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Network Justice
      Steven R. Wallenger.

          Back in the day, if a malicious rumor was circulated by a journalist,
      it was called slander. Steven R. Wallenger was such a reporter. He made
      his name in the gossip column of the WEEKLY BUGLE. Hottie celleb
      Eli Sparkles had sued Mr. Wallenger unsuccessfully.

                  "I don't have to drink! I like to drink!
                  Just because it's here doesn't mean I'll get drunk!
                  I won't! But, I have to have something, when I serve guest."
                  Eli hick-upped her bourbon.

      Eli clenched the WEEKLY BUGLE in her left hand and guzzled her drink
      with her right. "Okay.... I'm drunk." she burped. Her agent Saul Provolon
      smirked and shook his head. "This press on you is gonna kill our next
      project; TEEN ANGEL. Couldn't you try to stay sober?" Eli took the bottle
      to her lips. "I don't want to drink at all! It's shitty people... looking at my shit.
      That makes me ... drink.(burp)."

            Eli stood 5'2'' and weighed 90 pounds. She was a pop icon at 16.
      "Well, Nancy Grace is jumping on the band wagon. She devoted an entire
      hour of her show to you being banned from Las Vegas. You pissed in public."
      Saul said and tried to pull the bottle of bourbon out of Eli's tiny white hands.
      "Gimei that!" she snorted and guzzled some more. Eli fell backwards onto
      her white leather couch in her office. Saul peered through the vertical blinds
      of glass sliding doors. He could see the orgy unfolding in Eli's living room.
      He rubbed the back of his neck in disdain.+

              "Do you want to destroy yourself?" he queried.

      Eli gave a chipmunk giggle and exposed her tiny breasts. The bottle was empty.
      She fumbled about the bar, kneeling over the back of the couch and fell behind
      the couch with a crash of a silver tray and seltzer. "I'm okay." a voice murmured
      as her tiny white hand grabbed a bottle of Jack Daniels. Saul clicked on CNN.

              "Eli Sparkles is a disgrace. She is a nightmare for any mother,
              trying to raise a teenage girl. I think her movies and that Gahd
              awful album should be banned. What producer could promote this
              child porn? Get me her agent!" Nancy Grace flared her hawk

      Saul's cell phone began to ring: "Fly me to the Moon."
      "You are not fucking answering that pho-ne.." Eli was interrupted by her vomiting.
      "Hello?" Saul answered.

                "Is this the succumb bag, who likes to exploit little girls?"
                It was Nancy Grace live on her show.

      "This is Saul Provolon." he replied calmly.

                "Nancy Grace here Saul. Can you explain why Eli Sparkles isn't
                in rehab? And why would you put her in a movie after being banned
                from Vegas for Cocaine use?" Nancy shouted and rolled her cupie
                doll eyes.

      Saul cleared his throat, "The allegations against my client are false and
      exaggerated by a scandal driven media."

                "So, the Las Vegas police did not confiscate cocaine from Miss
                Sparkle's purse?" Nancy pressed on.

      "No charges were filed. The circumstances surrounding the escort of my
      client to another state are closed and private." Saul took a sip of Eli's bottle.
      She was curled up asleep on his lap.

                "You can't expect us to believe that your client is not an alcoholic
                drug addicted teen idol out of control?" Nancy dropped her jaw and
                flared her nostrils.

      "Public opinion, as you well know, is fickle. Your slander of my client is not.
      You have no evidence to support your accusations and we will pursue this
      attack in court." Saul hung up and took another swig of Eli's Jack Daniels.

                "Well, I hope you consider these photos of your client; peeing
                in public on the sidewalk in front of the Trump Casino."
                Nancy rolled her cupie doll eyes.

      Saul smirked and called his lawyer.



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