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by Reshma
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about life in general.
The other day an article in the newspaper caught my attention, it was by Robin Sharma. The article in question was an excerpt from his book The Greatness Guide 2, the reason why this article caught my attention and made me write about it was it was a compressed piece of writing from within, writing from the soul, in-depth writing or call it whatever you want the point is it was a marvelous article targeting the tangle which humans have landed into. Here is what it says

'I like my music loud, my coffee strong and my dreams large. I like days with color, people with passion and conversations that call out the best within me.

I want to live like there is no tomorrow, achieve the best within me and love the people in my life like I really mean it. I want to do my part to elevate our world; I want to live with intensity

What a beautiful word: intensely .live a high volume life play full out. Take risks, reach high. Don’t look back. Be authentic. Be great.’

And so it goes.

I so loved this piece of writing its fresh, rejuvenating, original, direct and from the heart. I wanted to share this with everyone .More importantly I wanted to share it with people who have forgotten how to live INTENSELY, who have given up their originality to ape someone else, who have forgotten themselves in the quest of some non-existent happiness, who have become so obsessed with keeping in touch with those around them that they have forgotten to keep in touch with their own souls.

To all those people for the ultimate happiness there is no need to look anywhere else, just look within yourself.
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