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by Mr.s
Rated: 18+ · Script/Play · Teen · #1793212
Story I wrote a while ago.
June 26th, 2008

10:45 PM

We see two kids walking in a parking lot. One is 17 year old Alex McLuckly. Across from him is his friend, 17 year old Charlie Peterson. Charlie has a uniform on and he also has some keys in his hands.

Charlie- I can't wait till D-Day

Alex- I can't either.


Charlie– You got any money?

Alex– For gas?

Charlie– Yeah.

Alex– I think I have some.

8:56 PM

The two are in Charlie’s car. They’re driving down the highway. Music is blaring from a radio station.

Alex- I hate that station.

Charlie– Change it, then.


9:12 PM

Alex arrives home. His dad and older brother, Mel, are in the dining room.

Dad– What took you so long?

Alex– Charlie had to stop for gas.

Dad– Danm it, Alex. I done told you to stop hanging out with that boy. He’s nothing but trouble.

Alex– No he’s not dad. Chill out.

Dad– No, I’m serious

Alex mother walks in.

Mom– Alex, you want something to eat?

Alex– No.

Dad– Alex, I don’t want you seeing him.

Alex rolls his eyes, sighs, then begins to walk up the stairs.

July 7th

11:34 AM

The two are in Alex’s room.

Charlie– When are we gonna do this again?

Alex– June 6th. We have plenty of time to prepare. Don’t worry.


Charlie– You got Easy Killin’?

Alex– Yeah, my dad got it for Mel.

The two walk away.

Alex– I got the controllers.

Charlie walks across the room and then helps Alex hook up the game system.

Charlie– I heard this was a fuckin’ good game.

Alex– Yeah, I could’ve played it sooner if Mel didn’t hog it so much.

Alex- Yeah……..

July 16th

We're in Alex's car. he two have just come from eating.

Charlie- Man, I hate Mr. Hill. He's an asshole.


Charlie turns a corner.

Alex– Yeah, I think we can go shooting with my uncle in a few weeks. He said he has to get more guns then.

Charlie– You gotta make sure, man. We gotta stop putting this off. If were gonna do D-Day, we gotta be prepared. We gotta know how to shoot.

Alex– Ok, ok, ok. I’ll check.

3:47 PM

Alex has set up a “video journal” in his room. The camera rolls as he sits in front of it.

Alex– I’m… I’m really ready for D-Day.

Silence. Alex looks around. He faces the camera and smiles weakly.

Alex– We planned it for years– – (Chuckles) Damn, we’re gonna be on the news.


Alex– We gonna leave all of you guys behind. We’re….we’re gonna leave our mark.


Alex– Yeah….

July 28th

Charlie is holding a makeshift pipe bomb.

Charlie– Make sure you got the caps on right. Alex– I got it, I got it. Charlie– No you don't, look (Pointing to ground) You got some of the powder on the floor!

Alex– The powder will come off.

Charlie– No it won’t (Sighs then walks over)

Alex– What?

Charlie grabs the bomb from Alex. He untwists the top.

Charlie– You gotta make sure the top is on properly or it’ll blow up in your face (Hands it back to him) Got it.

Alex– Yeah, ok.

Charlie– How many do we have?

Alex– Uh, seventeen.

Charlie– You gotta make twenty-five, at least.

Alex looks around.

Alex– I need more fuses.

Charlie– Fuck. Why didn’t you tell me?!

Alex– I just found out too!

Charlie– Man, now we’re gonna have to get some more. You got any money?

Alex– Yeah.

4:34 PM

The two stand in line at a hardware store. They have armfuls of wire. The person in front of them leaves and they step up. The place the wire on the counter. Charlie grabs his wallet.

Charlie– I need your money

Alex– Here (Gives him money)

Clerk– What are you guys doing with all of this?

Charlie– Its for a project. Its gonna be big.

Alex– Yeah, you might see it on the news someday. It wi--

Charlie elbows Alex in the gut. Charlie gives him a look.

Alex- How much is it?

Clerk– Oh ok. (Rings up wires) That’ll be $25.45

Charlie hands her the money.

Clerk– Bags over there.

Alex bags up the wires while Charlie grabs the receipt and change.

Clerk– 0.67 cent is your change. Have a nice day.

Charlie– Oh, we will.

The two head for the exit.

Clerk– Tell me how it went!

Charlie– Okay!

The two exit the store.

August 5th

The two are in Alex’s yard. They have just finished digging a hole. Alex holds a metal box. The duo stare at the hole.

Alex– So….. What are we gonna put in this time capsule?

Charlie– I don’t know yet. We gotta put stuff in there that people will remember us by once we’re gone. Don’t just load it with stupid shit.

Alex– I got some pictures of me.

Charlie– Yeah, I guess you can put it in there. Well I got some journal entries.

Alex– Yeah……. (Thinking) Oh yeah, I can put my recordings in there.

Charlie– You’re recording yourself?

Alex– Yeah, and?

Charlie– Nothing. You better hope they fit inside. Otherwise we’ll have to get a bigger box and dig another hole.

Alex– They’ll fit.

Charlie– Wait, let me see them. I don’t wanna wait and find out they won’t fit.

Alex– Ok, hang on… (Runs back to the house)

Two minutes later….

Alex returns with some tapes.

Alex– Here. (Hands tapes to Charlie)

Charlie places them in the box.

Charlie– They fit. Just don’t go putting your whole life story in here. Only put the important tapes in here.

Alex– Maybe we should make a video together.

Charlie– (Laughing) That didn’t sound right!

Alex thinks.

Alex– Wait, what?

He finally gets it.

Alex– Man, get your head out of the gutter. I mean make a final farewell video the day before we do it.

Charlie catches his breath.

Charlie– Ok, ok.

Alex– Lets dig this back up. My parents don’t want me digging in the yard anyway.

August 11th

Alex is at Charlie’s house.

The two are sitting, watching TV.

Alex– Were is your mom?

Charlie– Don’t give a shit.

Alex– Come on, man. Why don’t you like here?

Charlie– I don’t want to talk about it.

Alex– Come on.

Charlie– I said no.

Alex– Oh well.

August 15th

Alex and Charlie have just exited a van. Alex’s uncle has exited the driver’s seat. Also exiting the car is Alex’s older cousin, Delvis. Alex, Charlie and Delvis have some shotguns and rifles on their backs.

Charlie– Where is the range?

Delvis- (Pointing) Over there. Dad, where is it?

Uncle– Its over there.

Alex– I see it. there's people over there.

Uncle- You didn't think we were the only ones, did you?

Five Minutes Later….

Charlie is shooting with a rifle.

Uncle– You aiming too high. Don't put the stock in your underarms. Have it on your shoulder. See?

Charlie– Oh, I see.

Alex– Which of these guns are good against human targets?

Charlie gives him another look. He walks away, pissed off.

Delvis– Why?

Alex– As a home defense weapon?

Delvis– Both.

Unlce– I think the shotgun is better.

Alex– I’d say so too.

10:41 PM

Alex has just shot a clay pigeon.

Uncle– Wow! Great shot! On your first try too!

Delvis– Im’ma go rapid fire watch.

Charlie– Ok. Fire!

Charlie throws some clay pigeons in the air. Delvis quickly shoots them.

Charlie– Cool!

6:32 PM

The two are walking from a store.

Alex has a soda and opens it.

Alex– I got the key to my uncle’s shed. We can get the guns before D-Day.

Charlie– June 6th right?

Alex– Right.

August 19th

Alex is home in his room. He is irritated. He spins around in the chair a few times with the camera pointed at him.

Dad- Alex! Get down here!

He gets up.

Alex- I hate my fuckin' parents...

He places the camera on the stairs.

Dad- What did I tell you about your books? Ya'll think we're your slaves. Can you put your stuff in your room. This place is already junky. (Walks away) I work for 10 hours and have to clean up after your mess. Oh you will be getting a job. Tired of you laying around.

Alex explodes.

Alex– What about Mel, huh?! You never say anything to him!!

Mom– Watch your mouth, boy!

Dad– Mel is a good kid! You need to learn something from him!

Alex– Whatever…

Mom- Alex! What's gotten in to you?!

Dad- Its probably that Alex kid!

Alex- Leave him alone, he doesn't do anything.

Dad- I told you to stop hanging around with him.

Alex- He's my only friend,dad.

Dad- You need to start making more! (Shaking his hands in frustration) Why are you so scared of everybody?!?!

Alex storms up the stairs and grabs his camera. He walks back into his room. He throws his books on his bed.

September 2nd

The two are in school. Walking down the hall, they spot a bully, Hank. The member of the basketball team. And some of his friends are with him. They run over and grab Alex’s bookbag.

Hank- What shit do you dicks have on here?!?

Charlie- Leave him alone!

Hank's friend- Shut your gay ass up!

Charlie is punched in the gut and falls to the ground.

Alex- Don't do that! I got important stuff on there!

Hank's friend- Do we give a shit?

Alex has had it.

Alex- I'm gonna--

Hank- What are you gonna do, punk? (Pushes Alex) Do something. Thought so.. (Pushes Alex again). Fucking freaks...

Hank drops his things on the ground. They walk away. Charlie has had it with Alex. He clenches his fists. charlie pulls Alex outside.

Charlie- You just don''t get it do you?!

Alex- What the hell did i do now?!?

Charlie- You're attracting too much attention! What if Hank tells?! Huh?

Charlie walks away.

Charlie- Damn it!

Alex- I'm tired of acting like a stiff! We can't do anything anymore! Its like you don't even trust me!

Charlie- You never think! (Sighs) Its pointless. Its over. D-Day's done. We're done.

Alex- No we're not.

12:04 PM

Lunch. The two are sitting by themselves. Charlie has a notepad and a pen and is writing down plans.

Charlie– Ssh! Wait– Someone’s coming.

A teacher walks by. He sees the two

Teacher– What's up?

Charlie– Hi

Alex– Hey

Charlie- We're okay.

Teacher– Okay (Leaves)

Charlie– Close one…. We gotta stop having this out in the open. Its getting to close.

3:46 PM

Alex is in his room. He still has his uniform on. He stares into the camera.

Alex- I'm really ready for D-Day now. Fuck it all. Fuck em.


Alex– They’ll gather all of you in body bags, I swear…

He stares at his window and then turns off the camera.

6:54 PM

Alex has turned on the camera again. He turns into the camera again.

Alex- I hate school, I hate my fucking family, and I hate my life. I'm so fucking angry at everyone. They will pay. I swear they will….

October 5th

Alex and Charlie have put some things in the time capsule.

Alex– Its almost full now

Charlie– I know. We’re gonna have to get another box.

Alex– Oh fuck, I saw my mom.

Charlie– Come on.

October 13th

10:54 PM

Alex is now working with Charlie at the supermarket. The day is over. Everyone is going home.

Alex– I’m tired as fuck, man.

Charlie– Get used to it.

October 22nd

The two are looking on Charlie’s computer. They’re going over the plans for D-Day.

Alex– So we go in the front?

Charlie– Yeah. Wait. No, no, no. That’s too obvious.

Alex– Yeah, you’re right. Let’s go in from the side. What if the ones we want gets out?

Charlie– Yeah, damn. Why. Hmm (thinking) Lock some doors? Won’t work. (thinking) Well it might, but we gotta be uber careful when we do it. We don’t want people to find us.

November 4th

Raining. The two are walking down a street.

Alex– Come on, just tell me.

Charlie– No! I’m tired of telling you. Its none of your business.

Alex– I’m gonna find out sooner or later.

Charlie– Fine, fine….


Charlie– My parents used to fight a lot when I was a kid. I swear it was nonstop. It got to the point were my dad drank to ease the pain. Well, he threatened to leave us multiple times. One day he finally did. (Chuckles) He drank that day while on the road. We heard it on the news. He crashed into a truck and was killed on impact. (Looks up and wipes his eye) I loved my dad, you know? He wanted to take me with him, but something told him that day that it would be a bad idea. Now I’m stuck with her now.

Alex– Damn. Sorry, man.

Charlie– Its alright


Charlie– D-Day is for him….

Alex– Fuck, now we have to do it.

Charlie- What do you mean? It'll be the greatest day of your life....

November 10th

2:34 PM

The duo are in a shed. Charlie has disassembled some guns and are cleaning them. Alex is behind him testing some pipe bombs.

Alex– Okay. Pass me the screwdriver.

Charlie -Here (Passes the screwdriver)


Charlie– I was thinking about hijacking a truck and crashing it into the police station.

They laugh.

Charlie– Then have a “suicide-by-cop” you know?

Alex– Yeah….

Charlie– I’m done.

Alex – We need more wire.

Charlie– Shit.

November 15th

11:34 PM

Mel wakes up. He sees that Alex is still awake. He is at a desk writing something.

Mel– What are you writing?

Alex– Nothing (Puts it away)

Mel– Come on, man.

Alex– Its nothing, alright?

Mel– Let me see (Tries to grab it)

Alex– No, get away!

Their dad arrives

Dad– What the hell is going on?!I hear you in our room.

Mel– I wanted to read something Alex wrote and he won’t let me.

Dad– Boy, let him see it.

Alex– Here (Hands him notepad)

Mel reads it. Dad walks away.

Mel– Its gibberish.

Alex– See?

Mel– This ain’t it, let me see.

Alex– (Shakes the notepad in frustration) That is it.

Mel– Whatever….

November 28th

Alex and his mother visits her sister (His aunt), Gladys. Alex sits on the couch and is playing around with a sculpture.

Mom- How's everything?

Gladys- Good. Alex, you still shy?

Alex- Huh?

Mom- Yes, he still is.

Gladys- Still don't have a girlfriend yet?

Alex- Wait, what?

Mom- Nope

Alex- Aw, mom, come on.

Mom- He's a little embarrassed. he doesn't want me telling anyone. Don't worry, My son's gonna has great intentions. He's going places.

Alex- (Still with his face covered, puts up one finger) Got that right.

Alex covers his eyes with his arm and lays on the arm of the couch.

December 2nd

Its snowing. It snowed up to 2 feet last night. Charlie and Alex are shoveling snow.

Charlie- I hate this shit.

Alex I love it

Charlie- Try driving in it. And cleaning it. Ugh.

Alex- I'm going sledding after this. Wanna come?

Charlie- I'll pass.

December 10th

Charlie is with Alex and Mel. They are Christmas shopping in Target.

Alex- I don't think he'll want that

Mel- Yes he will. Little kids like remote cars.

Alex- Oh well.

Charlie- I want this game

Mel and Alex look over.

Mel- I do too.

Alex- Look how much it costs.

Charlie- Damn.

Mel- Steal it

Alex- No. I'm not getting into anymore trouble, goddamn it.

Charlie has already gotten the game and other items. He is heading for the checkout lane.

Mel- Too late.

Alex- Wait- don't!

Mel- I'm not gonna take it. Look I put it back. God.... Calm down

Alex- I should've never come with you two.....

December 16th

Charlie- I don't think we should put anymore in there. Its starting to stick out.

Alex- Yeah.

Charlie- I got rid of everything else. I don't want people to come back and say "Oh look this made him do it." I suggest you do the same.

Alex- its gonna be hard, but I think I can pull it off.

December 24th

Alex and his family are about to eat dinner. They are holding hands, praying.

Dad-Thank you god, for everything. For having us all together. For helping my boys succeed in school. For everything. Amen

Mel- Let's eat.

Dad- Alex, you've been awful quiet today, what's wrong?

Alex- Nothing.

Mom- You can tell us.

Alex- Its alright.

Dad- Oh well...

The family begins to eat.

December 25th

9:00 AM

Alex's family have arrived. Alex and Mel have begun opening presents.

Mel- An iPad! Thanks Uncle Ron!

Delvis- I got one too!

Alex- (Whispering) I wanted one....

Uncle- What was that, Alex

Alex- I didn't say anything.

Uncle- What did you get?

Alex- (Looking around) Uh, some clothes, a few games, a grooming set. This it so far.

Delvis- That's cool.

Mel- Can you tell me how to work this?

Delvis- Come on

The two leave Alex behind.

December 27th

The two are on Charlie's porch. Its snowing.

Alex- and I tell them "This is what I want" and they get something else entirely.

Charlie- At least you got something. I didn't get jack shit.


Charlie- I hate this fucking holiday.....


Charlie- Come on. let's get inside. Its cold.

The two enter...

December 31st

Alex, his parents Mel and other family members are gathered in his living room counting down.

All- 3.....2......1..... HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!

Confetti is thrown, relatives hug. Kids jump up and down. Its a celebration. Alex's little cousin runs over and tugs at his shirt.

Cousin- What's your revolution?

Alex- What?

Cousin- You're revolution?

Alex- You mean "resolution".

Cousin- Oh yeah, that?

Alex- Uh, to see people happy at what I'm about to do.

Cousin- What's that?

Alex- You'll find out.

Alex's uncle grabs him and hugs him.

January 8th, 2009

Alex is approaching Charlie house. He is on the porch when he hears arguing. Instead of knocking, he stands outside and listens to it.

Alex- What the?

Charlie storms out. He spots Alex.

Charlie- You was just stadning there the whole damn time?!?

Alex- I- I didn't want to mess with you guys!

Charlie mother storms out.

Mom- Take your damn friend with you!

Charlie- Come on! I don't need you! You drunk bitch!

Mom- Good!


The two walk around a corner, gone.....

January 14th

7:11 PM

Sunset. The duo are walking in a forest. They stop near a cliff.

Alex- The way we talk about D-Day, you think this sunset would be epic.

Charlie- Let's get out of here. I can't see shit.

7:14 PM

Alex- Ow! I hit something! Damn it...

Charlie- Its cold as living fuck out here. You sure this is the right way?

Alex- I'm sure. This is the way we came.

Charlie- I see lights.

Alex- See?

Charlie- you were scared weren't you?

Alex- No.

Charlie- Yeah right.

January 25th

Alex walks away from a crowd led by Hank.

Alex- God, I hate those fuckers....

He walks into his yard. Near the trashcans lies a large bag. Inside it are Alex's things: Several books, CDs, and other items. He picks up the bag and walks to a dumpster. There he throws the entire bag inside and lights it.

February 2nd

Mel- Groundhog Day!

Alex- What

Mel- Did I wake you

Alex- Yes

Mel- Come on. We gotta go to school

Alex- I'm not going. I hate school.

Mel- Too bad. Come on

February 11th

Alex walks up to Charlie's porch. Charlie is sitting on the banister.

Alex- I burned it, man.


Alex-You're mom here- nevermind. I gotta stop doing that.


Charlie- You wanna do anything?

Alex- I don't feel like it today.

Charlie- Same.

February 23rd

Alex- Any valentine letters?

Charlie- No you?

Alex- Yeah, one, by some girl. I don't know her, do you?

Charlie- Let me see?

Reads the card

Charlie- Ew!

Alex- What, what?

Charlie- You know that girl with the glasses and that long scar on her arm?

Alex things, he finally realizes it.

Alex- Ew! Im'ma throw up. Hang on.

Charlie laughs.

March 5th

The two walk down the street. They spot some girls.

Charlie- Hey ladies

Girl- Shut up, dork.

Alex laughs.

Charlie- You're a dork too

Alex- Oh yeah.....

March 17th

Alex is home in his room. The camera shakes widely as Alex is pacing in his room.

Alex- You know, we see the truth more than ever. We see past the condition. We set out to wake up everyone. We...

Alex is called by his mother. He turns the camera off.

March 29th

The two are in Alex's basement. Alex is on the computer while Charlie is reading over something.

Charlie- I think the plan for D-Day is done

Alex- Okay.

Charlie- We should get the guns before we do it.

Alex- Okay.

Charlie- What are you looking at?

Alex quickly turns the computer screen.

Alex-- Nothing

Charlie- Come on.

Alex- I said no!

Charlie- Let me see!

Alex- Get away!

The two wrestle around, until Charlie grabs hold of the monitor

Charlie- Porn???

Alex- Okay, you found out. You can go away now.

Charlie- Wow, man.

Charlie stares at the screen.

Charlie- Bookmark that page. I'll be right back.

April 4th

The two walk past the school.

Charlie- I hate this fucking school so goddamn bad.

Alex- Did you finish that report?

Charlie- Fuck no. And I ain't gonna do it.

Alex- Oh.

Charlie- Why do it? D-Day is our last day, man.

Alex- I know. I wanna go out as a "genius" when its over. I want the news to say "Oh look he was smart. He was a genius."

Charlie- And I can be the tough guy leader.

Alex (Laughs) Leader?

Charlie- Yeah, and?

Alex- There is no leader.

Charlie- I call all the shots. I should be the leader.

Alex- It sounds dumb. We're not above each other.

Charlie- True that.

April 12th

Alex is filming. Charlie is driving.

Charlie- Just got done shooting some guns with your uncle. I think we're ready.

Alex- Fuck yeah.

April 21st

A thunderstorm. Alex and Charlie are stuck in the mall.

Charlie- I ain't going out there. Told you to bring an umbrella.

Alex- It was sunny out when we came in

Charlie- Our powder is gonna get wet. do you have the receipt. I don't want people finding out what we have.

Alex- I thought you had it.

Charlie- Fuck.

Alex- Stay here. I'll find it.

11:58 AM

Alex returns without the receipt.

Charlie- Where is it?

Alex- I could'nt find it.

Charlie- Damn it! What are we gonna do?

Alex- Relax. Nobody gives a shit about receipt. The janitors will throw it away.

Charlie- I wanna go and find it myself.

Alex- Charlie, its alright. The rain is letting up. Let's just go.

Charlie- If D-Day is ruined, its your ass.

May 6th

Alex is in his room. He's listing to music on his computer. He doesn't see his dad enter.

Dad- Alex.

No response. Alex's dad taps him on the shoulder. Alex takes off the earphones and faces him.

Dad- You need to get out more. Make some friends, plat on a sports team, something. I'm tired of seeing you everyday on you computer.

Alex- Ok. I'll do it.

Dad- (Smiles) Good. Now, they're some tryouts fliers for basketball and football down on the kitchen table. You can start tryouts over the summer-- - --

Alex- Watch the news.

Dad- Why?

Alex- My school having some event in a few weeks. It might be on the news. I might be on it too.

Dad- (Smiles) Okay, I'll look into it.

Alex's Dad pats him on the shoulder a few times before leaving.

May 18th

8:43 PM

The two are sitting in seats behind a white wall.. They have papers.

Alex- Hello, this will be our final entry and probably the last day you'll see us alive.

Charlie- First and foremost, we are not doing this for attention. Don't- just don't look for typical reasons, you won't find any. Its way more complicated. We're not crazy if we want to take our own lives. If you say its selfish or crazy, but have you ever stopped and used your fucking head for once? Maybe its merely someone with a different view from your own. Is it a sign of madness to disagree with the masses? Well fuck you.

Alex- Everyone has those murderous fantasies once and a while. Dreams of killing the ones who they hate. Well we're just acting out our dreams. Is that wrong?

Charlie- Exactly. It always irked me that people always "wanted to get us help." First of all: Why? What for? I mean.... you want us to take drugs that make us stupid and obedient? Or- or to continue to live in immense depression and pain just because some selfish asshole decided to guilt trip us? Go fuck yourselves. All of you. You know, you guys had this shit coming. For years, many people have been abused. We have been abused. We are doing this not for revenge, like we said, but rather.... rather to have the survivors realize how great their lives will be and what they can improve on.

Alex- We hope to remove all the assholes of this town, so you can see how good you guys really have it. I mean-- In the end that is what everyone wants. For the little nuisances to be removed. Am I wrong?

Charlie- No. Far from it.

Alex looks at the paper.

Alex- That's it.

Charlie- Ok.

Alex gets up from his chair and turns off the camera

11:49 PM

Alex play around with his uncle's keys. Charlie is pacing.

Charlie- Would you hurry up. Somebody might see us.

Alex- I'm coming.

The door "clicks". Alex swings open the door

Alex- Come on

Charlie- Grab as much as you can fuckin' carry. I'm not coming back.

Alex- I can't see shit. Its so dark. Where's the light?

Charlie- Don't turn on the light! I don't want people seeing us.

Alex- Fine. If I grab the wrong stuff.....

Charlie darts out of the shack, leaving Alex behind.

Alex- Wait up!

Charlie is already in the car.

Charlie- Get in!

Alex throws the stuff inside and jumps in the passenger seat. Charlie drives away.

Charlie- (Laughing) I can't believe we just got away with that!

Alex- Yeah.....


8:42 AM

Charlie stops the car at Alex’s house. He honks twice.

After a short wait, Alex exits. He opens the truck, places some duffle bags inside and walks to the passenger side door where he enter and slams the door.

Alex– I killed Mel, Charlie, it felt good. (Reveals a very large knife from his sleeve. He looks to Charlie and smiles)

Charlie– (Chuckles) Nice. Nice.

Charlie drives off.

9:03 AM

Charlie stops the car in the parking lot. He takes a deep breathe before grabbing a carbine and loading it. He’s having trouble loading it, because he is nervous.

Charlie– I’m nervous as shit today.


Charlie– Here (Passes him a shotgun)

Alex– Wait, I gotta fasten this .

Alex fastens a bulletproof vest up.

Alex– Okay give it to me

Charlie passes him a shotgun. Charlie puts on a vest as well. Alex loads his vest with a knife. He places extra ammo in his pocket and some pipe bombs in the front pouches of his vest. Charlie does the same.

Charlie– Is that all of em?

Alex– No. I’ll carry the rest on my back.

Charlie– Ok.

Charlie loads a pistol.

Charlie– You want the pistol or do I take it?

Alex– You hold it.


Charlie– I don’t think I could’ve pulled this off without you.

Alex– I understand man….

9:19 AM

The two look around in the car making sure they have everything.

Charlie– Make sure we don’t miss anything.

Alex– The bookbag’s back there.

Charlie– Is our letters in there?

Alex– Yeah, I put it in there before we left.

Charlie– Cool. I think we’re ready.

Alex– Yeah.

The two stare out the window, thinking.


Charlie – You ready?

Alex– Born ready….

They exit.

Alex– Time to kill….

Alex runs to the corner with Charlie preceding him. He looks around. With a thumbs up, they turn the corner. Gone…..

9:23 AM

Operator – 911, what’s your emergency?

Student– There’s some kids shooting at my school!

Gunshots and screams are heard in the distance.

Operator– Can you identity the shooters?

Student– (Glass breaks) Oh shi– I– Wha– no! I can’t! Wait, I s…..

The line goes dead.

9:25 AM

In the cafeteria, no one is certain of what’s going on. Some think it’s a parade or a prank. Everyone is walking around, panicking. Then the gunmen are spotted. Students run for their lives. in one mass, they run to the exits. In the first floor hallway, we see the two. They have finished shooting a student.

He is on the floor, shot in the back, trying to crawl away.

Alex– Hey look, its Hank!

Hank– Please– please don’t kill me man!

Charlie– Give us one reason why we shouldn’t kill you.

Alex walks up to Hank and places the gun to his head.

Alex– Typical.

Alex fires. Hank is killed immediately.

Alex– Bitch.


Charlie– (Smiling) I feel better already.

Alex– True that (Laughs)

The two walk past Hank’s corpse. Gun drawn the search the hallway for anyone.

9:34 AM

Operator – 911, what’s your emergency?

Teacher– There’s a shooting going on at our school- Get down kids! Get down!!- We don’t know who is doin– GET DOWN!

Operator– How many people were injured?

Teacher– I can’t tell! The school is on fire! Smoke is everywhere!

9:38 AM

Alex turns and see students fleeing. Both fire. One student is seriously injured, but not dead. They allow the students to leave. They stand and look around.

Charlie– I hear police. You scared?

Alex– No, you?

Charlie– No.

Alex– Hey look, its Sheryl.

Sheryl is hiding under a desk.

Sheryl– No!

Alex– It’ll be over in a second.

Alex crouches down, aims, and fires. He rises again and looks past Charlie.

Charlie– I saw some of the teachers hiding kids in computer lab.

Alex– Yeah…

Charlie– See somebody?

Alex– No, its nothing, lets go.

9:45 AM

An English teacher, Ms. Rhodes has begun to alert students to come inside the computer lab, demanding they duck beneath desks and remain silent. She hides herself beneath a shelf when she spots the two.

Charlie (Tapping on the glass door) – Mind if we come in?!?

The students scream. Alex enters first, then Charlie. They scan the area.

Alex– How’s everyone doin? (Pulls out a pipe bomb)

Charlie– Get up!

Charlie walks past computers, throwing chairs to the ground looking for people. He stops and crouches down.

Charlie– Peek-a-boo!

Charlie fires. In the moment, one student attempts to flee, but is shot and wounded by Charlie. Charlie turns back around and taunts the kids under the tables. Alex finishes lighting the pipe and throws it under some tables. It explodes, killing one. Alex retrieves his gun and walks around the table.

Charlie fires two shots at the teacher. Alex reloads. While reloading he spots approaching police and fleeing students.

Alex– Cops. What do you want to do?

Charlie– Lets go.

The two depart. The surviving students rush to aid the wounded.

9:49 AM

The two walks around in the hallway. The encounter the school security guard. He has his gun drawn.

Security Guard– Freeze! Drop the guns!

The two look to each other than back at him.

Alex– You got us.

Charlie drops the gun. The guard closes in. Alex slowly lowers the gun.

Security Guard– You guys are in a world of trouble!

While distracted, Alex raises the gun quickly and fires a single round at the guard. Charlie picks up his gun walks over and retrieves the guard’s. Alex hands the pistol to Charlie.

Charlie– Thanks, man.

Alex– I swear, there is virtually nobody left in here.

Charlie– Its just us.

10:21 PM

The two are walking around in the school. The alarm has been triggered. Several units have surrounded the school.

10:25 AM

SWAT is preparing to enter the school.

10:30 AM

Library. Charlie has finished firing at police. He reloads. Alex walks behind a shelf and fires at two students. Alex walks over to Charlie and sits on a table. He drops his shotgun and grabs a pistol.

Alex– I wanna see the lunch room.

10:36 AM

The cafeteria looks like a warzone. Tables and chairs are scattered all along the floor. A fire is present to the right of them. The alarm is blaring here. The bodies of several students cover the floor. Alex and Charlie look around.

10:40 AM

The two have returned to the first floor. This time in the office. Alex has a lighter and Charlie has pipe bomb.

Charlie– Light it.

Alex lights the bomb. Charlie throws the bomb onto a desk. They leave before the explosion hits them.

10:47 AM

With most of the school on fire and students evacuated, the two then enter the bathroom.

Two shots are heard.

They’ve taken their own lives.


June 13th

A group of kids have arrived near the memorial site.

Kid #1- Where are they?

Kid #3- Not over here.

Kid #2- (Pointing) There they are!

The group walk over.

Kid#1- Yeah its them.

They stop and destroy the tombstones of Alex and Charlie. They spit on the rubble.

Kid# 3- I hope you motherfuckers burn in hell!

Kid# 2- You fucking murderers!

The three stand there in silence.

Kid #1- Come on. I thought I saw someone.

The trio run off and then camera goes blank....
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