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Heritage and personal experience with life in general.
African Pride, shaped as large as Africa with an ass to match the influence of its status.

Joining union, because my color does not match the description of racism but of stereotypical dreams of jealously

Is that the reason why genocide is produced, for blanks to be shot at our minds, to be seperated and yet joined because your skin is the color of Bleu.

Use me as the example, though I did not give you the permission, it all calms naturally when dealing with the influence of wisdom, of knowledge, Of learning the outcome, that still possess your past.

Not I, I claim

I would have been the house nigga, the one who's skin was produced because a lighter pigmentation that brought fire to my pig like veins.

To be stuck in a fuckery, a capitalism that is capitalized to bring Proper Nouns to justice, Their union on protecting conjunctions of wrong lies.

I proclaim that you look at me

Taste and lick every fiber of my being, I hope I poison you with diversity. To join the bandwagon and watch my wetback lay in the sunset, riding towards the east awaiting for the baptism to arise, to ride that particular train to just be free.

Every tradition in my blood has a story that is yet told.

and don't noone want to accept my light skin, though my soul feels Bleu and I have that Indian Pride that does not allow me to let you take my land that my ancestors so freely traded.

I'm angry with this passion of Love I want to give but your too blinded,

Your just following the t.v. your just the answering machine that speaks, that don't even study the word that you leave so how can we really leave you a message. Knock, Knock, jokes are the sellout.

My European blood, fought for the justice, bombs raging above my head making me move too fast, when all I was, is a little girl.

Then you wonder why life is so dysfunctional,


MAYBE IT'S BECAUSE OF THE PAIN, the pain that we still feel spiritually due to their vain living.

That is why I believe in no man's war, because in my eyes it's all fighting spiritually for not our flesh, but our sound minds and words that conduct our behaviour.

Until you find out who you are, don't tell me who I need to be. I know myself, and subconsciously, your conscience secretly knows you better.
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