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by Reshma
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An article about little everyday things which sometimes hold a lot of significance.
A movie stub, a silver ring, some passport size photos, some loose change, a bit of torn newspaper clipping, a restaurant bill, a silver thread, a smiley badge , a tube of lip balm, an address and a pair of mismatched earrings- The contains of my purse, things which to an outsider would seem like trash but each and every thing (well almost!0 is of importance to me. So today I actually got down to cleaning out my purse which frankly speaking was getting really heavy. When I opened it up all these things fell out of it, I picked up a few things and was wondering why I had stashed all these things away in my purse and then I started remembering…

The movie stub is my bit of keepsake to remind me about one of the most special days of my life, when I got the ticket to this awesome movie which I really wanted to see but later on decided to give the movie a miss because I was having a totally great time somewhere else..

The silver ring belongs to a childhood friend of mine, who sadly, I am not on talking terms with anymore. The ring reminds me of her, the lovely times we had and the mistake that I made in letting her go so easily.

The passport size photos are of me, school photos, in which I look totally horrible, high school photos in which I look just crazy and geeky, more recent ones which have been taken rather embarrassingly and which look a bit better.

The newspaper clipping is an advertisement of some shopping sale which I attended with my sisters. We had a gala time and ended up buying stupid stuff which we were never going to wear.

The restaurant bill is the one which led to quite a bit of embarrassment because no one had enough money to pay and we had to send someone home to fetch the extra dough to pay for it.

The smiley badges are a gift from my seven year old cousin who wanted me to wear them, well; I am always going to keep them safe with me.

The rest of the things have their own not so serious memories attached to them too. I have never thought that a purse could tell you so much about a person’s life. It’s all in here, my favorite memories of my favorite people.
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