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Lyrics/ extended prose about betrayal, love, regret and however you wish to interpret it.
The river leaving salty water on your cheeks will not cease flowing,
But life goes on

The sparkling hope that once caressed your heart has been replaced by the fist of satan,
But life goes on

And even though you know these problems will remain,
And even though memories you thought you repressed appear again,
Life goes on, life goes on

The spider of deceipt was crawling up his neck,
And you'd still give his cheek a gentle peck,
Your caring didn't cease even when his did,

The filthy stench of betrayal rests inside your nose,
But the painful wounds of love are hidden by your clothes,
So life goes on,
The hail is pelting on your roof, like a taunt that says 'I told you so',
But life goes on, life goes on

Your mind obscures love's face and carries it to the darkest place,
With certain memories it's hidden in disgrace,
You dare not think too much for fear of breaking,
But all these memories keep waking,

But life goes on, life goes on
Life goes on.
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