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by Zuk
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Banter over God and Man.
Indeed, man is inherently evil. One can see this by looking all around them, by looking at God's other creations; something I had noticed before. If you look at animals, they do not commit evil acts, they just do what they must to survive; they do not know the difference between Good and Evil. Then look at man, we use our gifts God has given us to create weapons to harm others...we've waged war on one another since time immemorial. Recklessly, we destroy the environment around us, caring little for consequences.

Since our fall, we have been like a virus upon this earth, slowly degrading and corroding the presence of Gods other creations. Animals have become extinct, ecosystems have been unraveled, and now, we bring upon our own destruction. With our creations we are melting the icecaps -the very water that God froze after flooding the earth to rid the earth of evil. The balance has been broken, and we are to blame. We were meant to live with animals in harmony, to provide us with company, yet we destroy our company.

Science is the study of what God has created, to say otherwise would be ridiculous. Can one not see the intricacy of a snowflake, the complexities of genealogical structure? With all of its theories and probabilities, science never truly has the exact answers, never will. You see a leaf tumbling through the air from the branch of a tree, you know that gravity pulls down on it, eventually pulling it to the ground. Yet, do you doubt that gravity exists? Of course not. For you see it at work right in front of your eyes! The same goes with God, but the absolute magnitude of which is affected by him is so large that one can often overlook it.

But to deny that God is a force; like gravity is a force, is to deny reality. Gravity is simply a product of God, it is merely another tool for him to keep balance. God created gravity, he created all of the laws of science, for if these did not exist then there would be no harmony, no cosmos, everything would be in chaos and disorder. He influenced everything, every event, every second that passes us by is because of him and affected by him. He knows the future, knows about everything, and he has planned everything. Everything happens for a reason, because everything is planned.

Yet, he gave us free-will, the chance to somewhat alter our destinies. He gives us the choice to pick what we want to do, and he accommodates his plans for us around our choices. For the entire purpose of our free-will is to become unique individuals, we do not have free-will just to have it controlled by others, no, we have it to carve out our own meanings and existence.
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