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Andrew and Jessica find themselves up against a teacher with a fetish for foot torture.
The alarm goes off waking the boy from sleep. The young boy gets up out of bed wearing a white t-shirt and boxer shorts and wanders through the dark room towards the bedroom door when…..THUD. “OOOOOWWWWWWW!” the boy shouted and grabbed his right bare toes and began to hop up and down in place. The boy was Andrew and he just started his day off with stubbing his toes on the dresser near the door. The eighteen year old boy has been quite familiar with the dance he was performing in his room. After two encounters with a bizarre foot torturing clown, his summer had been spent mainly recovering from injured feet. He was up that early because he wanted to start training with an early morning jog to get himself prepared for the day he might encounter that crazy clown again. Andrew set his foot down to the ground gingerly and headed to the bathroom to wash up.

Aside physical exercise with weights and cardio, Andrew had decided to take up karate again. Andrew once took karate while in high school, but quit after failing his black belt test. A test that was sabotaged by one of his fellow classmates, named Raymond, who tripped Andrew up during his performance. Andrew didn’t expect Ray to be there now since that was several years ago. Little did he know how much has changed since he left the karate school.

Andrew spent most of the day training. His karate class wasn’t until four in the evening. He jogged around the park, he came home and lifted some weights, occasionally doing a little impromptu dance, especially when his nineteen year old sister Jessica, snuck up behind and startled him resulting in Andrew dropped the weight on his foot. Jessica loved her brother though as she was with him when the foot torturing clown attacked. She was his personal coach and stood by his side during his entire training session. She’d eventually do more than she ever thought she’d have to for her brother.

By three thirty in the afternoon, went with Andrew to his first karate class. Upon arrival, Andrew didn’t see anything that was familiar. The whole interior was remodeled. The biggest change was the lack of a padded floor. It was replaced with a hard wood floor. Jessica took her place in the benched behind the glass window that could see into the studio, while Andrew headed to the changing area to get into his gear. As Andrew changed from his t-shirt and sports shorts to his black karate suit. He heard a familiar voice talking to him.

“So you’ve come back to finish what you have failed to complete?” said the person. Andrew turned around and saw it was Raymond.
“Not necessarily,” Andrew said. “But while I’m here I guess I can. What are you doing here anyway? You graduated already.”
“Guess you haven’t heard I’m the teachers assistant.”
“Teacher’s assistant? Who’s the teacher?” asked Andrew.
“My father.” replied Ray. Indeed, Ray’s father was the new karate master. Andrew knew that Ray’s father, who’s name was George, was a tough teacher. George also worked as the P.E. coach at the near by high school, and Andrew remembered the hard drills he’d make them the students go though. When George walked in through a side door that led to a private gym, Andrew had forgotten how fit he was. George was only thirty five years old with a buzz haircut and physically fit. Even though he was well groomed, Raymond still looked like an average person just with a little more muscle on him.

When class began and Jessica watched George and Raymond come out to start the class, she was surprised that he was the teacher. He was tough enough as a school coach, but he’d most likely be tougher as a karate teacher. Something occurred to her though that she didn’t initially picked up on. George was always known for making the school students jog laps barefoot across hot asphalt. It’s been said that barefoot running is better than running in shoes, but most students were in dire pain after the run. Jessica remembers having to job barefoot and also remembers how she spent lots of time cooling her feet off at the water pump, like most students did. Could it be that……

“Listen up everyone,” George began. “I am George your karate instructor. You will address me by sir or Mr. George. Is that understood?”
“Yes sir!” the students responded.
“Good. With me is my son Raymond who will act as my assistant to help teach you.” Andrew and Ray locked eyes. Ray smiled because he knew he had complete control over how well Andrew does and unfortunately Andrew knew that. “Your feet belong to me now! I will turn them from useless walking tools to dangerous weapons.”
“Yes sir!”
“It will be a painful journey, but it will be worth it in the end.” George said as he gave a quick stomp on the foot to a young student that looked a little frighten. The boy winced in pain by the stomp and when George had his back to him, the boy lifted his foot up into this hands to massage it real quick.
“How dare he hurt him like that.” Jessica said to herself. She looked around and noticed none of the parents were paying attention.

The first part of the days training began with George making them jog in place. They all started out slow, but George soon made them do it faster, and faster, and faster. The students feet were pounding the floor like pistons. George didn’t increase his speed past the initial one. In fact, he had stopped jogging to walk around to inspect the students. After about five minutes, George told them to stop. Jessica could see the soles of the students feet were red. Some of them were even wiggling their toes and she could see their facial expressions saying their feet hurt.

“The second part of the training will be the foot stomp.” said George. The students looked around at each other slightly confused.
“The best way to defend yourself when someone is attacking is to stomp on their foot as hard as you can. It demoralizes them for a second to give you the chance to counter.”
“Everyone line up in two rows and face each other.” ordered Raymond. The students lined up with Andrew at the lead. “In later classes, we will teach you the best strike after the stomp, but today we will practice just the stomp.” Jessica looked on intently.
“The stomp is the simplest part of this attack.” said George.
“Indeed,” agreed Raymond. “All you have to do is lift your foot up bending your knee to the maximum and then….” STOMP! Raymond brought the full force of his leg down stomping right on Andrew’s left toes.
“YEEEEEEOOOOOOOWWWWW!” shouted Andrew as he clutched his left toes in his hand. He squeezed them hard and hopped occasionally to keep balance.
“Well, done Raymond.” complimented George. “Of course, anyone who hops around while holding their foot like some cartoon character as Mr. Andrew here is demonstrating will be penalized with ten push ups.”
“He stomped on my toes sir.” said Andrew still clutching his toes tightly. “Not my foot as instructed.”
“Yes, well,” said George quickly. “Remember to aim for the foot and not the toes. Start stomping.”

The students turned to each other and reluctantly started stomping on each other’s feet. Jessica could see this sort of training was madness, but none of the other parents said a thing. Jessica could see Andrew standing off to the side clutching his foot as George walked over and said something to him. Andrew seemed to be trying to get out of having to do push ups when Raymond stomped on his toes without warning. It didn’t matter in the end as Andrew laid on the ground and began to do push ups, winching the entire time as pressure increased on his toes. While he served his punishment, the other students continued to stomp on each others feet, lifting them occasionally to wiggle their toes. After about seven minutes of continual stomping, they stopped the lesson to give the students a small break to massage their aching feet. Andrew utilized all five minutes of the break to massage his sore toes. Once the break was over, George made them jog in place some more, taught them a side kick, made them practice it by attacking the padded walls, and them sent them on their way.

Andrew limped his way to the back to change. He made sure he was the last person to do so for a reason. Jessica was wondering what was taking so long so she walked through the studio to the changing room to see. She found Andrew talking sternly to Raymond as Raymond was holding his right barefoot in his hands.

“I’m not even going to ask you if everything is ok.” Jessica said to her brother.
“If it wasn’t before, it most likely will be now.” replied Andrew as he walked out the room leaving Raymond hopping on one foot while holding the other “OOOHHHHing” and “OOOWWWWing” from his foot being stomped on.

When they arrived home, Andrew just went straight upstairs ignoring all questions his parents had for him. Jessica just gave hand signals to her mom and dad indicating she will handle it. Andrew kicked off his black flip flops as he entered the room and just dropped his bag on the floor and angrily kicked his trunk at the foot of his bed. Andrew held back his will to let out his pain. He just grabbed his foot and hopped about a little as Jessica stood in the doorway shaking her head.

“So is karate really going to be worth it?” she asked him.
“Only if Raymond learns to behave himself.” he replied still clutching his foot.
“I think he is the least of your worries. George is going to destroy your feet.”
“Well that’s George for you.” Andrew sat down at the edge of his bed and picked his foot to rest on the edge so he could inspect it. The whole front of his foot, including his toes, were turning red. “You know he’s always been a hard teacher.”
“Yeah, but this doesn’t seem right. I think he has an something in mind other than training kids karate. Your old instructor didn’t make you stomp on each others feet.”
“What are you suggesting?” Andrew wiggled his toes and began to rub them.
“Remember how he use to make us run around the school barefoot on the hot ground?”
“Oh yeah. My feet were burning. I took extra long cold showers just to cool them down.”
“I think he has a foot fetish. He likes seeing feet in pain. What a better place for it than a karate school.” said Jessica. Andrew looked up at Jessica with a confused look on his face. Could it be true? It was strange enough for a supernatural clown to have a desire for foot torture, but a real human being having it? It couldn’t be true. Could it? They decided to give it one more day and if the foot torture persisted, both Andrew and Jessica were going to sneak to George’s home to discover the truth. As Jessica was walking out of Andrew’s room, she wasn’t care where she was walking and…..THUD. “OOOOWWWWWWWWW” she yelled as she grabbed her right toes in her hand and hopped out of Andrew’s room to hers.
“I have to move that dresser over a few inches or something.” said Andrew to himself.

The next evening at the same time, they arrived at the karate studio for the lesson. Once again Jessica was the only spectator who watched intently at the bizarre training method of George and his son Raymond. They did some intense jogging drills like before and did a few warm up practice kicks to the padded walls. In the center of the studio hung a giant punching bag. The idea was for them to practice a special kick they would learn that day, but before that the teacher had other plans.

“Before we get to this baby,” he said patting it with his hand. “We are going to go outside and practice some focus training. You will stand on the hot asphalt barefoot for ten minutes without moving.” A collective groan let out by the students.
“Come on, outside, move it!” commanded Raymond shepherding them outside. When they all left, Jessica decided to inspect the giant punching bag. She felt it with her hands and it felt like a sturdy ordinary bag. She decided to give it a kick of her own to see how sturdy. With her flops waiting back on the spectator bench in the other room, she positioned herself to kick it right in the side that would be done using her toes.
“Hiyyyyyyyyyyyaaaaaaahhhhh AAAHHHHHHHH OWWWWWWWW!” she exclaimed as her kick made a metal “PANG” sound as her toes connected with the bag. With her right toes clutched firmly in her hand she began to hop around in pain. “ OW OOOHHHH OW OW OOOOOOOO OWWW OWWW. What in the world is in that bag?” She hopped all the way back to her seat where she started to rub and kiss and caress her sore toes. “OWWW my poor tootsies. OH my poor little piggies. Oh they hurt so bad.” she said in-between kissing her toes and rubbing them. She needed to warn Andrew about the bag so she slipped her now red toes into her flip flops and went around back where they were.

She found them all standing with their legs several inches apart quietly and with their eyes shut just meditating. She slipped her left foot off and touched the ground to determine how hot the ground was. Their feet had to be really hot because the ground was a still hot even if the sun was beginning to set. She saw Andrew standing to the far left, and she also noticed his left foot was glowing. Could it be? Unfortunately yes. Before the words formed into her head to come shouting out of her mouth, the fire had already reached his toes. All concentration among students were lost when they heard Andrew scream out “YEEEOOOOWWW! My toes are on fire!” He thrashed his foot around violently until the fire went out then he clutches his toes in his hand and began to hop around the lot in pain.
“Andrew what is the meaning of this?” said George as he watched Andrew hopping around.
“My toes were on fire sir!” Andrew said still hopping around.
“Of course, you’ve been standing on hot asphalt.”
“No, somebody gave me a hotfoot!”
“Preposterous.” George said. “Who here would give you at hotfoot?”
“Your son!” sternly replied Andrew putting his foot down on the ground. His toes had a reddish glow around them and stung a little. George stomped over inches from Andrew’s face. He even gave a stomp onto Andrew’s burnt toes.
“You watch your mouth boy. My son would never do anything like that. You’ve just earned yourself thirty push ups and you cannot participate in the remainder of the lessons.”
“Everyone inside!” ordered Raymond. All the students shocked by what happened went inside without hesitation. George followed behind the students. Andrew picked his foot up and began rubbing it when Raymond gave him a shove. Andrew gingerly walked back into the studio.

Jessica felt bad that her poor brothers received a hotfoot, something the evil clown had done to him back when they were watching the pool, but was a little reprieved that at least he would be spared from kicking the bag filled with something metal. Inside, George and Raymond had the students form a circle around the bag. Without actually hitting the bag, he showed the students how he wanted them to strike the bag with their foot. He wanted them to do a head kick to the bag, which would involve their toes smashing against the bag. He called on a blonde headed student to go first. He was a little hesitant to do it because he felt something was up. He looked over to see Andrew doing his push ups cringing in pain because of the weight being put on his injured toes. When the instructor gave him a stern look for taking too long, the blonde teen did the kick fast and hard. His toes twanged off the bag, making even Jessica cringe and grab her toes due to knowing what the poor blonde boy was feeling.

“YEEEEEEOOOOOOOOOOWWWWWW OOOOOOOOOWWWWWWW!” shouted the blonde boy and clutched the toes on his right foot and hopped around the studio in pain. “OW OW OW OW OW OW OW OW OW OW OW!” George started scolding the boy for hopping around. Andrew felt bad for the kid being in so much pain, but he couldn’t help but notice Raymond constantly straightening and fidgeting with his pants. “MY TOES MY TOES MY POOR ACHING TOESIES!” Toesies! That really showed how much pain the kid was in. He was talking baby talk. George ordered the others to kick the bag, but the students refused after seeing the blonde headed boy’s reaction. When they refused, George just shouted “CLASS IS CANCELED!” and stormed off with Raymond to his private gym in the back. Andrew got up off the floor and went to the boy who was still hopping and helped him sit on the ground. The kid still clenched his toes tightly. The other students came over asking him if he was alright. Jessica then came in and told the other students to just pack their stuff and head home before their teacher changed his mind. It wasn’t long before it was only the three teens sitting in the classroom alone.

“I’m really sorry about your foot.” said Jessica.
“Thanks. I don’t think anything is broken, but it sure feels like it.” said the other teen. “My name is Tyler by the way.”
“My name is Jessica and this is my brother Andrew. I sort of know the pain your feeling. When the teacher took you guys outside, I kicked the bag to check it out and boy did that smart. I swear my toes were pulsating like a balloon inflating and deflating.”
“My toes are just inflating.” said Tyler looking at them.
“That hotfoot sure stung, but maybe I was better off so I didn’t have to kick that bag.” said Andrew. Jessica helped Tyler stand up and with Andrew’s help, guided him to the dressing room to change. As they changed, Andrew proposed an idea.
“I’m quitting this place because I am starting to agree with Jessica that this master has it out for our feet.”
“What do you mean?” asked Tyler as he slipped his white t-shirt on.
“I believe,” said Jessica. “that this guy has a foot fetish.”
“A foot fetish?” exclaimed Tyler.
“Yep. I think he likes watching people who have their foot hurt hop around while holding their foot in pain or just likes injures feet all together.”
“I don’t know if you ever had him as a physical education teacher.” began Andrew “but he use to make us run track around the school grounds barefoot. Said it would help build tolerance and it was more natural to run barefoot.”
“All it earned us was a trip to either the water pump to cool our burning feet or the nurse to tend to the blisters or wounds.” added Jessica.
“Oh my.” said Tyler. Once Andrew and Tyler finished changing, they waited in the lobby until Tyler’s parents came. In that time they waited, the three agreed to sneak to George’s home, which Andrew knew where it was, during the time that the karate lesson was being conducted so that they could provide evidence that George had a foot fetish for seeing kids have their feet tortured causing them to hop about in pain. Easier said than done. When Tyler’s parents arrived to get him, they exchanged numbers and addresses and went their separate ways.
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