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Rediscover the best things life has to offer. Enjoy a story that is really about you

Jack the Dog: Magic Night

By Victor Brodt with C. S. Case
Published by C & VB, Inc. at Smashwords

Copyright 2010 C & VB, Inc.
Original artwork and photos by Victor Brodt


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Jack the Dog: And His Boy tells the unique adventure from beginning to end. Magic Night is just one story that is part of the original series. Many of the stories have delighted audiences for years, now these are available in book form. They are written with one purpose, to encourage all us to find the best things life has to give. Prepare to enjoy a story that is really about you and the most precious things in your life.


Magic Night

The Christmas season is a favorite time for young souls, but for me, the magic night when all the relatives gathered at Grandma's house was by far the most special ever. Many old acquaintances would be renewed among the adults, but most of us kids were entirely new to each other. Although we were family, we had never met. Portions of the family had driven all day to meet at Grandma's. It was a major trip for most, but not for us. Grandma Betty's house was next door to ours (to be accurate, next door in the country is more like a couple of long blocks in the city). A walking path through the woods to Grandmother's house was well cleared, so our short passage was easier than the rest. That day my family, with my two younger brothers and a sister, had anxiously waited at home until a call was made to inform us to come. We came in after the travelers arrived. It was odd to walk in and meet family who were strangers to us. When you're young, others who are only a few years older are rather intimidating. The mood began with a shy quiet tone. Grandma prepared a great feast, and the adults joked and laughed while we, the younger ones, quietly occupied ourselves with special treats. Grandma's cookies, cakes, and persimmon pudding were the pinnacle of perfection.
Then came a most awkward moment when we were dismissed to play. The age gap was formidable. The older ones knew fancy games that were not of interest to me and my younger kin. We all felt an odd kind of pressure to get to know one another. We were relatives from faraway places, and this would be one of our few chances.
As we considered the situation, a tiny voice squealed, "Look outside!"
We were all searching for some better way to get through the awkward moments, so we gathered around Grandma's huge picture window. Night had fully settled in. There was a clear sky, so perfect that with stars twinkling in crystal blackness, you might just try to reach out and touch them; the city kids had never seen anything quite like this. We began to see what had gotten the little one's attention. There was a faint glimmer with sparkles. One could see it better with eyes adjusted to the darkness. Stardust was falling from heaven with shimmering glory.
"It's magic! It's Christmas magic!" my little sister Barb cried out.
I had seen plenty of snow in my time. This was only the faint beginning of a snowfall. The child was so much younger than I. Right off, I felt the urge to set her straight, but then again maybe she was right. I held my tongue. We stood there in awe of the quiet beauty. An adult reached for the light switch; Grandma had always arranged to have the big blue spruce wired with Christmas lights. The outdoor tree was just the other side of the big picture widow. The switch was flipped, and the lights jumped out like an explosion from the darkness.
No Hollywood producer had ever made a grander scene! The delicate crystal snowflakes reflected red, green, orange, and blue; a kaleidoscope of hues danced before us. Our attention was drawn from lights, to tree, and then the glimmering ice crystals falling. We were mesmerized and stared for some time. Then a dramatic change began right before our eyes. We almost looked up to see if elves or workmen were pulling some roof top trick for our entertainment. We older ones knew better. Still, it was as if someone had shouted on a movie set, "Now bring on the snowstorm!" Suddenly the snow grew thicker, and it came down with a torrent.
"Oh look! The snowflakes are now as big as leaves, oh, we must go out!” cried Sis.
The feeling was unanimous. We rushed for the hallway, and squeezed in and out of closets and people in order to each grab our gear. It was not at all like racing to beat brothers and sisters—we were all very polite, you see. We were strangers, but that would soon change. Something special had begun, a magic. This would be the one night we hoped would never end.
Being the first one out, I looked down at the steps on the way. They had been cleared only hours before and now two inches had already accumulated. At this entrance there was also a light post, it was only a few feet away. The light was glowing, yet I could hardly see it because the snow came down so wonderfully thick. Looking straight up, one could no longer see the sky or even the moon. The only thing that could be viewed was the deluge of snow racing down from a distance of only a few feet in the air. All else was blotted out. As I looked up in awe, I breathed in a great numbers of flakes, and my eyelashes instantly caught so many snowflakes that I was nearly blinded. There was no sense in looking up in a blizzard.
Safe inside, everyone else was still getting ready. There was giggling and much commotion, but the thick snow quieted everything outdoors. When the front door closed, on the outdoor side it was as if the whole world held its breath and every creature stood still and silent. There was only the delicate sound of snowfall.
Then I heard the unmistakable noise that made my heart skip. The motor started.
"Paa paaa pa pa pa pa paaa," the tractor roared.
Father had brought out the "cub"!
The cub was normally a very utilitarian vehicle, a gigantic tractor to us, but in truth it was quite a bit smaller than the type farmers now use. To my young eyes, the cub was a fanciful combination of magnetos and whirligigs that chugged out puffs of smoke rings in perfect timing. The bright red cub was a kind of working antique. In the winter it was used to plow snow and haul logs. The little workhorse had stout iron handles that controlled levers and belts, which, when attached, would work tillers, harvesting machines, saws, and many impressive contraptions for the old homestead. The cub always fascinated me; it was a wonderful mysterious machine that had attachments to do marvelous, magical things.
Tonight, heavy chains encircled the large rear tires. The purpose of the chains was to grip in ice and snow, but they always sounded to me like Christmas sleigh bells as they jangled along. A logger's rope was tied to the hitching bar of the cub, and the other end was tied to our large toboggan. A few yards behind, a second smaller sled was tethered.
"Hop on!"

To hear what a Cub tractor sounds like try this website: http://www.ralphscubs.com/

At first, everyone tried to be polite, but there were more kids than room. After some discussion, we just piled upon each other. It was quite hard to think of yourself as strangers when you were stacked together like so much wood. The cub chugged cautiously ahead as bodies shifted to adjust to forward movement. One or two held on to the grips, and the rest held on to one another. The last sled, a flat mini toboggan, was designed for one child. We had three on it, and because it was a smaller sled and at the very end, it whipped from side to side. Only the more daring, like me, would ride the last little toboggan, but I was glad I was not on the bottom!
We held on with all the strength that we could, as off we went. Grandma's driveway was very long, but before the danger of going down the steep hill, Dad made a turn that would go through the woods and then onto our driveway next door. Soon the pace quickened as we headed back toward the turn for Grandma's pathway. On this turn, to my surprise, the cub did not slow down much. Toboggans do not make corners well, and a small sled with a pile of three makes it even harder to stay upright. My suspicion is that Dad timed it the right way to make the turn even faster for the three of us on the last sled.
We went flying off! The tractor and sleds continued on. We rolled over and laughed forever. But then from out of the dark snowy woods came the black monster! I was not as surprised as they were, but still it took your breath away. In nearly an instant, three wide eyed boys were licked in the face before they knew it. It was a Jack attack!
"It's okay, he's my dog! He won't hurt you," I said, but they had already figured that out.
Boys and dog rolled and tussled in the snow, and laughed until our eyes got teary. We caught our breath for a moment, and then started all over again. Suddenly we all stopped to look at one another. A marvelous idea seemed to strike the three of us at the same instant. We hid and waited behind a snow bank until the riders circled around again.
We playfully attacked the older ones and stole their places.
"Help! Pirates!" one of the little captives squealed, and the fantastic adventure was on for us all.
We could hear our surprised victims laughing as we chugged off. Then from behind us, in that same spot where we had launched our assault, there came a blood curdling scream. It was one of the bigger girls.
"Was someone hurt?" For a moment the cry deeply concerned us.
"EeeEE! Ooh no!"
We held our breath to be certain to clearly hear in the midst of a quiet moment between the chugs of the tractor. We readied ourselves to jump off and run to her rescue.
"He kissed me! Right in the face, that dog kissed meeee!"
We all laughed even harder than before. That night the woods was no longer quiet, the cold of the dark winter wood was gone. Strangers became friends. Riders traded places all throughout the circuit as pit stops, bumps, and attacks changed fortunes. Jack followed along as the cleanup crew. If any should tarry too long on the ground, he would revive you with his warm pink love.
It was one of those times for which the idea behind the word "forever" was truly meant; such times should never end.
I think they never shall.


Sweet River

Time like a sweet river that forever flows
but never returns to what memory knows.
Gather it all, like treasure and gold,
it’s the only magic you're able to hold.


True love never dies, it only waits for you.

The following is an excerpt from: Jack the Dog: Will I See You There?

The Last Chapter and the First

Here beyond the Great Barrier, it seems that time itself floats, flattens, and warps until parts of a second are indistinguishable from parts of a day—or perhaps even much longer. In the flash of this moment as the two old friends ran together, there were a thousand questions the boy thought to ask. Then instantly even before the speaking of words, he understood; things were not as he had assumed. It was all so clear to him. Death was not an enemy, but simply a passage like a buried seed becoming something different than it had been—new and perfect life. Everything is new; it is gathered from out of the old dimensions, yet woven much deeper than simple formulas and fancy. In the old, the pieces had seemed to be missing or impossible to understand; now in this "place" they were not. He had been like a child, now he saw clearly.




The business of life becomes infinitely more effective when rightly focused on genuine treasures. I have long told stories about a dog and his boy. They really are parables about you and your journey toward the most important things there are.
I hope you will read these stories again and again, and that they will encourage you as much as they have me.
I wish for you a simple heart; the very best.
Please, meet me there.
Victor Brodt
(with C.S. Case)

Author's Note

Over the years, some people have found these stories healing and encouraging, others more like a much needed vacation that is sought out again and again. Instead of telling the stories while speaking to many audiences, I have written these things down in order to share them and benefit a larger piece of the world. I hope that you might help in this effort. While there is a need to be practical, it is our dream to give as much away as we can (see website: http://JacktheDog.us/) with no strings attached, just for the benefit of our readers and friends.
Please, please take up the banner! (A few options are listed at the back of this book.)

How the Ever-Expanding Book Project Works

Watch for e-books, several publications, and magazine appearances. There will also be follow-up chapters that build over time.
The stories in this book are brought together with an overarching view and plan. Our big picture reason is not so much to sell as it is to get these stories out to the public in several modes and methods. We have a message that needs to be heard, and we want people to access it in any convenient form. The Jack the Dog: And His Boy volume gives an overview from beginning to end. Several other stories which branch out differently are not bound into this book. See: (http://JacktheDog.us/).
There are those who do not read a lot, or they are hindered by time or circumstances. We want to spread the news in every way possible. We have a breakdown of stories that will also be audio media in a ten-minute or less format for easy listening. I expect the readings to be excellent.
There will also be smaller e-books in digital media. Some will contain duplicates of book chapters, others are new stories that are already written. Some will be sold in bookstores others will be available through www.smashwords.com. The only place which will list all Jack information will be on my website. Please, if you question that you may have read other works, refer to the chapter headings in the table of contents for Jack the Dog: And His Boy (which is free) at the preview section. See what is a duplication of what you have read and what is new to you, if you are in doubt. Some may like to "hear" them all over again and see the new formats.
The start of video segments are on the Internet, but will need to be searched out on our website. I believe that there will be some refreshing segments that answer questions and encourage sound relationships with pets and people. See: http://www.JacktheDog.us.
In the future it is conceivable that on occasion the website may be down. A Facebook page (JacktheDog), as well as other locations with similar search friendly titles, will be maintained, and will also be a place for contact should sites be temporarily unusable. My expectation is that these works may be around much longer than some of the newer websites that may come and go, so we will make plans to continue into the unseen future as best we can.

Other Works

Jack the Dog: And His Boy
Jack the Dog: Will I See You There? About pets, animals and people who love them. Will we see them again after this life? On what basis are these questions answered? Answers from the foundations of the American perspective will conclusively reply to the question: "Are there animals in heaven?"
Jack the Dog: And His Friends: "When Pigs Fly," "Raccoon, the Wild Friend," and other quaint recollections from country life.
Jack the Dog: Conversations on the Other Side
Jack the Dog: And His Boy-Discussion Guide
Brian's Search is an amazing turn of human events that will be available in another volume. Unwittingly Brian laid a foundation that gave me the unique ending of this story about Jack. As much as Brian and I debated; it was not his argument that persuaded me, it was the awesome set of events in his life. I saw this with my very own eyes; there is no skirting around the facts. Brian's life would show me that there is most definitely and unequivocally much more to reality than the physical dimension. Brian's larger story does not fit with the tenor of this book. There is too much to explain about a character that is not really a big part of Jack's life. The tone must also be much different; it is a rather frightening and dark story about my doctor friend who is at the very edge.
If you have purchased any Jack the Dog stories I will send Brian's Story to you for free, you need only visit the website to obtain it digitally. The story will be out in other locations, but it will be available at no cost on the site as long as I can manage to maintain the site. The only thing I will ask of you is an E-mail address, and a statement that you have purchased the book. See: http://JacktheDog.us/
Jack the Dog: Poems and Pictures
Other works have already been recorded or written. They will appear publicly based on feedback and interaction.
Watch for individual chapter books for young readers and listeners, based on segments of these books.


Pictures, music, and video to share about your pet are slated to be posted on the website and Facebook (JacktheDog). At the time of printing, some logistics are yet to be finalized. Please check the website (http://JacktheDog.us/) for updates.
Perhaps some of your contributions will become parts of books or videos in the future. If your pictures or works tell part of a story, we hope you will share them, and maybe we can share them with the world.
I hope to help people to be creative and successful.
Our desire is to see artists, photographers, and crafters showcased. Small fundraisers for causes and volunteer activities that are near to the heart of what this book expresses will be facilitated. Other plans in the works are to create a format for involvement in which some cottage industries can be recognized.
A blog will keep up to date information for those who have comments and interaction at http://JacktheDog.us/


Website and contact information


E-mail: JacktheDog@JacktheDog.us

Thank You

Finally, to Caren Brodt, whose dedication and enthusiasm, as well as her thoughtful input, editorial work and writing, have been in each of these areas (and more), beyond priceless. No life is perfect and easy, but I had heard the phrase “a match made in Heaven” they could have only been speaking of you, my bride, my dove. Some twenty years ago doctors gave you six months to live, they could not see that we had a dream to live first, and also forever, but you did.


Back Cover Image for Jack the Dog:And His Boy

Back Cover~ Jack the Dog: And His Boy

Finally a refreshing work that you will want to read over and over again!
Likened to the spirit of C.S. Lewis!
Treasure, love, and passions might be counterfeit, but some shall prove genuine. Find vital clues to what every person needs. Discover the difference
These true life parables are not just simple stories of humor and vibrancy. They are about the undying spirit of an amazing dog’s love. These accounts have been winnowed down to an ly discover the best things in life. between merely existing or living life to its fullest. Pure uncluttered love, the kind which pours out of a simple puppy, reveals the perfect destination. Find the unbridled everlasting joy in these pages!
These true life parables are not just simple stories of humor and vibrancy. They are about the undying spirit of an amazing dog’s love. These accounts have been winnowed down to an essence that unleashes a powerful ability to truly discover the best things in life.

Make no mistake; this book was crafted to be read again and again. Jack stories were fondly compiled over decades of honing by speaker Victor Brodt, who has been amazed at the incredible outpouring of response to this wonderful set of stories. Buy a copy for yourself and a friend, and even perhaps an enemy, who ought to be a friend. Read it! This will change your world.
"There is no malice in the heart of a puppy. May you believe in his kind of heart and truly discover what every good dog already sees in you!" Victor Brodt

Victor Brodt: Author and long time Speaker. Jack of all trades with a Master's in one.
Forever friend of the famous old dog, Jack.

Please, contact us for further works, artwork, good fun, and opportunities. This is not an effort for sales purposes, but a passion to see others truly encouraged.

Those wishing to obtain further free publications in response to honest reviews of other works, please do contact us at the links listed above or


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