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by Gim
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Disingenuous confusion, control, and deception and mendacity of Ohio's 'powers-that-be'!
"The Big Lie" of balancing Ohio's fiscal crisis by destroying the union-power of
the more than 300,000 local, county, and state employees by the "powers-that-be" and S.B.5 is a long established goal and ploy of Ohio's oligarchs: especially, the so-called "Compassionate-Conservatives," the new "Tea-Partiers," and the big- business "Robber-Barons" of the 21st Century in collusion with the mendacious status-quo Republicans, whom control the Governorship, most state offices, and both houses of the state legislature...

The Governor believed that he had the absolute-power, with the backing of
Ohio's disingenuous Republican legislators, to finally restrict and usurp the long-established benefits and employment of Ohio's public employees: the police, the firefighters and first-reponders, and regular public-staff employees.

These career-politicians and big-business miscreants, whom devised, orchestrated, and implemented this legislation (S.B.5) and other restrictive laws which curtails benefits, employment and safety regulations for employees and even the public, and who institutes fascistic domination over the lives of others honestly believed that they could deceive and fool employees and some others into accepting the destruction of the public and social institutions and their protections, which are very important and necessary for the continued maintenance and survival of employees and their families, their communities, and their economic status and way-of-life...

Lo and behold; these employees raised up and amassed more than 1-million
signatures in order to put a referendum on Ohio's election ballot this fall, so that the citizenry will be able to vote on the validity of this very restrictive law: S.B.5. In all the polls as yet, more than 70 percent of those surveyed within Ohio are adamantly opposed to such a human-destruction-measure, which is an innate modus-operandi-propensity of the Republican cartel that governs the state.

"Buckeyes will NO longer acquiesce and tolerate the abuse, the deceit, the hypocrisy and injustice, the opression and plunder, and the parasitic-value-destruction of their benefits and collective-bargaining-rights and way-of-life by the mendacious modern 'Robber-Barons'..."

"... And that's the 'real' deal!"

Although Ohio possesses many brilliant and innovative ideas and research institutions that permeates the state: the internationally renowned Ohio State University, the Cleveland Institute, Nationwide Children's Hospital, Battelle Institute, Ross Labortories, the Wexner and Worthington Corporations, its many other entities of important value-production and higher-education and entrepeuneur innovation; e.g. Ohio's leadership and premier position in solar-energy production, health and medical break-throughs, and positive and progressive business and economic models, as well as leadership in the area of many private and public partnerships in the myriad endeavors of economic, of employment, of community and housing initiatives, of business and health and medical research, and of personal and neighborhood empowerment and enhancement is NOT a priority of the dominant-class, NOR the state ruled
institutions and organizations.

Currently, the Ohio Governor and his big-business and legislative cronies believe that they must maintain and retain their absolute and complete control of all those under their jurisdiction: they are today's fascist-cartel and human- parasitic-value destroyers; their actions speak louder than words -- you will know them by their DEEDS.

However, today's citizenry in the Buckeye state are very independent critical- thinkers, who do NOT kowtow to any false demi-gods, dogma, ideology and fascistic-partisanship: they are NOT brainwashed robotic followers; most are
'divinely-conscious" individuals, whom do NOT blindly accept and follow the mendacity of the hypocritical-fascist-powers-that-be...

I predict that these progressives will recapture control of our state public institutions and offices, and reinstitute a civil and just society, which will be
"a government of the people, by the people, and for the people." And I also
predict that there are currently diverse machinations brewing to ensure the
certain demise (one-term) of particular politicians; e.g. Kasich and Mandel.

Ohio's state function will vastly change, and it will NO longer benefit "only" the lobbyists, the pundits, the spin-doctors and the adherents of the despicable status-quo and powers-that-be.

"... And that's the 'real' deal!"

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