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Story about a girl who wants to know her origin. She is a new generation vampire and lost.
“You can deny the world.

You can deny all around you.

But you cannot deny blood.

It is the material that makes you.

This you can never deny.”

The Father


Night like many other nights.

No prophecy, sign from the skies or ancient gods.

Just a night, nothing more and nothing less.

Girls night out.

Among the girls Melissa Myles – a successful attorney from New York who went out with her friends from work after a long day in the office.

A beautiful woman with a shining career in front of her and a whole world to discover. She took her party bag and entered the bar together with her friends. Her beauty didn’t come from her looks so much then from the way she was moving, smooth and elegant wearing self-confidence on her face she would break all with her smile.

Melissa loved men with foreign accents, as she liked to travel.

She especially loved Europe and wanted to live there once. So it was clear that the mysterious man with the Austrian accent would win her charms.

It all went so quick. He suddenly appeared in front of her, charmed all of her friends and finally Melissa. The mysterious Austrian had all the right moves and words, as if he would read her thoughts and say just what she wanted. This one she wasn’t ready to let go.

They fall in love, engaged very quickly and were about to marry after being together for a year. But before marrying Melissa was promised to have all of the love and attention she deserved but for that she should have understanding for her future husband's business trips. So he called it. Business trips.

She didn't see any problems in that. Her fiancee was in antiques business and it was perfectly clear that he had to travel all around the world and do business there. What is couple of days per month away from her?

Anyway she had a lot of work to do and wouldn't notice him being away.

So they married.

It was a dream wedding with a man from her dreams.

At first it wasn't hard for her to keep her promise. She was working and didn't notice his absence. But after two happy years of marriage she got pregnant and had to stay home due to the medical problems she had with the baby.

After eight months prematurely the baby was born.

A healthy daughter with astonishing blue eyes they gave the name Lissa.

Her husband was so excited, out of believe that they have a daughter.

He kept on saying it is a miracle and the child is very special.

Melissa stayed at home to take care of the child so suddenly she had a lot of time to suspect of her husband's business trips. She thought he was cheating on her and she needed to know if this is really true.

So she started to follow him around.

Melissa will be the proof that the curiosity will kill the cat. Eventually.

It was hard to keep up with her husband but she swore on her marriage that she would find out the truth no matter what it costs her.

Being loved and living in a perfect house with a perfect life didn't seem to be enough for her. So she kept on digging.

Her husband was visiting strange clubs, meeting weird people from an underground milieu as she thought and lead a double life.

She didn't want to enter these clubs at first but then she had to know what was really going on.

To her this was a completely strange world she saw. Everything was decorated in a Goth style and the people around her acted different than the people she met every day, like they were in trans. Her husband was one of these people, covered with blood on his throat and acting as a beast.

This is why I had to promise

Some maniac cult member.

Melissa ran away from the club. It was not clear to her why her loving husband lead a double life: during the day he was a respected businessman from Europe, and in the night he was a cult member.

The next day she confronted him with the facts. She couldn’t hide what she discovered and needed to destroy the illusion he created for her.

She wanted him to explain, to try to defend himself.

He couldn't deny what she saw. It would be better if she had believed that he was a cult member. Only it wasn't a cult.

I cannot say anything in my defense.

Melissa couldn't believe his words. At least he should tell me a lie, she thought. Lie to me!

What was it I saw? Tell me!

I can't.

How can't you explain yourself!

Melissa, I don't know what to tell you.

He went in his room and took a suitcase and started to pack. There was no back door from this situation. She broke her promise and followed him.

He was a fool for believing that this could function.

Again. But it wasn’t her fault, no no no... He should have known better and he should have done what he wanted in the first place. Just a bit of her sweet neck and the fluid under the skin. But as he came to her closer and closer that evening she thought it was a gentle kiss in the neck, something stopped him and it was the same game day after day. Fight with his nature and against a craving to fulfill his daily needs for that precious fluid.

Oh my God, what is in this woman that I cannot do it to the end... What is stopping me to shut her up and end this drama..

My daughter, she is the reason. Somehow and unexplainable.

Friedrich, I cannot let you leave without saying a word. For God sake, we have a child together. We are married...

I know it Melissa. You have made a promise. Do you remember?

Yes. I promised not to follow you around.

Did I ever lie to you about something?

Well, obviously your whole life story is a lie! You are having a double life. I couldn’t imagine this could be true! This is not happening to me..

You are changing subject. You wanted me to explain.

Yes! Explain!

Then answer my question. Why did you follow me?

Friedrich was ready to tell her everything.

There was nothing to loose because his fantasy of living with a human being and having a normal life was now officially over. The game comes to the end. Now.

I had to know the truth! You were leaving the house and disappearing God knows were. I thought you were cheating on me with some woman. And since yesterday I know I was right. But I never could guess it could be so disgusting as I saw it. You covered with blood, dressed so strange, I couldn't believe my eyes. Friedrich, who are you really?

Melissa. I have never told anyone what I am about to tell you now. So you better seat down.

Just say it!

And you will believe me? Whatever it is?

Of course.

Well.. All right.

Friedrich approached the bed where their daughter was sleeping.

Melissa, I am not like you. I am what you know as a vampire.

What? You have gone totally of your mind. Of all the sweet lies you could've said, you tell me you are a vampire? It would be easier to accept that you are a maniac serial killer or something like that!

Friedrich turned around to face Melissa. His face was different now. Looked like a monster with shining blue eyes. His sharp teeth were revealed and Melissa had to accept that this creature in front of her was telling her the truth. She went couple of steps behind and set down on the floor.

I got what I wanted. He is a monster. It is so true...

Yes my dear. This is my true face.

It cannot be...

But it is. I am a 1.200 years old vampire. I am what some refer to as an ancient vampire. Friedrich von Weinberger is my real name. I really own a company whose office you have visited so many times. And as all of the others of my kind, I will live forever.

But you can move when there is light! And we married in a church!

Dear Melissa, there is so much you think you know about my kind. But you know so little of me. I am not like the vampires you know from movies and books. These menace vampires that spread all over and create a false image of my kind. They are different. Unlike us ancient vampires. They cannot walk when it's daytime. They don't eat what they use to eat when they were human. They infect other people and turn them into vampires. It was a mistake of our kind to allow something like that to happen. But today there are too many of them and it is impossible to be stopped.

So you don't drink blood?

I have to in order to survive. But I don't need the human blood. I don't need to feed like the animal.

But I saw you!

You just saw blood. You didn't see me bite anybody yesterday. It was just a party. I cannot deny what I am. That doesn't mean I don't love you. You are what you are. And I am just different.

And what now Friedrich?

You saw my suitcase. Now you know who I am. This is the end.

What about you and me and Lissa?

For Lissa it would be the best if she grew up with my kind. With her people.


Whatever you choose to call it.

I won't allow you to take my child. I will fight on court for Lissa! You know I am a damn good attorney.

Melissa, you didn't understand me back then when I told you that you should respect my secrets. I will have to leave for your sake if you ever knew what I just told you. I am leaving for good. You won't have to go to court. I will provide you with everything you need. Money, house, you can keep it. But the decision about Lissa, about keeping her with you... You will make a mistake. She is not a normal child. As you know, the doctors said she has a blood sickness. Lissa is not sick. She is a vampire. A direct offspring of an ancient vampire and a human being. Something that wasn't meant to happen.

How do you mean it?

It is our curse. The vampires cannot have children.

And what about Lissa? How did she happen?

Love. The moment I saw you in that club I knew that you are the woman I will always love. You are the only human being I cannot bite. Why, I cannot explain. I hoped that I could have the right on normal life. I wanted to try living as a human being. So love happened. Lissa is a half human being, and a 100% ancient vampire. With every day to come she will be less human and more like me. Her destiny is to create a new generation of ancient vampires. My generation is getting older and older and the change will eventually happen. Lissa will be this change.

I don't care what you say. You can leave but my daughter is staying here. She is no vampire. She is just a child.

It is your decision. I have to respect it. Though I am warning you that you will never give her the answers she will need, and you will never understand her true nature. She is very special.

Go away! You are insane!

So he left.

He could have taken Lissa with him by force. But this would be a mistake. Lissa will change his world someday. But before that she has to learn more about humans that will always be a part of her.

When that day of change comes, she will have to choose sides.

Being a vampire, or a human.
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