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An accident erases Bradley's memory about Jennifer's betrayl.
Bradley left the house quietly. No one had seen him and he was glad of that. Jennifer. He thought she was the one. She loved that worthless thief gypsy Calin. His heart was broken. WHY DIDN'T SHE JUST STAB HIM INSTEAD? That would have ended his pain. He would never bother her again. She was free to be with that cut throat gypsy. How could she betray him? He was done with women. He would just run the tobacco plantation. His parents had sent him to Boarding School in France and then to college in England. They never sent his sister Rachael away to school. His parents and Rachael were in Europe. He was running the tobacco plantation. Bradley Kentsworth never argued with his family. He did as he was told. With Jennifer, he felt he had found someone who loved him for himself. He thought once he got married and had children that his life would be complete. Guess What? His family used him and he felt like Jennifer had too. The memory of Sharon Larkner. He had met her at a dance in college. A pretty young petite red headed woman with green eyes whose father was a doctor. She was from Ireland. He had never been in love with her but he had liked her more then any other woman he had ever met. Sharon's father died and she was heart broken. Bradley comforted her and they had made love. He never felt right about it but she held a place in his heart. Sharon sent him a Christmas card every year and he sent her cards as well. He even sent her a heart shaped locket once. Sharon wrote him a letter that she had gotten married to a blacksmith in Ireland. She sent the heart locket back and with a note that she would always love him. YEAH RIGHT. THEY HAD NEVER BEEN IN LOVE. Bradley had to ask himself. WHAT THE HELL WAS LOVE? He knew one thing. He was done with love. His life had to go on without Jennifer. How? He hadn't a clue. He was headed for home. He had a bottle of whiskey put away. Now would be a good time to drink it. After that, he was going to shoot Calin. He should have shot him weeks ago. Jennifer would probably mourn his pathetic ghost. It thundered and Bradley tried to get his horse to go faster. The horse was scared and lightning hit a tree and a big limb fell and hit Bradley on the head. He had been wearing a hat but he fell off his horse and lost consciousness.

Rainey Molson was driving the wagon back from Bath. She lived with an elderly couple Jed and Irene Timmons. They were so nice to Rainey. They took Rainey in. She was seventeen and she had ended up in Jane Austen's time. Rainey's brothers went off to war and she, her mother, father and sister and to take care of the farm. Rainey wanted to go to school. She wanted to design clothes or be a business woman. Her mother had slapped her and told her she was going to help out on the farm and marry the city bureaucrat her parents had chosen. Her father had threatened to horse whip her if she didn't get the schooling nonsense out of her head. Rainey suffered in silence. She had met a band of gypsies in the woods one day when her parents were away. She told the gypsies she was unhappy with her home life. Lanittle was an old gypsy woman and she chanted and danced until Rainey passed out and when Rainey woke up, she was in Jane Austen's time. Her family were no where around and Rainey was glad. She didn't miss her parents and sisters. She loved her brothers and they were off fighting a war. Her grandfather. He loved her most of all and she had loved him but he was gone. If he hadn't died, she could have had a better life. She had woke up in a corn field that belonged to Jed Timmons. Rainey realized that she was in another time frame. She told Jed and Irene that she had been kidnapped by gypsies and that she escaped. She also told them that her family was dead. She thought the gypsies were her friends but they had stolen all her clothes and they starved her and beat her. Jed and Irene's daughter had died when she was seventeen of a fever disease and they thought Rainey was their daughter Angie reincarnated. They loved Rainey and Rainey loved them. The Timmons weren't rich but they had more then her family. Rainey was lucky to have them. She could never tell them where she came from but she gave them love and never did anything to hurt them or disgrace them. They told her she could marry when she was ready. They didn't care if she married or not. They wanted her to be their daughter. Rainey was happy with them. Rainey had heard of Jane Austen but had never met her. Rainey was somewhat sheltered. This was her choice. Rainey was a pretty blonde girl. She was happy with her life as it was.

It was raining and Rainey hoped that she would get home in time. She thought that saw a man lying down in the road ahead. OH DEAR! Rainey had her horse stop and got out of the wagon. A man was lying in the middle of the road. She went up to him. Was he dead? She hoped no. She saw that a large branch was over his head. Small petite Rainey moved the heavy branch. Oh my. He was a handsome man. The man stirred. He moaned. Yes! He was alive. He looked at Rainey.

"What happened, young lady? Who are you?" Bradley asked.

"I am Rainey Molson. Mister, it looks like a large branch fell on your head. Are you in pain?"

"My head hurts. I have no idea what happened. I was going into Bath to do some business and I don't know if I went there or not. I think I was headed home to my tobacco plantation."

"Oh! You must be Bradley Kentsworth. Can you stand? I will help you get into my wagon."

"Thank you, young lady. I know you. The Timmons have taken you in."

"Yes, sir." Rainey helped Bradley to his feet. His head was bleeding some. Rainey tore the hem of her dress off and wrapped it around his head.She got him into her wagon and it was raining hard now but Rainey got Bradley home. Two of the plantation workers helped Bradley into the house. They had been worried ever since Bradley's horse had come back without him. The men thanked the woman and Bradley invited Rainey into the house. He told her to go to his sister's room and told her it was the second door to the right upstairs. He said Rachael had several dresses up there and to pick out one. It was hers to keep. Rainey looked around the house. It was the biggest most beautiful house that she had ever seen. Rainey found Rachael's room and picked out a pretty blue dress to wear. This was heaven. She went back downstairs and saw the men had bandaged Bradley's head. She asked if there was anything else she could do. Bradley thanked her. She started to leave.

"Miss, it is raining really bad out there. I will have one of my men take you home later. They won't hurt you. They are trustworthy. Would you like some tea?"

"Thanks, Mr. Kentsworth. Let me make the tea." Bradley told her where to find the tea and cups. Rainey knew there wasn't a Mrs. Kentsworth. Maybe she should try for that position. She could be happy here in this house and a husband that looked like Bradley. This could be heaven. Rainey smiled and daydreamed about being Cinderella and Bradley Kentsworth as her Prince and husband.

Jennifer stopped kissing Calin. "Was there someone here awhile ago?"

"No. Just me and you, my love. I wish I could take you right now." Calin started to get in bed with Jennifer.

"Calin. I have to break it off with Bradley first. I won't be with you until I break it off with Bradley."

"Don't wait too long." Calin kissed Jennifer. "I will let you rest. I love you. Promise me you will leave with me when the caravan leaves."

"We will talk. I really want to be with you. Will you be back tonight?"

"I promise I will be. My Princess. I have known you have wanted me all along. Now, you can put that rich fancy pants out of your mind. You are mine, my Dear." Calin kissed Jennifer passionately and went out the window down the trellis. Jennifer laughed. It was like a scene out of a Hollywood movie. He was her hero. Poor Bradley. She would let him down gently.

"He sure is cute." Manolito watched Megan with the goat as she hugged and kissed Jasper's nose. "My Princess, I wish you would hug and kiss me like that."

"Manolito, I care for you but I love Miles." Megan gave Jasper a carrot.

"Maybe, if I was a goat, wolf or whiny, coward puppy like your Miles, you would love me. I can be an animal, you know." Manolito kissede Megan's cheek.

"Stop calling Miles names. Look. I am glad you are here. Your mother is the best. Jennifer is well now and I am so thankful. She has to decide who she loves but I know I love Miles. I don't want to hurt you. You will find your Princess someday. I want good things for you."

"You are good for me. I will always be here for you. Just use the moonstone and I will be here for you. I love you. We did make love and I will cherish that memory."

Megan put Jasper back in his pen. "Manolito, that never happened. I would have remembered that. I think you should go."

Manolito bowed. "As you wish. I will be back. My Princess, my love, my lady of the night."

Manolito left. Megan went back into the house. That gypsy was her fantasy but her life was here with Miles. As for the present, her family would be fine without her. Megan fought back tears. The rain didn't help matters but it was a nice gentle rain. Her life was here. She needed to check on Jennifer.

Megan walked up to Jennifer's room. Jennifer was awake.

"How are you feeling?"

"I am all well. I love Calin, Megan. I really do. I want to be with him. I am going to leave with him but I have to break it off with Bradley. This will be so sad. I dread hurting him. I want to travel with Calin and have adventures. I am sure Bradley will meet another. I am just sorry that it won't be me. I can't be happy with him."

Megan patted Jennifer's hand. She wanted Jennifer to be happy. She prayed Bradley would find another. He was handsome and rich. He would find his dream girl someday.,

Bradley drank the tea that Rainey had made. She was a lovely young woman. She reminded him of Sharon. He had no memory of Jennifer talking to Calin and hearing that she loved another. The accident blocked that heart breaking moment of his life. He was thankful that Rainey had come along. A doctor was sent for and said Bradley was going to be fine. For some reason, Bradley was attracted to Rainey but he loved Jennifer and hoped that she would marry him someday., Rainey talked about how nice the Timmons were to her. Bradley thought he should do something nice for Rainey. She had helped him after his accident. She made a good cup of tea, too. Rainey had been kidnapped by gypsies. Probably that worthless gypsy Calin. Someday, he would challenge that guy to a duel. Rainey knew about Bradley's girlfriend but she would try to get Bradley interested in her. She had already helped him after the accident. Maybe she had even saved his life. Rainey Molson was going to get what she wanted.

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