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Rated: 13+ · Poetry · Other · #1795155
Star Trek Poem
Each in her time, 01 and 01D
Fell through a rift, just like with 01C.

But the properties of this rift were strange.
It caused there to be some mental exchange.

Weird wisps of thought stalked the minds of the crew.
He’s dead Jim, thought Crusher, then she thought: Who?

Bones began to panic, suddenly sure
He loved the captain. I must find a cure!

Geordi looked up and saw that he could see.
Has Q returned? More twisted fantasy?

Scotty took a sip and his vision changed.
He threw down the bottle, and ran, deranged.

Confused, Wesley sought a toggle of red.
“Impulse switch?” he asked, then scratched his head.

Sulu thought of Bones and he was disturbed.
McCoy my mommy? That’s just too absurd!

Emotions emerged, behind a firewall.
Data felt excitement, making it fall.

Spock found true peace, though he was not so sure,
Emotion was a disease with no cure.

Picard felt the urge to gesticulate;
“Got to find an answer! Must speculate!”

Kirk spoke orders with the sound of a Brit.
But aren’t I from France? What’s up with this shit?

Will Riker went still and sat in his chair,
No thoughts at all, as if he was not there.

Worf looked down and saw the red shirt he wore.
Sensing his fate, like a Klingon, he swore.

Confusion was rampant, chaos abound.
Fighting the onslaught, Troi alone seemed sound.

She thought back to the quantum filament.
I’ll go with Ro. Just for the hell of it.

“Computer,” she said. The tension mounted.
“Authorization Troi, five-four-one-Alpha,”

And then, bouncing with anticipation,
She said: “Prepare saucer separation!”

She saw she should have sought out O’brien,
But she gave herself kudos for trying.

Ro’s old suggestion caused a disruption.
There was field integrity corruption.

The warp core blew up. Troi suddenly found
That it was poker night, Data dealt this round.

After face down, the face up were all threes.
She thought it might be hidden memories.
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