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Just a collection of observations of what the essence of beauty means to me.
Beauty is a watery smile,
And the compassion of the friend who brought about that smile,
It's the spark in the eyes of resilience,
Beauty is the joy of small miracles,
Like a malnourished baby smiling in the face of poverty,
Beauty is the smell of baking creations,
It's the sharing of cultures, of hobbies,
It is the trust of a sleeping kitten on your lap,
It's the dawn chorus of waking birds,
Beauty is the feel of gentle waves lapping around your ankles,
And the willingness to help anyone you meet,
It's the enriching of life through acknowledging the wonderful differences in others,
It's the delicate vision of a bluebell wood,
It's the screams of laughter in a water fight,
And the magic of fireflies in the night,
Beauty is the essence of life,
It is simple yet complex in that you can easily miss it,
In everyday life we see much ugliness,
Complain about the dingy place we live in,
But even in the slums of India there is beauty,
And even in the depths of despair there is beauty,
But the most beautiful gift is the ability to notice it,
It's a beauty everyone possesses if they can realise it.
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