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This is my opinion about what is our limitations in life.
         We, are like flowers, we are planted into the ground and are nurtured with love and energy, soon we are blossoming, reaching for the sky, we reach for our hopes and dreams, each one of us specail, each one of us different. As we grow taller and stronger we soon find out more about this world but find many hardships on the way and soon it is winter and all your petals wilt away.
         We owe it to ourselves to overcome adversaties and start reaching for the sky, not letting anything knock us down completely. For we are troublesome and hardheaded creatures. We don't let anyone or anything get the better of us. It is in our human nature that we strive for the sky. To strive for the beautiful, fluffy clouds, the endless inspireing blue sky.
         I, on the other hand, feel like a unique flower, different from the rest. Instead of looking to the clouds, I see through that and hope to see the stars, the darkness, the unknown. I want to change everyone's perspective of our human goals, instead of just limiting our goals to just the sky, evolve them so that you reach for the stars, and let no one else stand in your way, we all are unique, why don't we let that uniqueness show, reach for the stars. For our future is limitless and we are limitless beings.
         Even though there will be hardships and unfair judgement keep pushing through. There is always a beautiful rainbow at the end of the storm. People will look down on you when you strive for such goal, don't fall down to their level. Those such people are chains, and you, the prisoner. Break those chains we call society and reach for you goals, don't be troubled by what anyone thinks of you. You are you, you should be able to make your own goals, not anyone else.
         We all are like plants. Let us grow and blossom, beautifully and gracefully, reaching for the stars, unafraid of the hardships that will come.

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