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by Amay
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A wedding wish and fantasy come true- 2nd place coloring the world
“I’ll be right in; I just want to finish this note before I come to bed.”

Dear David,

You’re just amazing. You made my wedding day something that I will never forget. I couldn’t believe how much you knew about what I wanted before we even talked. I just want to thank you for all of the wonderful memories that I’ll keep in my heart while Stan is deployed.

I’ve been a fan for years. When you knocked at the door, you could have blown me over with a feather. I hadn’t even been proposed to at that point.

Apparently, I have one sneaky husband. When you walked into the house, he dropped to his knee, oh my goodness; I didn’t know what to think. I’d been so worried about him shipping out and being gone for so long. I knew my best friend wasn’t going to be holding my hand for a year, and there he was on his knee asking me to be his wife.

On your show, you have a couple of weeks to get everything together, change plans and stuff to make a dream wedding possible. I didn’t know it was possible for you to turn my dreams into a wedding and honeymoon in two days. You’re a miracle worker.

From the moment Stan proposed, you whisked me away on a magical journey. Your co-conspirator had filled you in with ideas we had for a perfect wedding. All of those long range plans that I thought would come to fruition after he came home just kept turning up all over the place. Honestly, I didn’t think he was even listening.

The past few days were just a whirlwind of activity getting everything ready. My dream of getting married in the butterfly garden where Stan and I met was a piece of cake for you.

I watched in amazement as you unveiled my grandmother’s gown and veil; she’d made them for her wedding, and my dream was to wear them one day. She dared me to try them on a while back (another member of your team of conspirators).

When I walked out to meet you before the wedding, you had a gift for me. I opened the box and recognized my great-grandmother’s locket immediately. Inside was a picture of my grandparents on their wedding day. My bouquet of dahlias and daisies were just like the ones my grandmother carried.

My heart soared as I entered the butterfly garden to see my true love standing there in his dress uniform with the butterfly and daisies, and so many of our friends. Within two days I went from engaged to married.

David, I could never begin to thank you for everything you’ve done. My dreams for a special wedding in a year happened in less than a week. You, my grandmother, and my darling husband have given me the greatest gift a girl could ever imagine.

With eternal gratitude,


With her letter sealed, “Stan, I love you!”

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