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Arogant,adventure,cunning! This is a story in progress any help is more than welcome!
Dancing DevilsChapter 1
I ran down the street and quickly turned down a dark dingy alley way.  My heart thumping in chest, but as I turned I immediately regretted the action for their staring at me with piercing orange eyes was a young man.  He surveyed me, his eyes burning with pure hatred, as I was frozen stiff taking in his impressive but imposing character.  He wore dirty khaki pants and a tight black shirt, through which well defined muscles could clearly be seen.  He looked down upon me sending a shiver down my spine.  His jet black hair was as straight as the spikes on an echidna and his brows scrunched together in a meaningful scowl.  His thin pale lips parted slightly in a triumphant leer as his hand tightly gripped in a ball swung round to hit my face...

I awoke tied crudely but tightly to an uncomfortable chair restraining me as if I were a dangerous weapon, unfortunately I wasn’t and as my eyes adjusted to the dark my headache became stronger until the pain was almost unbearable and I groaned out loud. Obviously I had been being watched for as soon as the sound left my lips a bright light was lit right in front of my face blinding me for several seconds. I turned my head as far as it would, while my body was tied to the chair looking at the unfamiliar room which I was held within. The light seemed not to reach the corners as if the darkness had overpowered its weak rays but even from this I noticed the room stank, was termite infected and had not been occupied for decades. Could my situation be anymore corny? I felt as if I were in one of those TV shows where the criminal is placed under a bright light and questioned or the spy movies wear the main character spy is caught, captured and questioned. Which is exactly what I expected and what happened next. A burly man in about his forties lumbered towards me, and as my usual arrogant self my sarcasm had not been affected in the knockout.
“Hello handsome, what’s a hot guy like you doing down here in the dark hiding” I spat.
“Grumgph” he grunted in reply
“Obviously an intelligent one too” I tormented
This as I found out was not a very good idea when he roared in my face. Now at least I knew where the smell came from
“Erk! Please take a minty; seriously, I’m sure you don’t want me dead before you even start questioning.”I coughed at him sarcasm still going high.
With this he started questioning me but as I knew nothing I could tell him nothing and as all liars do they don’t believe a word anyone else says so again I added to my head bruises collection as a frustrated questioner took out his anger on the side of my fragile head...
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