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This is a story about two young adults who have their feet tortured due to a clown.
Jessica was preparing for a night out. She was wearing jean short shorts, which
showed more of her slender legs, and a light green t-shirt that had glittering
flowers on it. No, nineteen year old Jessica wasn't preparing to go out with her
boyfriend to go see a movie, it was nearly eleven o'clock p.m. She was preparing
to go out and spend time with her eighteen year old brother, Andrew, who was
about to start his over night shift at the neighborhood swimming pool. He would
be there until seven in the morning, and while he usually has friends keep him
company, the past few times he was alone. So she decided to keep him company
during his entire shift. Their parents knew where they would be so they weren't
worried. The pool was only down the street from their house.

After Jessica finished with her hair, she slipped her beautiful bare feet into
her black flip flops. Her beautiful toes were polished in a clear, but glittery
polish which enhanced their natural beauty. She grabbed her keys and left the
house, locking the door on the way out.
When she arrived at the pool, she found her brother Andrew taking a quick run
around the pool to get his body pumping for the long night ahead. When he saw
his sister at the locked gate, he jogged over to let her in. Andrew was wearing
a black t-shirt, gray sports shorts, and was barefoot,
which wasn't all abnormal since at the pool there was the chance of taking a
quick dip in. Unfortunately, other watchman abused the privileges of the pool
and thus everyone was banned from swimming, but it was never said you couldn't
dip your feet in. Andrew was real happy to see his sister
for now he had company. But on this night, he would need another witness to help
explain the strange night they were about to have.
"I appreciate your company Sis," said Andrew while locking the gate back up.
"You sure you won't fall asleep before the shift is over?"
"No guarantees," she said. "but I couldn't let you spend another night alone.
Andrew turned around from the gate.
"Well, I hope you brought something to read or do because we can only keep each
other entertained for so long."
"I think we can manage." replied Jessica as she kicked off her flip flops. The
two walked into the pool house to grab a couple of chairs. After they brought
them outside, they heard a strange noise from back inside. They looked at each
other then back at the building.
"What was that?" asked Jessica half curious and half nervous.
"Ah it is just some stupid box in the closet," said Andrew not nervous at all.
"Everything is packed awkwardly in the closet and no matter how many times I try
to sit the box full of pool floot toys, it keeps falling. I'll just pull it
out." Andrew then walked back into the building.

Jessica waited patiently outside until he returned. She stared at her toes as
she wiggled them to admire how beautiful they looked. She could hear Andrew
fumbling around with the closet and the box. She stared up at the night sky
looking at all the beautiful stars, when she heard her brother shout really
she ran into the building and saw a box full of pool float toys on the floor and
her brother Andrew hopping up and down in place slightly turning in different
directions while holding his right foot in both his hands like a cartoon
character who just received a hot foot, or like the time he stole her diary and
she felt there was nothing else but stomp his barefoot really hard in sneakers
to get it back. Confused by the site, she gave the box a decent kick and
determined it didn't hurt her foot at all.
"Don't tell me that box of toys you dropped on your foot actually hurt?" she
said while shaking her head with a half smile on her face.
"OW OW OOOHHHH! I didn't drop the box on my foot, " Andrew exclaimed still
hopping around holding his foot. "As I had the box in my hand, I felt something
crash down on my foot. It felt heavy." Jessica just smiled at him.
"Are you seriously hurt?" she asked. Andrew stopped hopping, but still held his
foot as he examined it pressing on the top of his foot.
"No, owww. It is just going to be sore." Andrew rubbed the top of his foot with
his two thumbs as the rest of his hands held the bottom of his foot. "I'm going
to check on the chlorine machine." Andrew then walked/hopped out of the room.

Jessica still couldn't believe what just happened. While, Andrew did what he
had to do she went into the pool center to get a drink. She came across a soda
machine and decided to get a water. Jessica pulled out a couple of dollars and
inserted them into the machine. It took the bills without any problems.
She clicked on the button for the water and waited, but nothing happened. She
clicked on the button again to see if she selected a choice that was empty, but
it wasn't. She clicked on another water icon, but still nothing came down. She
banged on the machine several times with her fist, but it didn't help any.
"Come on!" she yelled. With each button pressed and each slap on the machine she
grew even more frustrated by second. Jessica plays for the woman's soccer team
at her school and is known for her powerful kicks into the net, but while
kicking a soccer ball really hard in shoes is okay kicking a vending machine
barefoot the same way is not. When her right foot made contact with the machine,
her face contorted from a frustration to agony.
"OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!" she yelled and snatched up her foot
in her hands and began hopping around while holding her sore foot. "OW OW OW
OWWWIEEE! Why did I just kick that machine?" she asked herself
as she continued to hop around the hall near the machine. Her toes went from a
tan brown to a sore red, and as far as she was concerned, they were pulsating
like the toes in the cartoons. She stopped hopping to wiggle her toes while she
still clutched her foot in her hands. She could move them, but they hurt each
time she did.
"YEOWCH! My poor tootsies." she moaned as she continued to inspect her toes. As
she inspected them, thuds could be heard from the machine, and then she saw the
water bottle crash down to the pick up slot on the machine. Instead of drinking
it though, she took the bottle and placed it on her sore toes
to perhaps numb the pain. "Stupid machine." Jessica said and limped off back to
the outside.

Andrew was just finishing up with the chlorine machine, when Jessica came
outside. Andrew still seemed to be favoring his right foot from whatever fell on
it, from what Jessica could see, but what caught her attention the most was the
reddish glow that was around Andrew's toes on his left foot. When Andrew closed
the machine and turned around,
she could now tell what was making the glow. They were lit machines and they
were stuck between Andrew's toes on his left foot.
"Andrew your foot!" Jessica yelled to him.
"My foot?" replied Andrew and he looked down. When he realized what was
happening it was too late. The flames from the matches began to lap at his bare
toes and once again Andrew broke out into a familiar dance.
"YEEEEEEEEEEOOOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWWW!!!!!" shouted Andrew as he grabbed his left foot
and began hopping around on his right leg.
"My toes are on fire! My toes are on fire!" Andrew yelled still hopping around.
"Stick your foot in the pool!" Jessica instructed. In all of Andrew's pain he
had forgotten where he was and quickly hopped over to the pool and dunked his
flaming foot in. The water provided instant relief. Andrew sat down by the pools
edge and pulled his foot from the water to extract the dowsed matches. His toes
had a slight burning glow almost like a street lamp that has just been turned
"What in the world is going on around here?" Andrew said still holding his burnt
toes. "First Something falls on my foot, and then my toes are set on fire."
"I had a bad run in with the vending machine. It didn't give me my drink until
after I got really angry and kicked it really hard." said Jessica coming to
stand next to him.
"Well, I can come up with excuses for that and the thing hitting my foot, but I
can't explain the hotfoot I just received." Andrew stood up and grabbed his left
foot to inspect them some more. Since he was facing the ground, he saw something
he didn't know how to explain. Standing not but a few inches tall next to
Jessica was a man in the clown costume. He has the white face paint with the red
nose and long shoes. The little clown moved closer to Jessica's right foot,
which Andrew could see was noticeably red. Andrew could think of nothing else
except to stomp on the little clown. With his foot in the air he could do it
without Jessica realizing it. When the opportunity came, Andrew slammed his foot
down to the ground.

Andrew thought it was the clown screaming in pain, but then he realized his
foot was onto of Jessica's right toes. She jerked it away and began hopping
around while holding her right foot in her hands. "OW my toes! Why did you stomp
on my toes?"
"There was a little clown by your foot. He is the one doing all these things to
us. I tried to stomp on him." Andrew explained.
"Little clown? I don't see any clown?" Jessica said still hopping around while
looking around her. Then she spotted the clown next to Andrew. "Andrew! Look
out!" She saw the little clown with a big mallet in his hand, and he swung it up
and down right on Andrew's left foot.
"YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEOOOOOOOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWWW!" Andrew shouted and joined her sister
and he grabbed his left foot and began hopping around while holding it in pain.

The clown just laughed and laughed as he watched the two teens hopping around
while holding their feet in their hands. Andrew realized it was the little clown
that must have whomped his foot from within the closet, and Jessica believed the
clown withheld the water bottle so that she would kick the machine out of
frustration. The clown laughed once more
and disappeared into the building.
"What do we do Andrew?" asked Jessica who stopped hopping but was stilling
clutching her toes.
"I'm not sure," replied Andrew who was doing the same. "We need to stop him for
the sake of our feet if anything."
"Well, how do we catch him?"
"He seems to enjoy us hopping around in pain while holding our feet. Perhaps we
can lure him out that way."
"A little clown that tortures feet? Well, which one of us should go?"
"He whomped both my feet and gave me a hotfoot. You just had your right toes
banged and stomped on. You still have an uninjured foot." suggested Andrew.
"Me?" questioned Jessica. "I want to keep my feet uninjured."
"He never directly attacked your feet. I'm sure he's been wanting too. You can
probably lure him into the open where I will grab him and put him in the empty
fish tank."
"Fine I'll go. If I didn't love you brother I'd have been long gone by now." she
said to Andrew.
"Thanks. If anything happens to you, hop away from him towards me. I'll do the
rest." said Andrew.

The two teens walked into the building in search of the foot torturing clown.
Jessica saw him go into a blackened room. She followed and tried to find the
lights. When she did, they did not turn on.
"Great," Jessica said. "Now, I'm not even going to see his attacks coming."
"If you get hurt," Andrew said. "get out of the room and head outside. He will
Jessica didn't feel any better about the situation because now it was a
guarantee she'd have her foot hurt some how. It wasn't if it would happen, it
was when would it happen and what would it be happening to them. The thought
just made her all the more nervous, but she still entered the darken room.
Jessica stepped very slowly, almost tiptoeing around. She couldn't tip toe too
much because her toes on her right foot still throbbed in pain. Andrew use to
take karate and could break wooden boards easily. Now her toes knew what the
boards felt like. Jessica could hear the clown laughing every once in awhile and
used that to follow. The clown sounded near by so she turned in that direction.
When she did, all she heard was a snap and a jolt of pain that went from her
left toes to her brain and then a message relayed from the brain to the legs to
tell it the toes had just stepped on a mousetrap.

Andrew, who was outside the room heard her sister loud and clear. "Guess it got
her." he said to himself. Jessica came hopping out from the darkened room
holding on to her left foot. A mousetrap dangled from her toes. He motioned her
to keep going towards the outside. He could hear the clown laughing and making
it's way towards the hallway. As soon as he clown emerged from
the dark room, Andrew pounced on it and grabbed the clown in his hands. The
little clown thrashed about in his hands trying to escape, but Andrew ran over
and put him in the deep empty fish tank. The sides were too smooth to climb out
so the clown was trapped. Even so, while Andrew watched over the clown, the
little clown pulled out his toy horn and threw it at Andrew, who moved
in time to watch it hit a basket ball on an adjacent shelf, falling down and
hitting the door handle of a small closet. The force caused the door to open and
out fell a long lifeguard flotation device. It fell atop other junk leaving it
extended above the ground about waist height on Andrew.
The other end was pinned down by other junk making it look like a diving board.
Andrew stopped paying attention and laughed at the clown thinking how dumb it
was. The clown was the last one laughing as it watched a bowling ball fall off
the top shelf of the closet, hit a couple of boxes and bags and rolled along the
lifeguard flotation device and dropped right onto Andrew's right barefoot.
The clown watched as Andrew's smiling face contorted to a painful look. The pain
caused his legs to buckle beneath him slightly as his legs bent.
right foot up grabbed it with both hands and preceded to hop around while
holding his now extremely sore foot in his hands.

Jessica was outside caressing her sore toes on her mouse trapped foot, when she
heard Andrew's cry. She didn't need to get up and look to see what happened.
Andrew came hopping outside holding his foot in his hands with face that said
whatever happened must have been bad.
"A bowling ball fell on my foot. He made a bowling ball fall on my foot!" Andrew
yelled still hopping around. The clown was heard laughing from inside.
"What?" said Jessica. "A bowling ball?
"It was out of a cartoon practically. First a horn, then a basketball, then a
door opening, and then a bowling ball on my foot. OWWWWWWWWWWWWW!" Andrew
continued to hop around in pain.
Jessica got out and walked gingerly inside and saw the bowling ball plus the
other stuff lying on the floor. The clown was still in the fish tank.
"Listen you, how dare you hurt my brother like that." Jessica said to the clown
in a stern voice. "How dare you hurt his feet and mine. What did we ever do to
you?" She began cleaning up the mess and putting it all back into the closet.
Last was the bowling ball. It was a real heavy bowling ball, in fact it was a
bowling ball custom made for a child. Still hurt if it
would land on your toes, but you didn't have to tell Andrew that anymore. She
lifted it up with both hands to put back on the top shelf when suddenly she
heard a loud horn. It was the clown with a small bull horn, but the sound was
equal to the life size version. Either way, it startled poor Jessica enough to
drop the bowling ball on her left foot. "OWWWW my foot! My foot! You made me
dropped a bowling ball on my foot!" she yelled really loud as she grabbed her
left foot and began hopping around the room in pain.

Andrew heard it all and seen it all from the outside, but he was stilling
clutching his barefoot in his hands even though he wasn't hopping. "This has to
stop." Andrew said to himself. "Neither of us will be able to walk after
tonight." With adrenaline pumping, Andrew set his foot down and stormed into the
building and grabbed the clown and stuffed him a sack used to hold basketballs
the school year. Just to make sure he tossed a basket ball in there hoping it
would thump the clown. He heard a smack, and a smile went on his face. He found
tied it up real tight and set it until the table the fish tank was on and placed
the bowling ball on it just in case. Then he and his sister went outside and
soaked their sore and now very tender feet in the water. Afterward, they
rubbed, massaged, and caressed them while reminiscing on the night. They agreed
nobody would believe their story and would find a good place to get rid of the
clown. By dawn, Andrews replacement arrived and the two left with the clown in
the bag and headed home. After some well deserved rest, the two of them drove
out to the a preserved park near their neighborhood and went in to the woods
to find the best place to get rid of the clown. They found a long drop that
would cause the clown to land and hopefully drown in the river. Both teens
carried the bag together from their home to the car and from the car to the
spot. They were about to toss the bag in when Jessica had an idea.
"Let's kick this bum together barefoot into the river." Jessica suggested.
"Yeah," agreed Andrew. "It would be justice served by kicking him with the feet
he abused." They placed the bag down by the edge and turned around and kick
their flip flops off and put them together next to a rock. They turned around
and prepared to kick the bag together.
"Three....two.....one......" they said and proceeded to kick the bag with all
their might. What happened next even the teens still can't figure out.

Their toes connected with the bag with a thud, and the two teens yelped in
pain, grabbing their respective sore foot and began to hop around the forest
holding their sore feet in pain. Somehow, someway, the clown escaped the bag in
that mere instance they turned around and put a large rock that couldn't be
budged by mortals in his place. What became of the clown was unknown to the
teens, but the message was clear to Andrew and Jessica as they hopping around holding their foot in pain, that no one can
outwit the foot torturing little clown.

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