw nothing but unusual and beautiful flowers. They inhaled the calming aroma and admired a flower that had a silver colored stem that bloomed into an array of narrow petals. They were of blend of colors arrayed like a rainbow that sparkled with what looked like a cloud of diamond dust surrounding the bloom.

“How beautiful.” Dr. Steller walked over the wet, slushy grass that sounded like crunching snow. He brushed his fingers over a flower with sprouting petals that were orange and black having the shape of a wine glass. He stroked the petals that felt like moist down.

James spoke up breaking his fixation. “I think it is going in the direction of that moss overgrowth. There must another pathway.” Dr. Steller and James followed the orb that went through thick foliage. The light from the orb illuminated what would have otherwise meant being in total darkness. Finally both of the explorers met a bridge that arched over the clearest most pristine, glistening river of water they had ever seen. Dr. Steller thought he could take in the beautiful shimmering water for hours.

At last they reached what was at the end of the trek through the overgrowth. It was overwhelming to all the senses. It was a huge porch with an emerald green ground surface. It resembled a circular colonnade and it was situated on a very high plateau overlooking an expansive portion of the City of Light. A bronze canopy was over them supported by stone pillars decorated with different jewels set in circles around the pillar’s circumference each at a different level. In the very center of it all was a fountain with a diamond spout head. They came near the fountain and sat on its edge. They looked around and were filed with peace. Dr. Steller was proud. He was proud because he had made the biggest and most wonderful discovery in scientific and archeological history. James also was feeling a sense of satisfaction.

“You know James. Finding this place has been the grandest feat of my life. But no one will ever know. No one will know the two men who came across the greatest wonder known to mankind. We’ll never have our names written in the history books.” Dr. Steller sighed looking up and then down at the ground.

Then James saw a shady entryway at the other side of the porch directly across from the one they came through. James and Dr. Steller walked into it and found an expanse of illustriously decorated buildings. Then something grabbed James’s attention.

“There’s something about that building.” said James as he pointed at a cathedral that had a steeple made of sparkling white marble.

“I know. It intrigues me too,” replied Steller.

They approached a gateway that separated them from a long courtyard. The orb led to another cobblestone path that ran along the middle of a courtyard with palm trees lining the sides of the path..  The path turned into a small staircase leading to a large iron door in the shape of a pyramid. Finally the orb slowly descended to the ground and stopped glowing “I can’t shake the feeling. It’s like an intuition. It’s important that we find out what’s in there.” said James.

“I believe likewise Mr. Price. But how do we get past the gate and through the door?”

“Doctor, look at this. Rather peculiar isn’t it?” “A spherical indentation. It is strange. It just stands out all by itself.”

Then they both looked at each other with the same epiphany. “The orb!” James and Dr. Steller spoke simultaneously. Dr. Steller picked up the orb and placed it in the indentation. It began to glow with that same nostalgic white light. The door parted with a beautiful sound that resembled a harp being strung. They followed the path up to the door and waited for it to open. Nothing happened. “Hmm, I would have expected the door to open too.”

“It may sound stupid...”

“Nothing is stupid from this point.”

“Let’s just try knocking” said James as he approached the door and knocked. Immediately the entire immense iron door vanished revealing a hall with high vaulted ceilings. Inside the covering structure was supported by pillars of what looked like silver burning with white flames. The ceilings were decorated with pictures of mystifying beasts like unicorns, griffins and dragons. Situated in the pictures were men with golden wings with sun burst lines coming out of them. There in the middle of the layout was a pedestal with a book on it. On the aged cover was a golden cross. “If I didn’t know any better I’d say we’ve found what’s been drawing us,” said Dr. Steller.                                                                                                                                                 

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