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Nothing planted equals nothing harvested. You are what you plant.
It’s just a box of dirt, I say to myself.  Nothing will ever grow from it.  Although there have been seeds planted in it for just a few days, I am expecting a forest of tiny plants.  Maybe my work at the hospital has taught me to be not patient.  Everyday specimens from 60 to 80 surgeries come across my desk.  If they aren’t adequately handled and processed, there will be 60 to 80 more cases the next day.

Maybe because some of the plants did sprout in that window of a few days, I had high expectations for the remaining dirt and seeds.  How long should I remain faithful in watering these plants in the hot summers heat?  Do I really expect plants?  The seed packets say germination in 8 to 10 days.  Some say longer.  In hospital time that seems like an eternity.  That’s an odd thing to think about when some of our patients are facing that—eternity.

I can order up thousands of dollars of tests and ultimately change nothing in some lives. What ultimately makes a difference?  Beauty?  Sustenance?  How about just experiencing life?  These ultimately come out of plain box filled with seeds.  What did you put in there?  I wait on these physical and emotional seedlings with hope and expectation.  I haven’t been perfect in my life.  Interpersonal things that should have grown better have been absent.  There’s nothing keeping you from another box of dirt and trying again.  I may have to wait with a little more patience.

Things happen with the preordination of the power of a seed over time with just a little bit of care from us.  Good comes from a box of dirt and seeds.

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