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When two cousins start work at a water park they find themselves up again an angry child.
Water parks are one of the best places to be in the summer to beat the heat. They provide entertainment for all...unless you are the lifeguards. For the lifeguards who work at the parks, their amusement is to watch all the crazy things that kids do, but otherwise they just get to stand around doing nothing. For most lifeguards that is the ideal job because if lifeguards aren't doing their job that means nobody is drowning.

During one particular summer, twenty year old Steven and his twenty year old female cousin Melanie, decided to get a summer job at a waterpark in their home state of Pennsylvania. Both are skinny with Steven having a little more muscle than Melanie. Melanie was five inches shorter than Steven. Steven applied for field security, which would allow him to walk around the park keeping an eye on things. Melanie was a lifeguard, and was stationed at the wave pool. Melanie changed into her red lifeguard gear and headed over to the pool. Steven changed into a grey gulf shirt and black sports shorts and began his rounds of the park. Little did they know that their day would be all but typical.

It didn't start out hectic though. Melanie were stationed at the edge of the wave pool looking out over the mass of people in the water. Most of her morning went by with little to do than to stand around barefoot in the hot sun. Occasionally she got to yell at kids who were being disruptive and who were dunking other kids under the water. One particular boy, about ten, didn't appreciate her yelling at him.

"Place nice or you'll have to get out of the pool." she shouted to the kid.
"You can't tell me what to do." the boy replied.
"Want to bet? This lifeguard means I have to look out for the safety of the people in the pool."
"I dare you to try and take me out of the pool." the boy said. To show that nobody was an exception to the rule, she began to make her way towards the kid. Shocked by the fact she was going to take him out of the pool, he started splashing water at her. Then another lifeguard whistled his whistle loudly and ordered the boy to leave the pool. Even then, the kid wasn't reluctant, but the distraction allowed Melanie to grab the boy and pull him out of the water. The kid kicked and screamed bringing attention to himself. Most adults were embarrassed for the parent the kid belonged too and sympithised with Melanie.
"Where are your parents?" she asked the boy.
"I'm not telling." he replied. She didn't need to ask twice and took the boy with her to the phone near by to call for a security escort. She called for Steven naturally.

She spoke with the kid while waiting for Steven to try and get him to talk. The boy just gave her the silent treatment. When she saw Steven coming towards them in the distance, she stood up to greet him. The boy saw this as an opportunity to escape. With all his might, the boy jumped in the air and using both feet stomped on Melanie's left barefoot.
"YEEEEEEEOOOOOOOWWWW!!!!" Melanie yelled as she clutched her foot in both hands and began to hop up and down. The boy used this as a chance to escape, but ran into the arms of Steven.
"Woah there kid. Where are you running too?" he asked. Steven looked at Melanie holding her foot and hopping. "What happened to you?"
"The kid stomped on my foot." she said while clutching and rubbing the top of her foot.
"Disruptive, uncooportive, and assaulting a lifeguard. That's grounds for ejection from the park." Steven got the boy to show where his stuff was waited as he gathered his towl and slipped his crocks on. "Where are your parent's?"
"They are at home." said the boy. "They dropped me off here for the day."
"Well, when we get back to the office, I will call them to come get you." As the kid slipping his other crock on, he saw his opportunity to escape and once again with all his force, stomped down on Steven's left baretoes. "OOOOOOWWWWWWW!" Steven yelled as he grabbed his toes in his hand. The boy then darted away from the wave pool and headed towards the aracade loungue.
"You too huh?" said Melanie standing by watching Steven holding his toes tightly.
"That kid has a powerful stomp. We need to get him." replied Steven.

Instead of calling in the kid on the radio for everyone to look out for, Steven decided to get the kid himself since he and his cousin had their feet stomped on. Together they made their way to the arcade. Nobody was inside, which made some sense as everyone was enjoying the water attractions. The arcade was not that big, but the games were spread out making the room appear bigger. At first glance, they weren't sure where a ten year old boy could hide. They walked past several games and began walking past the pool tables, when Steven heard a thud and his cousin shreik "OWWWWW MY FOOT!" He looked over and saw her holding her left foot and began hopping up and down. He moved to the opposite side of the pool table to check on her. He then realized the boy must be under the table, but didn't move intime to feel the same pain his cousin did. The ten year old boy used the white cueball to smash both Melanie and Steven's foot. "YEOW!" Michael grabbed his now injured right foot and also began hopping up and down in pain.

The boy saw the opportunity to once again escape, but this time was caught by the parks owner who happened to be walking by when he saw his employees hopping around while holding their foot in pain.
"What seems to be the trouble here?" the park owner said.
"This kid was causing a disturbance in the wave pool and when I asked him to get out he refused." Melanie began saying. "When I finally got him out and called Steven here to escort him to the office he stomped on my foot."
"The kid also stomped on my foot as well after I had him gather his things." added Steven.
"Where are his parents?" asked the owner.
"The kid says they are at home." Steven replied.
"At home eh?" the owner said assessing the situation. "Tell you what, I'll escort the kid to the office. You two head over to the medical station to have them check your feet out."
"Yes sir." they replied. They headed out first, and as they passed the owner by, the kid stomped on their toes one last time sending the cousins to clutch their foot and hop around in pain.

The owner scolded the child and took him away. The cousins did go to the medical office where they had their feet checked out. While their toes were sore, they were ok, but docter bandaged the feet smashed by the cueball with bandage just to be safe. They were given the rest of the day off where they just loungued on the upper deck trying to figure out why the kid was just so mean.
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