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Young elf looks closely at her beloved dragonets body as she sleeps after a hectic day.
Dragon adoring: This is a relaxing scene after several hectic events that kept her moving quickly. The scene is just a part of a much bigger novel. I am seeking review on the description of the hatchling dragon, is it too much? is it too boring? not descriptive enough?
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Laying her head on Melima's lap, Eildetha, the desert lightning dragon hatchling coos softly. Melima, the hatchlings bonded young adult wood elf, realizes she has not really looked at the little dragon. Until today she has rushed around at a frantic pace. Finally this morning they were able to relax a little. Melima rests her hand on the dragonet's neck just behind her crest horns, rubbing it softly.

The dragonet's skin is now as tough as her mothers, unlike when she hatched. Although her plates or scales are not as thick as her mothers, they are well defined.

Her wings are still smooth and fairly soft. Kobalta, Eildetha's mother, had told her the wing covering would toughen up when she was ready to fly, but right now it is soft and forgiving. The little dragons tended to be clumsy and the wing needed to stretch and be flexible to prevent serious damage to the all important wing, the bones in the wings are also more flexible for the same reason.

Eildetha’s tail flips to the side suddenly as she sleeps. Her paw flexes much like her mother’s did back in the cave when they had first met.

Is she dreaming? Melima wonders.

She looks at the little tail, hard nubs on the spade, or the end of her tail. They would grow to be spikes and be a deadly weapon when she is older.

The tiny little nubs seemed so cute now, how could they ever be such a weapon? She sighs.

Eildetha's paw continues to flex; her little claws protrude from where they were hidden.
Melima had not noticed the claws; they are small and thin, but seemed very sharp. They could hurt someone or something, if she used them. This cute little bundle of energy was going to be a fierce dragon someday.

Melima looks at the spike on the upper tip of her wing. One of the few horns that were actually formed on the dragonet, most of the horns are not completely formed yet. They would grow as she gets older. She examines the spiked horn; it did not look like it could be used to attack. The wings would be in danger if they were used to strike. They must be defensive, which is why she had them now.

Melima looks over the dragon, realizing the only horns fully formed were basically defensive, from her crest horns to wing tip horns.

Suddenly she realizes Eildetha is watching her. Her big dark eyes sparkling, staring up at her, much like Melima was staring at the dragonet.

“Are you watching me?” Melima giggles softly staring back into her eyes leaning down to put her nose between the dragonets eyes.

With a nudge to Melima’s hand with the side of her snout, Eildetha looks up hopefully. Melima is careful not to touch the end of Eildetha’s snout. she had made that mistake before.

Kobalta and Eildetha nuzzle one another with the tip of their snouts, and they exchange a small electric charge when they nuzzle. Baby dragons tend to do this as a reflex, so anyone touching her there might get the painful zap of love.

Melima slides her hand gently up and down the dragonets back. The pattern in her coloring still resembled the spots of a fawn just in bluish gray instead of the deers brown.

Had her color lightened a little, or is it just brighter outside? Melima wonders.
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