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Understanding evil doers.
    Har Satar, the accuser, known by Christians as Satan has been ignored
    and rebuked by skeptics. I cannot say that I am religious, but the Gnostic
    spirit is here. Satan has been reduced to a delusion; the voices heard by
    psychotics. Was Jesus delusional when the Devil tempted him?
    What is the passion of evil? Is it the worship of power? God is believed
    to be all powerful by good God fearing people. Is God evil?

    Perhaps it is the worship of sex? Satan has many followers in this
    camp. But, the life force, is God's creation: "Be fruitful and multiply."
    Consider, the murderous acts in history, this must be the work of the
    Devil. But, God's wrath is merciless; "He who smote the first born of Egypt,
    who smote many nations, the Amorites and all the kingdoms of Canaan."
    (Psalm 135:1-21);"Happy shall he be who takes your little ones and dashes
    them against the rocks." (Psalm 137:8-9).

    Poor Har Satar. No one believes in him. No one understands him.
    When I studied religion I was assigned Anton LaVey's Satanic Bible.
    It didn't shock me. It was a philosophy I grew up with. The main
    thrust of the text was to accept humans as another animal and not to
    trust God. By this standard my neighborhood was Satanic, they called themselves
    Humanists. Essentially, they did not put any faith in God and they accepted
    Darwin's theory that humans were just another ape. Let me say that I do not
    reject God, because I believe God is part of me. That's Wiccan and
    Roman Catholic, which was my indoctrination.

    Anton LaVey defines his moral code as self defense, "Do not take shit from
    anyone." There are Satanic Weddings and families. The big difference in
    all of this Hell worship is the lack of compassion. A Satanist will not forgive.
    Now, how forgiving are you? If someone attacks you or a love one will you
    forgive them? Most likely you will fight with the furry of a.. Satanist.
    Do you share your money? A Satanist keeps as much money for themselves.
    You see the pattern here?

    So most people say they are not Satanist, but they behave like them.
    I thought about Nod the other day. A male Fairy. He spends most of his
    day looking for Lady Fairies to make merry with. Then, again, he takes
    lots of naps too. Is this sloth? Should I chastise Nod? Why don't these
    Fairies do something constructive? Oh, I know, they're just too busy dancing
    and having parties in my garden. There is fornication going on under my roses!
    Sounds silly? Think about all the money spent policing fornication between
    consenting adults. Divorce lawyers are Satanic!

    I'm seeing more Fairy tattoos. Maybe its a new religion?
    I think I lost my point. Oh, well. Just be polite.
    I know I have a temper... but I'm not a baboon!





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