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An encounter with a child depicts how grown ups have forgotten the basics of love & Life.
You do not a special kind of environment or a specific classroom to learn things. Learning can happen anytime, anywhere. This faint belief of my mine was strengthened by an interaction with a child.

Last Sunday I had to go out and buy some clothes for myself. I visited this shop at sector-18 and had to wait since there a lot of rush. Meanwhile a saw a small girl child who came with her mother at the shop. She was running here and there and was uncontrollable by her mother. I tried to find out what exactly is her interest, there must be something she is finding pleasure in but is not able to tell. I saw that there were lot of sponges thrown on the floor. She was just picking up one and trying to play with it. I brought her near me and played with her and sponges for a while. The innocent pleasure and smile constant on her face forced me to think how we tend to control not doing things which are considered as not good in society hence depriving ourselves of the bliss we could have got without any so called hard work.

I did not liked the clothes shown so I decided to walk out. Then something happened that was very natural but sadly this natural thing is horrifyingly missing in us. As i was leaving the child was quietly waving at me to say goodbye. The smile on her face like that of an understanding and full of gratitude. Well it was most natural but i kept thinking about it for a long time. The Thankfulness, Living in the moment, Gratitude, saying "Yes" was all shown by her in her one act. She was thankful to me and quietly showed the same to me.. Are we doing the same in our lives.. Do we express our gratitude to each and every blessings we tend to get, we take everything for granted. Actually its not about saying even, Do we even feel gratitude??? If not this is the high time we inquire ourselves what is stopping us from doing the same, Is it our Ego???

The child could have tried to follow me , or cry in the thought that the pleasure, the happiness that she got now she might not get after I am gone, but she did not do that, she was living the moment and expressed gratitude for the same, not worried about the future.. She simply waved as if saying " Thank you very much Sir for your kind act, but its not that I would not find any happiness in future because the source of happiness is within myself only, you were only a medium to share with."

I picked up a sponge piece and kept it in my pocket as a token of gratitude from her. Today while checking the pockets I found this piece and the incident became fresh in my mind, so i could not stop myself from sharing with you.
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