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Poetry written for a Dear friend
Evolving, looking into this broken mirror of reflection and as though this is a game of chess I see a Queen. Not the One to be

protected but to be the protector. I inject encourgaing words in your blood, calming your soul to allow you to know that I Love

You, and at the same time F@CK YOU. It was always I to protect the fort, for it's my forte to carry the stregnth of inner beauty

of logic. I wanted it to be equal.. So I chose not to leave. I stood by the sides of many watching how the black oil from the

souls of black folk that won't even reach within themselves to use their full potential..How rich it is our blood. Coming from

royalty and in the end you spent your potential falling into the cateogory of being the product of your envirnoment, leaving your

time here to be just as it is....priceless.Diamonds and pearls don't grow together, one is from water and other from earth...so it

was meant to be with one another due to erosion and evolution. I'm looking into the broken pieces of this mirror and it's looks

like an illusion from the different angles coming from the outside looking in...So don't tell me where I am going due to the fact of

where I have been. Check, Mate. Sad to say that growth and change had to take place because I didn't want to leave

you...your like my child so finsih with the ketchup on your plate and I will be waiting where the grass is not even greener on the

other side but blue. My intellect is far to high that I can't even pronouce the words I hold inside because your understatement

you see before your eyes, is your own fear of being denied. Can't touch me and even if you tried, you'll die first from even

having the sheer thought of believing you could beat me, Now King me.

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