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by Gim
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"You will know Them by Their DEEDS!"
"One of Obama's 'Realists' has honestly stated that Congressional House Speaker Boehner and his Republican comrades are refusing to give up even one penny of tax breaks for Big Oil and billionaires... But when it comes to middle class families and seniors, the Republican 'Illusionists' are quite willing
to drop the sledgehammer by destroying Medicare and Social Security..."

"... And that's the 'real' deal!"

In this current atmosphere of fiscal-policy, budget cuts, and America's debt ceiling, the Republicans are insisting on very deep cuts to benefits that seniors and average citizens have earned, while multi-millionaries and the status-quo continue to get their unwarranted huge special tax breaks. These illusionists refuse to acknowledge their reckless priorities, which is a precursor to America's eventual financial and political downfall. These so-called leaders and public servants are bonafide tyranical "robber-barons and tricksters," whom are master-deceivers with their modus operandi (m.o) in destroying "all" contemporaneous records that creates a false paper trail and predates their erroneous actions, through their so-called news outlets, which
constantly cites false evidence: their penchant for information laundering that channels the information, manages the story, and shapes the narrative of distorted and mendacious propaganda in order to continue to confuse and fool the public. Nevertheless, there is some mainstream media, which legitimately trys to expose such noxious propaganda into verifiable news for public awareness.

These so-called Compassionate-Conservatives: Republican "Illusionists" are now and have always been imbued with an American fascist-mentality. Remember that although in America we do not have a monarchy or king, or even a recognized aristocracy, we've always had some little Kingpins who get their insidious pleasure from controlling with tyranical-rule the people who do not have any power! A few of these individuals with a lot of power, i.e. most of them when they are working, it's either in influential big-business or government positions where they're experts at dastardly manipulation...

And regardless of the assessment of others, these people forever try to do what is necessary to maintain their status-quo regarding the particular circumstances of the time: maintenance of their sadistic character-assassination and control and discrimination and hatefulness and opressive-persecution and plunder and vilification of the masses and their opponents, disingenuously displayed and couched in their innate propensity of mendacity.

Never forget our documented-history: who murdered the Christ; who engaged in the so-called Holy Wars and Spanish Inquisition; who masterminded the African slave-trade to the Americas; who comitted genocide of Native Americans and stole their lands and never honored treaties; who burned and hanged the so-called Salem witches; who performed Nazi-styled medical experiments on uninformed Blacks in the south; who performed psychotic-drug experiments on American troops and some others; who has imprisoned some innocents in our jails and has executed via capitol-punishment non-deserving individuals; who are the proponents for labor and safety deregulation which direly affects the health and environment of planet Earth and "all" its animal species, including humans; and finally, who are today's fascistic-hypocrites...

It's now an early 21st Century World, where there's mass-communication among most of Earth's nations and peoples; therefore, everyone should use one's own critical-thinking conscious skills in order to decide who are the "illusionists" and the "realists" in our midst: do NOT allow yourself to be a brainwashed robotic clone or follower of the organized powers of deceit and fascistic-hypocrisy: always demand your privilege and right to be a "divinely" conscious independent being made in the image of the "DIVINE!" And never
kowtow to the BS of anyone...

REMEMBER: "... Actions speak louder than Word... You will know Them by Their DEEDS..."

"... And that's the 'real' deal!"
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