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Section of my novel on super powers, focuses on the five senses. Please read and edit.
         Somewhere in the Rockies, a building was slowly filling up with house guests. Whether they were taken in with the help of a gurney for the unconscious ones, or breaking in, the building had finally reached its capacity. It was a fairly small building, so it wasn't saying much that it was full, except for the fact that it had been vacant for years. Over the period of three weeks four young adults were brought here, and one found her own way.

         Sage found the building in the middle of a storm. She was cold and wet and tired, at least she was until she turned off those sensations, but she knew from experience that if she just ignored it she would still get sick. She could ignore that too, but she would still vomit everywhere. And she really disliked vomiting. She saw a man by the building and recognized him. It was that nurse. Feeling no trepidation whatsoever, she walked right by him and went inside. She decided to stay there for a while, just to watch. Or if she was being more accurate, to spy. This man had given her super powers and disappeared off the face of the earth, until now. And she was going to figure out how he did it.

         Emrys was the first to show up that the nurse knew about. He was the one helped by the gurney. So once again, he woke up in a strange bed in a strange room, with beeping machines. But this time, instead of ripping all the equipment out of him, he simply turned off the sounds. He knew if he wanted to find out where he was and why he was kidnapped by a nurse, that he would have to be quiet. After all he thought it was the nurse from all these long years ago, because his face was the last thing Emrys could remember, up until the pain in his head. He cautiously sat up and looked about the room. There was a window, but it was dark, across the room he could just make out the shape of another bed, but from what he could see, it was empty. He breathed a sigh of relief just as the door knob turned. His breath hitched and he waited to see what would happen. The figure in the dark was shuffling along, obviously attempting to keep quiet. The moonlight hit the bottom half of the mystery shape and Emrys noticed that the pants were scrubs. His fears were confirmed. The nurse did
kidnap him. He silently removed the bedcovers from off his lap and inched to the side of the bed. He coiled and sprung into the air, and gave a satisfied smirk as hit body hit the nurse, earning a grunt of surprise and sending them both sprawling to the ground.

         Nimue woke up in the helicopter, hanging halfway off her seat, leaning out the window. She scrambled back from the long drop that ended in mountains, terrified. The man next to her chuckled. Though it was unheard due to the helicopters strong wings. Nimue heard a click in her ear and realized she had on a headset.
         "Sorry for the sedative, but you can't know where the building is." Nimue spun in her seat and saw the nurse and looked around frantically.
         "Where- where am I?"
         "Did you not listen, sweetheart? You can't know. But I suppose you may know that we are still in America."
         "How long have I been out?"
         "Tricky, but I won't fall for it. You can't know how far away from Las Vegas you are. All that matters now is that you are awake."
         "Why did you take me?"
         "Remember the tests we did? The super power thing? Well, this is your check-up."
         "And we have to do it in a building far away? I could have cleared out the room."
         "No. If powers have manifested, and I have a sneaking suspicion that they have, we will be running tests for a while out here in the facility. Experiment with the boundaries. Plus I have more people coming, and one is already there, though still unconscious last I heard. Once we are all together, it will be like a summer camp. You went to those as a kid right?"
         "Yes. But this building, it will have showers and running water, and indoor plumbing, right?"
         "Yes yes yes, ever concerned about the truly important things in life. We are about to descend, the head set will now only be used for flying necessity."
         Nimue rolled her eyes. He just wanted to shut her up. She noticed the normal signs. She sat back and tried not to think about how she was in the air. She really hated heights. This wasn't going so well so far. Almost an hour later they had landed and she was about to be given the tour when a girl jumped up out of the woodwork and held a knife to the nurse's throat. It appeared to Nimue that the nurse was surprised, she figured she should stay out of this one and walked away.

         Tristan felt uneasy rooming with anyone. Has been since medical school. He knew that accommodations were in short supply here, so he didn't fuss, but now on the solitary walk around the building, he could dwell on those issues. He was deliberately avoiding finding his room but figured if he wanted any sleep, he couldn't put it off forever. He grabbed his stuff and started hauling it to the room. He was really excited about the prospect of actual super powers, and as soon as he heard about the plan,
he jumped for the chance. He had multiple weeks of vacation saved up at work, especially as he would insist on hanging out with the kids on the holidays, getting himself more hours than the hospital wanted him to get. He finally found the room and opened the door slowly. The lights were off, and he figured his roomie was still asleep. He shuffled along the carpet when he was suddenly ambushed, looks like he had a repeat of roommates from the college days. Fantastic.

         Cyrus walked along with the nurse, he had no luggage, no idea where they were going precisely and with the worry that his mother wouldn't know where he was. He knew it was a matter of time before he was knocked out or had a bag over his head, he could read situations really well and this one was going downhill, and fast. He stopped a moment to pretend to tie his shoe and the orderly waited.
         "So can I just have a bag over my head? I would rather not get hit. You understand." The orderly looked at him in surprise.
         "We actually have a bit of a flight, so we are going to tranquilize you. I promise it will be swift and easy. I have business to discuss on the plane and we can't have you listening in. When you next wake up, you will be at the building. Good night."
         Cyrus felt the needle go into his neck and soon the world faded from view.

         "I know you have all been here different amounts of time, and if you have been here for a
while, I thank you for your patience, and apologize for your wait. It takes a while tracking you all down, but now we are all here, we may begin. While each of you were in your teens, you had an accident of some kind, causing you to go to the hospital. I scouted hospitals and from the selections, I decided upon you five to try some testing. Each of you have gotten some power, I am just unsure of how much or what it is, but during your stay here, we will find out, harness it, and even get to know each other while here. Learning is best with others, and I hope that you five will be able to learn how to work together almost like machine, a singular machine functioning together seamlessly. Some of you already know your powers and play with them and even use them like a tool in everyday life. I am proud of this group as none of you have tried to exploit the powers or actually even tell anyone about them. Its heartening that there are some people left in this world with common sense. So now we will go around the circle and say our names, our powers and home town, just for the hell of it, and to make me look even better because of how much I had to travel to get you all. Okay, first up." the nurse gestured at Cyrus who was immediately to his right.
         "Hello, my name is Cyrus," he started only to be interrupted by Tristan who couldn't stop himself from saying in a droning voice, "Hi Cyrus." after receiving a less than warm response, Tristan held up his hands in a surrender gesture and motioned for Cyrus to begin again.
         "As I said, my name is Cyrus, Cyrus Jefferson, I
grew up in Brooklyn and I have control over vision. I can create visual illusions and can increase or decrease the sight in anyone, I also have super vision." He heaved a relieved sigh when he was done and realized that no one was going to make fun of him for saying these things. He looked to his right at Emrys.
         "Okay, my name is Emrys Sullivan, I can control sound, basically like was Cyrus can do with vision, and I grew up in Chubusta, Winsconsin."
         "Hey I'm Nimue Lough, I manipulate taste, and grew up in San Diego, California."
         "I am the one, the only, Tristan Hicks who has the mastery over something presumably, I don't actually know, I never even knew I could have these powers, bad release form on his part, and I am from Detroit, Michigan."
         "Sage, sensation of touch, DC."
         "Okay, it looks like I did the five senses this time. Tristan, by deduction you most likely have the power over smell. Now that thats all over, do what ever you want for the rest of the night, but come back tomorrow ready to improve on your powers. I suggest practice for everyone, even if you use your power on a regular basis. I hope this is okay with you, it just gets so lonely sometimes. Good night." And with that, the nurse left the room.
         "So, did anyone catch his name?"
         "No, what did he mean by lonely? That seemed, left field."
         "Does anyone else have a roomie, other than me
and Emrys? Because I would rather be in a room to myself."
         "What? You don't like me?"
         "I was not joking," Everyone jumped as the nurse reappeared, "Go to your rooms. We may discuss all this later. Go on, go practice, then sleep you will all need your strength for tomorrow."
         The nurse left and the five still sat, dumbstruck. Sage got up and started for her room when she turned back,
         "I still didn't catch his name, Cyrus. We'll find out tomorrow," She turned to the rest of them, "Everyone can help."
         Slowly they all went to their rooms, Tristan bringing up the rear knowing his roommate would be lying in ambush by the time he got there, no matter how fast he went.

         Pop. Pop. Pop. Pause. Pop. Pop. Pop. Pause.
         "Stop that!" Pop. Pause. Pop. Crumple. Whoosh. Smack.
         "What was that for?"
         "Stop cracking your knuckles!"
         "Oh. You mean like, " Pop. "That?"
         "Erugh! Just stop! I can't concentrate!"
         "Why do you need to concentrate?"
         "Because I am trying to learn how to work this power, okay?"
         "You are seriously doing homework? For old fart who claims he gave us our powers and needs us to help him wage war?"          
"He didn't say war. He just said he was lonely. That he wanted to see how well we would do with these powers. I honestly have no idea where you get these ideas."
         "Seemed like a veteran. Thats all. And a smidgen blood thirsty."
          "So when he kills us tomorrow for not being able to control our powers, I will blame you, the annoying roommate that can't stop making infernal noises. First the gum smacking, then the pencil drumming, then the deep breaths and now the popping! Just stop!"
         "Stop smiling so much. It wasnft even that good of a rant." Pause. Pop. "And there is the eye roll."
         "How do you even pop your knuckles that many times? And on cue?"
         "I've been practicing too."
         "Practicing what?"
         "My power, wow you're slow."
         "What? You've just been taking the mickey out of me for doing that!"
         "It amuses me when you get annoyed. I thought it would annoy you. I was right."
         "You are insufferable."
         "Do you smell cake? It smells like it is coming from that way! Lets go!" Emrys jumped off his bed and ran out the door, turning left immediately. Tristan got up slowly and started to walk towards the door. Emrys was running back.
         "It disappeared. The smell. Its gone. You didn't – " He turned to his left, the previous right. "Someone is making cake. My nose is just messed up." And with that, he took off running towards where he thought there was cake. Tristan chuckled to himself and shut the door, and locked it. His roommate would be sleeping in the hall tonight.

                   Sage tossed and turned in bed. It was always strange getting in off the trail, and going from that to five star room frankly disconcerted her. She sighed dramatically and threw back the covers. She might as well do something productive while awake. She got up and headed for the room they were in last night. Her room was just past the kitchen and she was surprised to see someone silhouetted by the refrigerator light. She kept walking, avoiding the conversation. But had she no sooner sat down on the couch before The shadow figure from the fridge area appeared. She cleared her throat to announce her presence.
         She expected a jump. Or an exclamation. A guilty part of her wanted that to happen. Instead Cyrus went directly up to her and handed her a cup of tea and sat down on the opposite end of the couch. A end table lamp flickered on and she could see no way that Cyrus managed it. He had two books, a journal, a plate of cookies, fresh baked by the smell and look of them, a mug of hot chocolate and a saucer of milk. She looked questioningly at him. Mostly at the saucer of milk. He noticed her look and removed it from the stack and set it on the floor by his feet. He placed the drink on the table, balanced the books on his knees,
then offered her a cookie as he reached over toward the lamp.
         ″But its already on.″
         ″It isn't,″ He clicked the switch hidden under the shade and the light changed subtly, ″Now it is on. ″
         ″Wha- Oh your power.″
         ″I've really been excited about it. It might be why so much is working so fast. I try something and it works.″
         ″How long have you known about it?″
         ″Almost a week. The same day that the nurse reappeared in my life. You?″
         ″The day after the test. So a while.″
         ″The day after? How did you- I waited so long for it to appear. It could have been the day after?″
         ″Was for me.″ Sage shrugged. She looked down at her untouched tea, ″This tea really for me?″
         ″Yeah, I saw you leave your room.″
         ″What? My room is around a corner from the kitchen.″
         ″Kitty-corner. I figured you couldn't sleep. Tea always helped me and my mom.″
         They sat in silence for a while. Sage tried her tea and was immensely surprised to find that she enjoyed it. Cyrus was reading one of his books and had his journal open on his lap. He pulled a pencil out from behind his ear and started writing without looking down at the page. Sage sat there watching him until she realized how strange that was. She glanced down at her feet in a sweeping movement,
making it look like she was stretching her neck. She stopped mid sweep however because she was surprised to find eyes staring at her very much the same way she had just been staring at Cyrus. The yellow eyes blinked and looked back down at the saucer of milk, resuming it's midnight snack.
         ″A cat? Where did the cat come from?″
         ″He's mine,″ Cyrus replied without looking away from his book. Yet his eyes stopped their travel over the page.
         ″Sort of. He was wandering around out by the canyon half starved.″
         ″You brought him back?″
         ″No. I am actually allergic to cats. But this little fellow followed me all the way here. The nurse tried to convince me that he needed to be put down, so I decided to save him.″ Cyrus shrugged and smiled. It was as if he were smiling at her. It was creepy.
         ″Yes Sage?″
         ″Are you looking at me right now?″
         ″That is really cool and good for secret spy stuff or missions or whatever we end up doing, but it is, well, it feels strange. Could you try looking with your eyes when talking to people?″
         ″I didn't even notice I wasn't. Sorry.″
         ″You still aren't.″ Cyrus set down the book, closed the journal and paced the pencil back behind his ear. He slowly turned his head and looked at her.
You didn't take a cookie earlier. I just made them. Please try one.″
         ″You put them on the table over there, could you pass me one?″ And without looking with his eyes, Cyrus grabbed the tray from behind him and offered it to her. She took one and nibbled, surprised at the explosion of flavor in her mouth. She closed her eyes in satisfaction and when she looked back at Cyrus he had the tray back on the table and the book open, he nodded in thanks and welcome. She laughed, something she rarely ever did, and grabbed the book on the seat next to her. It was a textbook on psychology.
         ″Your laugh sounded like little bells.″
         ″Little bells. I didn't know that was even possible. I thought it was just some junk that writers enjoy to use as comparison. But truly, bells.″
         ″I never really noticed.″ She looked up at him, to see him staring at her. She laughed again.
         ″You are taking this looking at people when talking to them much too seriously,″ She paused, ″Why is your face looking so concentrated?″
         ″What do you mean?″ His face returned to a neutral expression.
         ″Are you reading still?″
         ″No.″ She seriously doubted that, and as if on cue he turned the page of the book. She stifled her laughter.
         ″Yeah.″ She searched his face for any signs of
defense or emotion. Nothing.
         ″You need to work on your illusions. Emotions. You are forgetting emotions.″
         ″Okay. He turned his head towards her, even though it was already facing her. She shuddered.
         ″Don't do that.″
         ″I need to keep a list. And here I was thinking you would be the quiet one. But, no, you ask many questions.″
         ″You are a puzzle. Which reminds me, how did you carry everything over here?″
         ″I have good balance. Strange little talent, but not as strange as our powers.″
         ″So true. Well, thank you for the tea and cookie. I think I might be able to sleep if I go under the stars.″
         ″Under the stars? Okay, here take a couple cookies with you. Sleep well.″
         ″Thanks.″ Sage grabbed her tea and the cookies Cyrus thrust at her. She walked slowly towards the door, feeling her way in the now hard to see in darkness. She found the handle and went out the front door. As soon as the door was almost closed she saw the light go out, but heard another page rustle. Cyrus had some really cool powers. She could hardly wait to find out the extent of them tomorrow in training, whatever that was going to be. She laid down in the grass, staring up at the stars. She felt home reflecting in the familiarity of the stars. Within minutes she was asleep, the cookies swept away by the creatures of the night.

         Nimue woke up with the sun streaming in her window, slowly warming her back. A peaceful way to wake up, she figured. What she couldn't figure out was why she felt so on edge. Her heart was pounding and all of her muscles were tensed ready to spring at any moment. She stretched and groaned, relieving the tight ache.
         And that's when she heard the shuffle of feet behind her. She flipped over in bed to see Emrys standing sheepishly by her door, hand on the handle. She instinctively grabbed the covers around her and glared at him, noting his rumpled clothes and bed head.
         "Weren't you wearing that yesterday?"
         Emrys slowly turned around, looking anywhere but at her, his free hand flying to the back of his neck, while the other remained on the door handle, Nimue guessed it was for a quick escape. That couldn't be good.
         "Why were you here?"
         Emrys remained silent and looked at her with a guilty expression. She had caught him at something. She moved reluctantly out of her warm spot to scooch out of bed when she hit another warm spot. That was unexpected.
         "Where did you sleep last night, Emrys?"          
         Emrys put on a winning smile and opened his mouth to say something, his hands in front of him ready to gesture, when nothing came out. He closed his hands and sighed. Why was it he had to get caught by someone he had to spend time with? He never was caught by the girls. But then again, it was always them on the walk on shame. It was easier to sneak out and leave a note if you knew where the squeaky doors were. Here, however, it was his downfall. And he didn't even get anything last night. He shook his head at his cruel fate, something that was not left unnoticed by Nimue, nor was the chuckle.
         "Something funny?"
         Emrys jumped slightly, he had forgotten she was there. He slowly walked toward her bed and sat down on the edge. He took a deep breath and looked at her with his soulful eyes. Or at least thats what he was going for. Nimue gave him a look and crossed her arms, waiting for him to talk.
         "You really like questions don't you, Nimue?"
         "No love, I like answers. Mind if you gave me some right now?"
         "Okay, what you need to understand here is that I have a very sour roommate. He intentionally tricked me and I was locked out of my room last night."
         "Your roommate is Tristan, right? I'll have to applaud him on his trickery. That doesn't explain why you were in my bed last night."
         "Your door was unlocked. I need good sleep. And good sleep means a bed. You had one."          
         "So you were here because you didn't want to sleep on a couch?"
         "I does sound bad that way, but yes."
         "And you were leaving just now because?"
         "You didn't need to know I was here."
         "And Tristan?"
         "He didn't need to know either. I could have pretended to have learnt my lesson."
         "Go on then, shoo. But do this ever again, love, and you will regret it."
         "You are just sour because you didn't get to experience it."
         "Emrys. Out."

         Tristan woke up with a smile on his face. Emrys didn't bother him once after the initial attack on the door. He couldn't believe it worked that well. He rolled over and got out of bed, ready for a morning shower and a great breakfast. The fact he could rub what happened last night in Emrys' face only made the morning more bright.
         He opened his door, expecting to find a very grumpy Emrys, but instead found an empty hallway. He went to the sitting room to see if Emrys slept on the couch only to find Cyrus fast asleep, books as his blanket and a cat curled up on his feet. Tristan went directly to Cyrus' room to see if Emrys kicked him out, to find it empty. He wouldn't have been surprised if that did happen. He turned around to head to the showers, passing the girl's rooms, Sage's door was open, empty as well.
         Just as he passed Nimue's, the door opened. Tristan thought it was Nimue and was about to offer the bathroom first when he saw that it was Emrys, not Nimue leaving the room. Tristan gave him an incredulous look and Emrys took advantage of his stunned roommate to go in to the bathroom. Figures. He walked back to the sitting room and saw Cyrus stretching. The cat yelped and scurried under the table in the kitchen.
         ″Is everyone here a morning person?″ Cyrus turned to look at Tristan, following Sage's advice from last night.
         ″I think Sage is still asleep.″
         ″No, her room was empty.″
         ″She slept outside. Why were you in her room?″
         ″I was looking to see where Emrys ended up. I kicked him out last night about one. I was hoping he would learn some humility or at least how to be less annoying. I thought he kicked you out of your room when I saw you on the couch.″
         ″I saw him, but I don't think he saw me. I was reading. He went outside. I fell asleep before he came back in. He could be asleep out there with Sage.″
         ″No, I found him leaving Nimue's room,″ He gestured at the towel, ″He beat me to the bathroom.″
         ″I think I'm going to make breakfast, do you think anyone here is a vegetarian?″
         ″Nope. And if they are, they can get their own meal. I'm going for a morning jog. Want to come before breakfast?″
         ″I don't jog, but thanks.″ Tristan left the room as Cyrus got up. He went back to the shared room and put on jogging gear. He smiled and grabbed all of Emrys' belongings and headed for the bathroom door. He piled it all up in front, so it would be easily visible. He smirked at his handiwork, turned around to see Nimue giving him a funny look, saluted her, and went to the front door. He opened it to see Sage collecting her tea mug and looking for something.
         ″What are you looking for?″
         ″Cookies. I had cookies. In the tea mug. I finished the tea and put the cookies in it so ants couldn't get to them.″
         ″Creatures of the night?″
         ″Must have been. I didn't hear anything though.″ She gave up her search and walked towards the door. Tristan ran to the door and opened it for her, bowing as she walked by. She gave him a funny look and he smiled at her as he left the small building, full of people, all awake, even though the sun had just finished rising. It was time to jog.

Emrys left the bathroom and was surprised to find a line outside. He had been in the shower for about an hour, and apparently this was the only bathroom. He walked to the kitchen, oblivious to their complaints, determined to find some more of those cookies. Cyrus was still cooking, but it smelled so good. He reached for some of the food, and Cyrus slapped his hand away.
         ″Not yet. And it is hot around it, Sage's doing, you might hurt yourself. Go put on some clothes.″
         Emrys looked down and noticed he was only in a towel. He went back to his and Tristan's room to find all of the stuff on his side gone. Tristan was taller than him, so the clothes wouldn't fit right. He huffed
and set off in search of his wardrobe.
         No one got to bring anything with them, if they wanted anything, they left a note on their door, and then the nurse would drop it off the next day. It was the same with the clothes, except those were already here when they arrived.
         Emrys walked around the house, holding on to his towel. When he passed the kitchen again, he walked in to ask Cyrus if he knew where his stuff was, and sitting there on the counter was a very sweaty Tristan. He looked up and saw the murderous look in Emrys' eye, and jumped down.
         ″Hey roommate. So I've been thinking, you should find a new place to sleep.″ Tristan started.
         ″I don't think so. I was there first.″ Emrys crossed his arms defiantly, making him look like a five year old. Tristan took a step towards him when Cyrus cut them off.
         ″Hey, guys, squabble out of my kitchen, okay? Emrys, put on some clothes, please?″
         ″I would if I could, Cy, but you see, this darling angel hid my stuff.″
         ″It was outside the bathroom door. You must be too nearsighted to see it.″
         ″For your information, Tristan, these glasses make me look studious and are quite the chick magnet.″
         ″Okay, then you must be too stuck up to notice all of your stuff in front of the bathroom door.″
         ″It wasn't there. So please, Tristan, give me my clothes.″
         ″I don't have them!″
         Cyrus sighed, set down his spatula, and gently pushed the two men out of the kitchen, away from the knives. He looked at his hands once they were out of the kitchen. One was covered in Tristan sweat and the other Emrys' bare skin, and honestly, no one really wanted to know where that has been. He went over to the kitchen sink to scrub his hands throughly and finished up breakfast.
         Meanwhile the two 'men' were still fighting like small children. Nimue came up behind Emrys and mimed pulling off his towel to Sage. Both girls smiled and sat down to watch the show. Tristan led Emrys to where he put all of his stuff and it was not there.
         ″Maybe it was the creatures of the night?″ Sage called. Both men turned and noticed their audience, Cyrus leaning on the doorframe that led to the kitchen. Tristan turned and went into the bathroom for a much needed shower, and Emrys went into the nearest room, which was Nimue's. Nimue turned to Sage and counted down on her fingers, three, two, one. Emrys threw open the door and glared at Nimue.
         ″You stole my clothes?″
         ″I thought Tristan was giving me a present.″ She said innocently. Emrys cleared his throat, raised a singular eyebrow and stalked back into the room, reemerging later with clothes on.
         ″Breakfast is ready.″
         Tristan came out of the bathroom, went to the table and soon everyone else followed, and that was how the nurse found them all.
         ″It's good to see everyone getting along so nicely. Usually the teams have a couple disagreements on the first morning.″ Emrys smiled.
         ″Yes, we are all chums, though I would like to have a room to myself.″
         ″I will get Alec out here as soon as possible. Perhaps even get another bathroom. Never know how long this will be headquarters. I am never quite sure what to look for when I get a new place for this. How many of you survive the first night together, after the initial briefing. I'm glad we still have all five,″ he paused to gauge reactions, ″Today we will start training. Discover the strengths we have in our unit, and what ones we need to find. Today you find out how you got your powers.″
         ″And your name? What do we call you?″
         ″I am a coordinator of sorts, and have always wanted to be a pirate, so does Captain work for you?″
         ″Oh captain, my captain?″
         ″Cute, but not necessary, I am not a huge Whitman fan. I was truly focusing on the pirate thing. Call me what you like. It doesn't matter. Once you all have finished eating, we will have a main meeting and assess the powers and abilities from then.″
         ″I think we are done.″
         ″We will reconvene in the sitting room, please clean up first, I hate a messy headquarters.″ The man wanting to be called Captain left the room.
         ″Can you believe that guy?" They all grumbled
and cleaned up the kitchen, anxious to discover what really happened. Eventually they figured out a system that got all the plates cleaned, dried and put away, and the kitchen was restored to its just bought sheen. They trooped out to the sitting room and waited for the strange nurse to begin talking.
         ″As I am sure you have noticed, I have not aged a day since I last saw each of you. I can do this by my power of cellular manipulation. When I tested each of you, I manipulated some cells. I was hoping for the effect you each have vaguely described to me, and am glad to see that my attempts were successful. I got my power from, well I am not sure exactly. I automatically regenerate my cells so I will stay at the average age of about thirty seven. I have been on pirate ships, and they were my favorite years. My mentor was Merlin growing up, and I am quite sure that he is the best guess for where my powers came from, I just happen to have absolutely no idea how.″
         ″So you are claiming to have been around in Arthurian years? And taught by Merlin? Howsabout we just call you Arthur?″ Emrys was staring at the nurse with obvious skepticism.
         ″Emrys, your name was another name of Merlin, and Nimue, you are aware of Morgan? She also went by Vivian, your twin sister's name. Tristan, Cyrus, both of your names are Arthurian in origin.″ Sage said.
         Everyone was silent.
         ″How did you know all of that?″ the man Emrys
dubbed Arthur asked.
         ″I read the files you brought with you when you weren't looking, before I attacked you when you brought Nimue here, I still have them. You thought you just left them in the safe house in Oregon, but I had them.
         ″That would explain it. Well, then, you can take it from here.″
         ″All I know, old man, is that you are obsessed with the round table and all that junk. You can say that is where the powers came from, but you have no idea. You think you started the powers in each of us, but you aren't certain. And you were hoping we were reincarnates of your old friends. We aren't. So stop that right here.″
         ″Okay, well, thank you for that reverse briefing, Sage. Any other questions or comments?″
         Everyone looked around the table at each other trying to decide. Except Emrys. He was staring at Nimue.
         ″You have a twin sister?″
         Everyone groaned. Of course that was the only thing that registered for him. Emrys looked defiantly back at the group as a whole.
         ″Wait, wait, wait, guys, this is serious, I swear,″ He turned back to Nimue, ″are you guys identical, or are you just the pretty one and she's, well, gross?″
         ″Yes Emrys, dig yourself a pit, though the simultaneous compliment-insult was delivered quite well.″ Cyrus scoffed at him, he turned back to the nurse, ″When are we going to start testing
boundaries? Everything?″
         ″Soon, but first, I would like you all to go back to your lives and tidy everything up, loose ends and whatnot.″
         ″We all have jobs that are easy to quit from afar. You already knew that. Stop trying to play your tricks with us, I read the files, you moron.″
         ″Sage, dearest, I believe I requested Captain.″
         ″You said you did not care what we called you. 'Call you what we like'. And as you are being a moron, I will call you as such. We have no base name to go off of, and we are not going to name you, so choose, and we won't have this problem.″
         The captain/nurse/Arthur/old man/moron sighed. Even he could see that his desire to remain aloof and nameless would not work, it would only get more confusing.
         ″Just call me Arthur.″

         ″Can you believe this guy? Emrys said yet again.
         Three hours later the five were still sitting in the sitting room, not testing their powers as they had hoped and thought they would be doing, but instead filling out paperwork and questionnaires.
         ″I have a tendency towards getting carpel tunnel!″ Emrys said loudly.
         ″He isn't going to come back and say, 'okay then, no more paperwork for you!' Just finish it.″ Nimue hissed at him.
         ″What page are you on?″ Cyrus asked Emrys.
         ″Uh, four I think.″ Emrys recounted his pages and nodded.
         ″Emrys, there are more than twenty pages! How have you only completed four pages?″ Cyrus was staring at Emrys incredulously.
         ″He's been complaining ninety percent of the time,″ Sage rolled her eyes and then looked at her pages, ″I think I might be done.″
         ″Thats it rub it in!″ Emrys said over dramatically and proceeded to pretend to faint.
         ″I'm done too.″ Tristan said. Emrys sat back up with hope in his eyes.
         ″Have a secret paperwork filler out power?″
         ″No, I am a nurse. I am used to obscene amounts of paperwork.″
         ″So you won't do mine for me?″
         ″Emrys. These are questionnaires about you. You seem selfish enough to love doing these things.″ Tristan set down his papers.
         ″I am not selfish!″
         ″Narcissistic, then.″ Cyrus reasoned, setting his papers down as well.
         ″For your information, it is a little bit of healthy self love.″
         ″Fill out your sheets. You done too Cyrus?″ Nimue asked.
         ″I've been done, I've just pretended I wasn't done yet. So numbskull over here wouldn't try to copy my answers.″
         ″You are the only one not done, Emrys.″ Nimue informed him.
         ″So you can all help me.″
         ″It is a personal assessment. Stop talking and finish.″ Tristan said.
         ″What do you all want for lunch?″ Cyrus got up and stretched. He started walking to the kitchen.
         ″Are you, like, a chef?″
         ″Emrys! Finish!″
         ″How did he know it was me?″
         ″Blast it all Emrys. Shut up. Do the paperwork.″
         Emrys looked around and saw everyone laying back, no one's eyes were on him. He smiled in triumph and leaned forward to take everyone's papers.
         ″Put the papers back.″ Cyrus called from the kitchen.
         ″I didn't get them yet!″
         ″I think I'll make pasta. Is that good with everyone?″
         ″I'll have a salad, if that's okay.″
         ″Nimue? You sure?″
         ″Yeah. You want help?″
         ″Nope, I've got it. I'll whip that up as well. Though could you take the papers away form Emrys?″
         ″You all just want me to fail!″ Emrys wailed and ran from the room. Everyone watched as he left.
         ″He is almost thirty, right?″
         ″Yeah. Do you think he's realized this isn't school yet?″
         ″What do you think?″
         ″I would like to start a bet on who everyone thinks will die first.″
         ″Theres no point, Nimue. Its Emrys. Hands down.″ Cyrus called from the kitchen.
         The bathroom door flew open. Emrys standing there clutching the door frame.
         ″I heard that.″
         ″Yes, you were meant to, now please, finish your paperwork. I will be done with lunch in about twenty minutes. If you finish before then, I'll make some more of those cookies from last night.″
         Emrys skulked back into the sitting room, picked up his questionnaires and actually started. Everyone looked on in surprise. Emrys smiled as he felt all their eyes on him. He looked up.
         ″Bribery was all that was needed.″ And he went back to the paperwork, flying through it.

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