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What is our signifigance? Can we make change or are we unable to make a difference.
         There are about 7 billion people on this earth. Out of that seven billion there are about 1 to 1.5 billion families that live on this same planet. The normal population of these 1.5 billion families are 4 people. You are one of those four people. You are just 1 in 7 billion. One of the big questions in life is if you can make a difference or are you just someone who fights the flow but cannot change it. Who are you? What's your signifigance?
         In this world I believe everyone has the same, equal signifigance. Only people who have the courage to stand for what they believe make the difference. Everyone is equal, everyone is the same, but the only people who can cause change are the people who take action and gather up courage for their beliefs.
         When you gather courage and stand up for your beliefs do not fall down to failure. Failure is only a little pebble in your path of greatness. You can trip and land on your face because of this pebble or kick it out of the way and forget you ever saw it. Failures are small and insiginificant compared to our journey we call life. In your path to change, don't fret about failure, be prepared, but not afraid. Abraham Lincoln is one of many great examples of picking yourself back up after failure. He failed so many times in politics but it never bothered him. He always got back on his feet a tried again. Finally after all his hard work, courage, and persistance he became the 16th president of the United States. He, was like us, he had the same significance. He just gathered up more courage and persistance than us.
         You, alone, are able to make change. When you stand up for yourself or an idea, there will always be times when you think that you fell short of you goal, but really nobody has enough courage to stand up with you. They will think of your protest and you will have made a change. In their brain, in their heart. No matter who you are protesting to, or what you are protesting about, one person out there will stand with you, silently or loudly, one person will have changed their thoughts, one person will help you on your journey.
         You might not believe me now but I am the same, I have the same signifigance as all of you. I gathered my courage and now I make my stand. If you don't believe that little people can make a change then how about I change your mind. Are you not reading this paper? Did I not put idea's into your head? You might be one person, but one person is all I need to start something. It takes one to start many. Remember that.
         So this is my challange to you. Stand up for what you believe in. Gather your courage and show the world that you aren't afraid of them and that you will make a change. Even how slow it may seem or how bad you are losing the battle, keep strong, have faith, be persistance, because you deserve to make a difference, you deserve to be heard. We are all equal, but only the famous figures had the courage to stand for their beliefs. Will you become one of them? Will you be heard?

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