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A colony is taking shape on a new planet after Earth is heading in a downward spiral.
      Shanti took her seat and buckled her lap belt. She smoothed her jumpsuit as best she could. She was a little nervous because this was her

first flight to the newly colonized planet of Tefla but so excited to be leaving Earth and all it's problems behind. Country"s were half their size since

the great floods. Most of the Earth were deserts and barely habitable. Alaska and Canada had been shut down and were not allowing

anymore citizens in, they were over full capacity and even their resources were being rationed. The temperature there was still livable but the

heat was slowly creeping towards them, forcing most to seek shelter underground, find alternate ways of producing water for consumption and

hydro phonics to grow food. She supposed she would be eating a different kind of food up there, produced from proteins, fiber, etc., but she

didn't mind, as long as it kept her healthy.

"First trip?", came from across the aisle.

"Yes, does it show?"

"Yeah kinda, your eyes are darting around and you're gonna wear your suit thin if you straighten it many more times." He flashed bright white teeth

to show her he was kidding.

She smiled back.

"I take it you've been before or are not the nervous type."

"Yeah, I've been three times before but this time I'm not coming back. I've had it with the heat, finished my schooling and ready to start my new


"Oh, what might that be?"

"Solar engineer and secondary nuclear generators."

"Sounds interesting and necessary."

"I'd look you up and tell you more, but I don't know where to find you."

      She blushed and laughed quietly. He was hitting on her and they had just met! He was very handsome, outgoing, and she would need a

friend that knew their way around so why not?

"Franklin Robotics. I'll be programing robots for medical care. It's a new program that is just starting but I think robots will be ready to perform

precision surgical procedures within five years. It's my way of contributing to the new colony to the best of my abilities."

"Wow, trained in computers, robotics and medicine? You're a one woman savior for the colony! We'll be lucky to have you."

"Well I'll need you to power all my equipment or my job won't go anywhere."

"Okay, I'll take a little of the credit."

She smiled and popped a sleeping pill.

"Sorry but I've got to get some rest, I've got a grueling schedule for the first week I'm there and I've got to be sharp."

"Sure I understand."

She pushed a button and her chair laid back, lowering her head and lifting her feet. Her eyes got very heavy and she drifted away.

Wiley watched her sleep for awhile and then went to sleep himself. The three day flight now only took ten hours on the new RDK  shuttle. Just

enough time for a great nap and then maybe they could talk more.

                                                                                            Chapter 2

      Shanti felt a bump and opened her eyes. The shuttle had arrived and connected to the port for their exit. Her new friend was still asleep

when she went to the facilities to refresh herself.  She took out a small pouch from her pocket and removed a triangular compact with her name

inscribed on it. She rubbed the letters with her fingers lovingly, it was a present from her mom who was staying on Earth. She claimed she

was too old to start a new life and would miss her so much and would be checking up on her. She removed the brush inside and touched

her eyelids and her lips and her colors were instantly redone. She replaced the small brush and joined the line to get off. Her friend had

already departed but he knew where to find her at least, she didn't him.

      She stepped out to soft chatter among the passengers and their contacts. The large room was separated into two parts, one for people

returning to Earth, and the new colonists. She headed for the new side and was headed off by a thin blonde woman.

"Ms. Deavin, glad you made it. I'm Tracy Graham. Dr. Taos sent me to help you through the process."     

"Thanks for your help. I was wondering how diffucult it would be getting through the first time."

"Glad to help, we were all new at one time. Over here they'll scan your eyes and fingers, collect DNA, do the five point Bug Test. Don't worry ,it's not

for real bugs, it's for any illness that needs to be eradicated before you go through the airlock, even if you just have a common cold, zap and it's

gone. It's best if you start out in tip top shape."

"What's that line for?"

"That's your fifteen minute orientation, points of interest, etc.. You'll get a chip for the mega station in your quarters. Just drop it in and you'll see all

the rules and regulations, which shuttle to take to your job, where to eat, social gatherings of your quarter's pod. I'll be happy to help with any

questions. We'll be working together some, so feel free to ask. I'll wait here till you're all done."

      Shanti watched Tracy stand on a green circle and a chair came out of the floor and she sat down. She waved to Shanti as she took out her

personal V-Pad and started poking madly at it.

      Shanti went through the lines and watched the short presentation. She walked back to Tracy and they walked through the airlock. This

truely was a new begginning.

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