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Poem {word prompts} about a Princess fighting a battle along side the knight she loves.
The horses were in flight-
as the *Crown*Princess led the
knights into battle.
She held her head high without fear.

The enemy had arrived
but the knights boldly fought.
They charged across the river.
Her knights were the best!

She led the knights into battle-
to keep an eye on the knight she loved.
She had to prove to her father that-
he was the one for her and by his side she fought.

Riding their horses down the green hills,
Enemy soldiers were being defeated.
The enemy retreated and the *Crown* Princess
and her knights had won the battle.

A kiss she and her knight shared.
Back to the castle they rode.
Her father gave them his blessing.
A beautiful blue stone ring she wore.

The *Crown*Princess still loves to yield her sword.
Happily married is she.
Her knight still fights but is careful
and always returns home to her.

The *Crown* Princess is happy to be in the woods,
Making friends with unicorns and fairies.
Her secret world that is all hers-
as she waits for her beloved husband to return.

Someday, he will no longer be a knight
and they will welcome children into their life.
Life is beautiful for the *Crown*Princess.
I wish I could be her! *Crown*

A beautiful sig by my best friend Angel of me as the Princess.
Neat unicorns and castles image I won in an Auction.
Beautiful Poser of Princess, unicorns and castle by Angel.

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